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2005-08-04: Welcome;
2005-08-05: WSIS – Macht und Geld im Cyberspace;
2005-08-06: UZBEKISTAN;
2005-08-07: TAJIKISTAN;
2005-08-10: It’s Time to Start Making Sense;
2005-08-26: ParEcon – A Participatory Economy;
2005-09-03: Lost people;
2005-09-04: How the Free Market Killed New Orleans;
2005-09-06: The two Americas;
2005-09-27: Iran, Tajikistan offer to supply electricity;
2005-10-08: Dissent to actual US-politics;
2005-10-13: E.U. Plans for Alternative Energy;
2005-11-02: Economic multilingual books & articles;
2005-11-23: op-icescr and Economy & Society;
2005-12-01: Corporatocracy;
2005-12-06: the parecon idea;
2005-12-07: What kind of changes – in Syria?
2006-01-01: Problems with African Aid;
2006-01-08: Reaction on African Aid;
2006-01-09: World Institute for Development Economics Research WIDER;
2006-01-10: What is Good Governance?;
2006-01-11: More about Good Governance;
2006-01-12: A Canadian view of Good Governance;
2006-01-13: UNHCHR and Good Governance;
2006-01-14: Good Governance at work;
2006-01-15: Good governance and good health;
2006-01-16: Good Governance against Good Government?;
2006-01-17: Good governance – and sustainable human development;
2006-01-18: Gender and Good Governance;
2006-01-19: Governance in post-conflict societies;
2006-01-20: World Social Forum (WSF) 2006;
2006-01-20: World Social Forum in Bamako, Mali;
2006-01-20: WSF – Tackle Corruption, Cancel Debt;
2006-01-20: WSF 2006 – Some Hard Questions;
2006-01-21: WSF 2006 BAMAKO – Immigration Questions;
2006-01-21: WSF 2006 – Another Africa is possible;
2006-01-21: WSF 2006 – Third World Dept;
2006-01-22: WSF 2006 BAMAKO – World Court of Women;
2006-01-23: Bamako WSF 2006 – updated;
2006-01-23: Advance the Agenda for Decent Work in Africa;
2006-01-24: WSF 2006 – an electronic space for all;
2006-01-25: WSF 2006 – Caracas;
2006-01-26: Thematic axes of the WSF 2006;
2006-01-26: A Survival Guide for Caracas;
2006-01-27: WSF 2006 – Virtual Forum of Discussion;
2006-01-27: A separate forum;
2006-01-28: European Social Forum 2006;
2006-01-28: Google, Microsoft, Cisco and Skype;
2006-01-29: Via intros low cost, dust resistant computers;
2006-01-29: WSF 2006 in Caracas;
2006-01-30: Economy and Human Rights – one;
2006-01-31: op-icescr – again in Geneva;
2006-02-01: The Global Economy;
2006-02-02: National Institute Economic and Social Research – UK;
2006-02-03: Trade, Human Rights, Equitable Economy = 3D;
2006-02-04: The Aspen Institute;
2006-02-05: More Social Enterpreneurship;
2006-02-06: Rebuilding Through Social Entrepreneurship;
2006-02-07: US – Middle East Free Trade Area;
2006-02-09: US Monetary Policy;
2006-02-10: some books about Economy and Poverty;
2006-02-12: itrain – Online;
2006-02-13: The Moral Economy of Islam;
2006-02-14: Women in islam – Economics;
2006-02-15: Economic Concept and Purpose in Islam, Part 1 to 3;
2006-02-16: Economy and Islam – on Islam Online;
2006-02-17: Institute of Economic Affairs IEA – UK;
2006-02-18: More Islamic Economics;
2006-02-19: how Western Financiers Caused the Asia Crisis;
2006-02-20: Alternative Finance ITDG;
2006-02-21: Trainings and Events – One;
2006-02-21: Trainings and Events – Two;
2006-02-21: Trainings and Events – Three;
2006-02-21: Two more Trainings and Events – Four;
2006-02-22: Developping countries – own rules;
2006-02-23: The Levy Economics Institute of Bard College;
2006-02-24: Australian US Free Trade Agreement;
2006-02-25: Economy and Human Rights;
2006-02-26: global world crisis?;
2006-02-27: Kyushu Economic Research Center;
2006-02-28: Society of Economic Researches – Azerbaijan;
2006-02-28: Institute for International Economics – USA;
2006-03-01: Development Power and Derivative Process;
2006-03-02: Tom Plate’s article on Dubai’s port-deal;
2006-03-03: Interactive Dialogue to ensure ICT Access for All;
2006-03-04: Academy of Economic Studies;
2006-03-05: Center for Economic Research – Kyrgyz Republic;
2006-03-06: Sumy State University, Chair of Economics;
2006-03-07: ECOSTAT – Hungary;
2006-03-08: Free software in developing countries;
2006-03-08: Women starting a business;
2006-03-10: About the Saudi Energy Security;
2006-03-11: Labour migration in the twenty-first century;
2006-03-12: Corporate America’s New Golden Rules;
2006-03-13: Economic Researches – UNI Bremen;
2006-03-14: The Asian E-Government Conference;
2006-03-17: $100 laptop computer for developing countries;
2006-03-18: Public access to the internet;
2006-03-20: International Narcotics Control – Reports;
2006-03-21: Coalition for Indigenous Soverignty Call to Action;
2006-03-24: WSF Karachi – events on March 24, 2006;
2006-03-25: WSF Karachi – events on March 25, 2006;
2006-03-26: WSF Karachi- about Kashmir – events on March 26, 2006;
2006-03-26: WSF Karachi – events on March 26, 2006;
2006-03-27: WSF Karachi – events on March 27, 2006;
2006-03-27: WSF Karachi – events on March 27, 2006;
2006-03-28: WSF Karachi – events on March 28, 2006;
2006-03-28: WSF Karachi – events on March 28, 2006;
2006-03-30: WSF Karachi – events on March 30, 2006;
2006-04-01: op-icescr – situation on April 2006;
2006-04-02: The justiciability of economic, social and cultural rights;
2006-04-03: More on op-icescr;
2006-04-04: EU countries exposed for misleading aid claims;
2006-04-05: any crisis?;
2006-04-06: The ABCs of the Global Economy;
2006-04-07: More about Global Economy;
2006-04-08: About World Economy;
2006-04-09: Fair Traide in Europe 2005 – and other Developments;
2006-04-10: towards helping women to fulfill their responsibilities;
2006-04-11: Globalisation and Food Sovereignty;
2006-04-13: an Indigenous Approach on Bridging the Digital Divide;
2006-04-14: Transnational Corporations (TNC) and Violations of Human Rights;
2006-04-15: Amnesty International and the op-icescr;
2006-04-16: The legual Framework to the op-icescr;
2006-04-17: Women’s Economic, Social and Cultural Rights;
2006-04-18: Economic Globalization and the Environment;
2006-04-19: Warning of threatening monetary turmoil;
2006-04-20: Trainings and events;
2006-04-22: World Social Forum WSF Karachi – A short report;
2006-04-23: 3 Websites;
2006-04-24: WSIS About open source software;
2006-04-26: WSF Bamako – for global justice in Africa;
2006-04-28: AFGHANISTANs bird flu;
2006-04-28: The bird flu and the poor peasant;
2006-04-29: Publications;
2006-04-30: WSF – The Karachi Social Forum and its international significance;
2006-05-03: 2 conferences to come – with a virtual participation;
2006-05-05: the WSIS civil society education, academia and research taskforce;
2006-05-07: The EU and Africa: Towards a Strategic Partnership;
2006-05-09: Report on the international situation;
2006-05-11: Articles on Economy;
2006-05-12: IV EU-LAC SUMMIT;
2006-05-13: Moore books and publications on ECONOMY;
2006-05-14: WSIS follow ups;
2006-05-16: Petro-Euro: A reality or distant nightmare for the U.S.?;
2006-05-19: International Convention of Local Communities;
2006-05-20: a google video;
2006-05-22: WSIS Report from Information Society Week in Geneva;
2006-05-23: WSIS Education, academia and research taskforce;
2006-05-24: WSIS about the Internet Governance Forum;
2006-05-25: Fourth International Summer Camp July 2006;
2006-05-26: The Narmada Dam Project – India;
2006-05-27: Successful Social Entrepreneurs – a book review;
2006-05-28: World Economy – Tendencies and Tensions;
2006-05-29: ESF European Social Forum, Athens;
2006-05-30: Athen’s European Social Forum – An Unquestionable Success;
2006-05-31: The power to stop the system;
2006-06-01: Industrial Riots Reveal Bangladesh’s Crisis of Governance;
2006-06-02: Some other PINR reports;
2006-06-03: Communauté Economique et Monétaire de l’Afrique Centrale CEMAC;
2006-06-04: Africa – The UNGASS draft declaration;
2006-06-05: Some reports on Africa and Education;
2006-06-06: QUALCOMM Helping to Pave the Way for Africa’s Telecom-Growth;
2006-06-06: Those Who Must Be Compensated2006-06-07: about Nepal in peace;
2006-06-08: Poor Get Cuts as Rich Get Tax Cuts;
2006-06-08: International Women’s Conference Held in Arlington;
2006-06-09: Women’s World Banking;
2006-06-10: WSIS – Comments for Action line C7 – e-learning;
2006-06-11: Microcredits and poor women;
2006-06-12: Economics Conferences Worldwide;
2006-06-13: Self Employed Women’s Association’s response to crisis;
2006-06-14: Transition from the Commission on Human Rights to the HR Council;
2006-06-15: Economic progress in Turkey endangered by political jousting;
2006-06-16: Take a Stand on Internet Governance!;
2006-06-17: Tadjikistan: political Apathy hampers democratization;
2006-06-18: Poor women and economy;
2006-06-19: Japan and Islamic Financing;
2006-06-19: In search of the Next Bangalore;
2006-06-20: International Debt Observatory;
2006-06-21: Kazakhstan finally commits to the pipeline;
2006-06-22: The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: cracks behind the facade;
2006-06-23: South Caucasus: Economic Forum shares best practices;
2006-06-24: Kyrgyzstan: Tourism hopes pinned on alpine lake region;
2006-06-25: joining the dots … fuel, water, oil and poverty …;
2006-06-26: Afghanistan and its future;
2006-06-27: Child Poverty on the Rise;
2006-06-28: Nigeria: Crude Oil As Scapegoat;
2006-06-29: The Race For Oil – one;
2006-06-30: The Race For Oil – two;
2006-07-01: The Federal Reserve;
2006-07-01: Speaking on poverty and Iraq, Edwards sounds like a hopeful;
2006-07-02: Nigeria Ranks Third Poorest Country in World;
2006-07-03: Ecuador’s NGOs;
2006-07-03: Venezuelan ambassador discusses offensive against poverty;
2006-07-04: WTO free trade talks restart but still deadlocked;
2006-07-05: Migrant workers boost UK growth;
2006-07-06: Economy of Mauritania;
2006-07-07: about Leftism – some controversial blogs and articles;
2006-07-08: The Continuing Need for Land Reform – Guatemala;
2006-07-09: The Economy of Honduras;
2006-07-10: Another Communication is possible;
2006-07-11: The World Bank’s Recipe for Climate Disaster;
2006-07-12: making visible the hidden Economy;
2006-07-13: Grain for Gas Stations;
2006-07-14: some revenue gains in top industries;
2006-07-15: Tax costs;
2006-07-16: China’s investment cap ineffective;
2006-07-17: hidden fees;
2006-07-17: G8 summit and Lula;
2006-07-17: the hidden Economy Index;
2006-07-18: Development Finance;
2006-07-19: The Cooperation Council;
2006-07-20: Africa’s development;
2006-07-21: realities about business and poverty;
2006-07-22: Major Works by Immanuel Wallerstein;
2006-07-23: monetary turmoil;
2006-07-24: Exposed: The Carlyle Group;
2006-07-25: Ordinateur à 100$: le Nigeria dit oui;
2006-07-26: Lebanon’s Economy;
2006-07-27: Economic Brief: The End of the Doha Round;
2006-07-28: CADTM activities;
2006-07-29: The Political Economy of the Kashmir Conflict;
2006-07-30: POLITICAL SITUATION IN UKRAINE;2006-07-31: Magic Reasons for Prosperity;
2006-07-31: Some books and articles on Economy;
2006-08-01: The Plutocrats go wild;
2006-08-02: … Radio France Culture de Février 2004;
2006-08-03: Vichy, Argent et zyklon B en 1940-44;
2006-08-04: Dangerous Pesticides in Coca-Cola and Pepsi in India;
2006-08-05: Texts about Economy and Indigenous Peoples;
2006-08-06: again Alternative Economy;
2006-08-07: Official development aid grows, but not enough to meet goals;
2006-08-08: Haiti’s Election – Looking Back;
2006-08-09: Suspension sine die des négociations du cycle de Doha;
2006-08-10: Between Geneva, Singapore and Heiligendamm;
2006-08-11: Remittances Do More Than Investments;
2006-08-12: Roundtable with Joschka Fischer about international issues;
2006-08-13: Stop trying to please China US Internet companies told;
2006-08-14: SEEP network – Client Assessments, Case Studies;
2006-08-15: Oil is behind struggle in Darfur;
2006-08-16: World Economy seen by Economy Watch;
2006-08-17: Niger delta human development report;
2006-08-18: China makes Africa its business;
2006-08-19: le talon d’Achille de Bush;
2006-08-20: The Muslim malaise;
2006-08-21: Zone euro – excédent commercial en juin;
2006-08-22: Venezuela: Going Beyond Survival;
2006-08-23: US official outlines policy toward Kazakhstan;
2006-08-23: Indian American professor to quit IMF;
2006-08-24: China’s economy rides into Tibet;
2006-08-25: Jobless growth in a region of rising trade;
2006-08-26: US Presidents critical thoughts about money barons;
2006-08-27: Horizons et Débats, l’escroquerie monétaire mondiale – 1ère partie;
2006-08-29: The Fed;
2006-08-30: Some Social Reports;
2006-08-31: Bibliography The FED, Money, Gold, Economy, Society;
2006-09-01: … like paradise and hell … ;
2006-09-02: Home Prices and the Economy;
2006-09-03: A breakthrough in Central Asian water relations;
2006-09-04: The Grandfather Economic Report;
2006-09-05: Fundamental Review;
2006-09-06: … again the WTO Doha Round talks … ;
2006-09-07: UNCTAD Trade and Development Report 2006;
2006-09-08: ECONOMYWATCH;
2006-09-09: WSIS – Pan European Forum;
2006-09-10: Decentralizing Basic Infrastructure Services;
2006-09-11: The economic development program for Haiti;
2006-09-11: Give Poor Countries a Voice;
2006-09-12: Niger delta human development report;
2006-09-12: From Socialism and the Eradication of Poverty;
2006-09-13: WSIS E-learning 2.0;
2006-09-14: Commitment to Development Index CDI 2006;
2006-09-15: about the World Bank;
2006-09-16: 2007 G8 Heiligendamm Summit;
2006-09-17: Fighting Fraud and Corruption;
2006-09-18: Remembering British Unions;
2006-09-19: Re-branding Africa for a brighter future;
2006-09-20: NGOs urge nations to keep close watch on WB and IMF;
2006-09-21: Les Doctoriales franco-québécoises de la diversité;
2006-09-21: Ph.D. Colloquium on Diversity;
2006-09-22: arms trade, arms control, disarmament, non-proliferation;
2006-09-23: LEAP/E2020’s anticipations;
2006-09-24: Human Economy;
2006-09-25: EUs common policies to the world;
2006-09-26: The Asian Development Bank’s Assistance;
2006-09-27: Gun control and women;
2006-09-28: Dropping knowledge;
2006-09-29: The global jobs crisis;
2006-09-30: Working out of disaster;
2006-10-01: Le livret A et les requins de la haute finance;
2006-10-02: Illicit International Transactions;
2006-10-03: Lessons for US Policy in the Arab World;
2006-10-04: Somalia – profiles, facts and reports;
2006-10-05: India and Central Asia: Vanishing distances;
2006-10-05: Stand up against poverty;
2006-10-06: European banks and Africa’s wealth;
2006-10-07: Canadian Mining Project in Ecuador;
2006-10-08: ILO crisis response and Reconstruction Programme;
2006-10-09: Economic reconstruction and development in South-East Europe;
2006-10-10: Des logiciels pour piocher la télévision gratuite sur Internet;
2006-10-11: World Congress of NGOs;
2006-10-12: The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon UNIFIL;
2006-10-13: Lebanon’s economy is expected to shrink;
2006-10-14: Lebanon’s economy after the war;
2006-10-15: Lebanon’s Stability is Key to that of the Region;
2006-10-16: Biz/ed;
2006-10-17: Iraq, The United States, & the End of the European Coalition;
2006-10-18: The death of deterrence;
2006-10-18: talents musicaux inconnus et l’internet;
2006-10-19: The Decline of the American Empire;
2006-10-20: Looking back on Pakistan;
2006-10-21: La décennie perdue et la finance vicieuse;
2006-10-22: Rethinking Financial Dependency;
2006-10-23: Strategies and Preparedness for Trade and Globalisation in India;
2006-10-24: Creation of a Global Trade Facility;
2006-10-25: Oxfam, the IMF and the World Bank;
2006-10-25: … considering Economics and Environmental Impact;
2006-10-26: Economic Development – Human Development;
2006-10-27: WSIS online collaboration platform on UNESCO;
2006-10-28: India vs China in the markets;
2006-10-29: Online Training for NGOs;
2006-10-30: China’s Policy in the Gulf Region;
2006-10-31: Why Does the WTO Want My Water?
2006-11-01: Workers’ Struggles in Iran;
2006-11-01: Afrika: Ein hoffnungsloser Kontinent?;
2006-11-02: Chronic and Transient Poverty in Nepal;
2006-11-03: Youth poverty, exclusion should be avoided;
2006-11-04: Abalone smuggling huge in S. Africa;
2006-11-04: How Close to Catastrophe?;
2006-11-05: Beijing woos African nations with aid, economic ties;
2006-11-05: New money, old problems … ;
2006-11-06: A cycle of illusions;
2006-11-07: Bringing the Proposal to Reality;
2006-11-08: Some Blogs and links about US Vote 2006;
2006-11-09: Eighth meeting of the Cooperation Council between the EU and the Kyrgyz Republic;
2006-11-09: Eighth meeting of the Cooperation Council between the EU and Kazakhstan;
2006-11-10; Global civil society, world citizenship and education;
2006-11-10: UN Report 2006 on Human Development;
2006-11-11: Fisherfolk rights and water management in Pakistan;
2006-11-12: Supporting good governance and water management in the Indus Delta;
2006-11-14: Africa and Poverty;
2006-11-15: Corruption linked to poverty;
2006-11-16: The rich biodiversity of Africa;
2006-11-17: The GBM World Bank Biocarbon Project;
2006-11-18: TRADE: Billion Dollar deals signed at China-Africa summit;
2006-11-19: Life Expectancy in Sub-Saharan Africa is Lower Now Than 30 Years Ago;
2006-11-20: Violating the arms embargo on Somalia;
2006-11-21: The 2006 Human Development Report on global water crisis;
2006-11-22: Kicking the Oil Habit;
2006-11-23: Economic Treason, The New Future?2006-11-23: Economic Treason – your job;
2006-11-24: China’s and Africa’s increasing cooperation;
2006-11-25: CPM finally cedes Arunachal to India;
2006-11-26: Neigborhood first, some vested crooks second;
2006-11-27: China’s Development Dilemmas;
2006-11-28: Remittances and Money Laundering in Mexico;
2006-11-29: AFACT Asia Pacific Council for Trade – Taiwan;
2006-11-30: about Economic Development ED;
2006-12-01: Will China lead a Stampede out of the US Dollar?;
2006-12-02: The limits of free trade;
2006-12-03: NGO Manager Newsletter;
2006-12-04: Sustainability in economy, environment, development;
2006-12-05: Buddhist View on Consumerism;
2006-12-06: is there a class warfare?;
2006-12-07: Guinea Bissau Leaders Seek New Strategies for Donor Money;
2006-12-08: Tackling Poppy Power in Afghanistan;
2006-12-09: Le Revenu d’Existence: gène du changement;
2006-12-10: New social justice movements in a changing reality;
2006-12-11: Labour Market Flexibility and Foreign Direct Investment;
2006-12-12: The Bank that rules Europe? The ECB and Central Bank Independence;
2006-12-13: Hope in the slums: women’s work in Bangladesh;
2006-12-14: Programme for Women of slum areas;
2006-12-15: Third Sustainability Conference, 2007;
2006-12-16: Background-Report on Cities in Transition;
2006-12-17: Water scarcity affects one in three;
2006-12-19: HREA Distance Learning Programme;
2006-12-20: Security situation in Eastern Chad;
2006-12-21: Remembering Authors & Articles about Economy and Social Developement;
2006-12-21: some Publications;
2006-12-21: … und speziell noch dieses Buch;
2006-12-21: … and specially this publication;
2006-12-22: rising youth unemployment;
2006-12-22: WIKIA – nouveauté;
2006-12-23: Slums & Money – one;
2006-12-24: Slums & Money – two;
2006-12-25: From Newsletters and mails;
2006-12-26: Information Economy Report 2006;
2006-12-27: An incomplete freedom;
2006-12-28: The price of power;
2006-12-29: Haiti and its problems;
2006-12-30: Omar Tarek Chowdhury’s angry text;
2006-12-31: Articles on Scarcity and Development;
2007-01-01: Indigenous representatives campaign in Europe;
2007-01-02: Trafficking Women and Children;
2007-01-03: Complaint on Swiss Taxes;
2007-01-04: Economic Growth and Unequal Wealth Distribution;
2007-01-05: Inequality and Redistribution;
2007-01-06: Other Economies are Possible!;
2007-01-07: The New Keynesian Phillips Curve and the role of expectations;
2007-01-08: The Politics of Money;
2007-01-09: Good Governance and Participatory Development;
2007-01-10: Microcredit and Women’s Poverty;
2007-01-11: The Relative Richness of the Poor?2007-01-12: Altersvorsorge – Balgerei um 650 Milliarden;
2007-01-13: EU plans industrial revolution;
2007-01-14: Texts about Basic Needs of Poors;
2007-01-15: Eco-friendly terrorism;
2007-01-16: It’s the money, honey;
2007-01-17: Who gives a dam?2007-01-18: The thief and the scorpion;
2007-01-19: World Social Forum WSF 2007, Kenya;
2007-01-20: World Social Forum WSF 2007;
2007-01-21: World Social Forum WSF 2007;
2007-01-21: The Coltan Phenomenon;
2007-01-22: The Great Game on a razor’s edge;
2007-01-23: Intercontinental guided hypocrisy;
2007-01-24: USA, China, and relations;
2007-01-25: It’s war by any other name;
2007-01-26: National Development Strategies in a Globalizing World;
2007-01-27: World Social Forum WSF 2007 – Closure;
2007-01-28: Economic Renewal;
2007-01-30: Reflections from the World Social Forum;
2007-01-31: Confronting the Climate Change Crisis;
2007-01-31: More around Slums & Co;
2007-02-01: Schools in Kerala, India;
2007-02-02: Report says man causing global warming;
2007-02-03: IAMCR invitation to 50th Anniversary Conference;
2007-02-04: The Development Gateway Foundation;
2007-02-05: The Mahila Samakhya Programme;
2007-02-06: ONLINE COURSE: The Human Right to Food;
2007-02-07: Germany and Africa;
2007-02-08: Status Quo and Future Challenges;
2007-02-09: Disappearances in Sri Lanka;
2007-02-10: Social Preferences and Public Economics;
2007-02-11: Is Equality Passé?2007-02-11: Le marché contre l’Etat;
2007-02-12: Kicking Away the Ladder;
2007-02-13: … Institutions and Economic Development … ;
2007-02-14: The Health Care Crisis … ;
2007-02-15: Surpassing the binary opposition between reform and revolution;
2007-02-16: Zambia Loses Millions to Company Greed – Act Now!;
2007-02-16: Help keep the vultures at bay;
2007-02-17: Reflections on an Emancipatory Labour Internationalism … ;
2007-02-19: How the Fed lost control of money supply;
2007-02-20: Internet in Central Asia;
2007-02-21: The Max-Neef Model of Human-Scale Development;
2007-02-22: Nigeria: Physiological Needs And Crime Rate;
2007-02-23: INDIA – NCEUS prepares draft bills on unorganised workers;
2007-02-24: Kazakhstan – to uphold fair trial standards;
2007-02-25: 3 requests for information and help;
2007-02-26: Report says U.S. drawing bombing plans for Iran;
2007-02-28: One Year Of Evo – Economic Boom;
2007-03-01: Facing History and Ourselves;
2007-03-02: Assisting Communities Together ACT;
2007-03-03: Training Course on European Citizenship;
2007-03-04: The Future of Europol;
2007-03-05: Three Key Steps to Sustainability;
2007-03-06: ZNet Econ watch;
2007-03-07: The Money Changers/Neo-Cons have control … ;
2007-03-08: … again Kashmir;
2007-03-10: globally against neoliberalism;
2007-03-11: A Predator Becomes More Dangerous When Wounded;
2007-03-12: The Money Changers /Neo-Cons have control … ;
2007-03-13: Help stop the vulture funds!2007-03-14: Cost, abuse and danger of the dollar;
2007-03-15: the MIT’s OpenCourseWare;
2007-03-16: Land Acquisition In Bastar;
2007-03-17: Fake Congressional Opposition To War;
2007-03-18: more links about Kashmir;
2007-03-19: Courses via distance education;
2007-03-20: World Social Forum: Origin and Aims;
2007-03-21: The World Social Forum at a crossroads;
2007-03-22: The Political Economy of Peer Production;
2007-03-24: Too Guilty To Fly, Too Innocent To Charge?
2007-03-25: Some interesting blogs and recent texts;
2007-03-26: How to feed Africa;
2007-03-27: Feeding the world and restoring the land;
2007-03-28: When Northern Elephants Fight Over GMOs;
2007-03-29: US-Iran, Raid on nuclear fuel market;
2007-03-30: Pipeline projects through Afghanistan;
2007-03-31: The Great Iraq Oil Robbery;
2007-04-01: Courses by the ICRC;
2007-04-02: WSIS Edu – Action Line C7, E-learning;
2007-04-02: WSIS Edu – Ligne d’action C7, Télé-enseignement;
2007-04-03: The War of Humiliation;
2007-04-04: France to Open Louvre in Abu Dhabi;
2007-04-05: Biofuels And Global Hunger;
2007-04-06: The today’s UN Climat Warming Report;
2007-04-08 /09: Drug Companies Want Women Of Childbearing Years;
2007-04-09: Pawns in a losing game: Britain’s policy in tatters;
2007-04-10: Last word on climate is ours, scientists say;
2007-04-11: ICRC Press Release;
2007-04-12: Daily Meditations;
2007-04-13: Some 9,000 Chadians move to IDP camp after brutal village attacks;
2007-04-14: Protocole de Maputo;
2007-04-14: The Maputo Protocol;
2007-04-15: Zoo’s Orangutans play video games;
2007-04-16: Aljazeera english on YouTubes;
2007-04-17: On the Use Value of Conspiracy Data for the Power Elite;
2007-04-18: UNIDO, Microsoft and Foreign Direct Investment in Africa;
2007-04-19: Speech about Third World Economics;
2007-04-19: Europäische Vernetzungskonferenz;
2007-04-19: France – l’Europe et la campagne présidentielle;
2007-04-20: WTO, The New Threats to Developing Countries and Sustainability;
2007-04-21: The Inexplicable Enrichment Of Bush Cronies;
2007-04-22: Economic Report on Africa ERA 2007;
2007-04-23: ILO – Poverty reduction through small enterprises;
2007-04-24: The Invisible People in a Land of Plenty;
2007-04-25: Women’s economic empowerment … ;
2007-04-26: The Human Condition Series;
2007-04-27: Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network;
2007-04-28: China Claims Success on Darfur;
2007-04-29: Corporate Accountability;
2007-04-30: 4th General Conference of ECPR;
2007-04-30: Political Islam and Europe;
2007-05-01: Meeting the Challenge of Sustainability for the 21st Century;
2007-05-02: THE WORLD – upside down;
2007-05-03: Iran Arrests Ex-Nuclear Negotiator;
2007-05-03: Suisse – intégration des étrangers;
2007-05-04: Oil – Venezuela – USA;
2007-05-05: Five countries pledge to work for promoting socio-economic development in subregion;
2007-05-06: The South Asian Association for regional Cooperation SAARC;
2007-05-07: Malaysia-Kuwait Economic Ties Growing;
2007-05-08: Tajikistan – Iran cooperation;
2007-05-09: Economic risk has shifted … ;
2007-05-10: Poverty concern over rates rise;
2007-05-11: US trade deficit up;
2007-05-11: U.S. creates template for trade deals;
2007-05-11: Venezuela victim of drug trade;
2007-05-12: Party of Untouchables wins Uttar Pradesh, India;
2007-05-12: Kashmir to promote sheep husbandry;
2007-05-12: ILO says, workplace discrimination still rampant;
2007-05-13: First 1000 mw power plant in Mouda;
2007-05-13: Politics tangles new oil, gas pipeline plans;
2007-05-14: AICC functionary opposes forcible land acquisition;
2007-05-14: GCC ministers discuss economic integration;
2007-05-14: Indian firms to tie with Iraq on oil;
2007-05-15: American Theocracy;
2007-05-16: Forex turnover 6.6 times BOP;
2007-05-16: Indian Minister cautions US on move to examine visa use;
2007-05-16: Deal to see Indian defense spending soar;
2007-05-17: Film-makers’s goal to get to Himalayas;
2007-05-18: Brief Review Of Indian Ordnance Factory Conference;
2007-05-19: Energy concerns;
2007-05-19: Some of today’s Asian economic news;
2007-05-20: It’s Sholay in Sanskrit;
2007-05-21: Why Working Less Is Better For The Globe;
2007-05-22: Korea fails to tap female workforce;
2007-05-22: ILO’s 96th International Labour Conference;
2007-05-22: Body mass politic;
2007-05-23: The Nationalization of Venezuelan Oil;
2007-05-23: Sectarian Fighting Overshadows Oil Law Debate in Iraq;
2007-05-24: EU governments & their aid promises;
2007-05-24: U.S. arms sales to India;
2007-05-25: Strengthening Local Economies;
2007-05-26: Clearstream and some french politics;
2007-05-27: We are 30 years behind China in terms of development;
2007-05-28: India economy predicted to overtake Japan;
2007-05-28: Asian economic and corporate news summary;
2007-05-29: Hernando de Soto’s texts and videos;
2007-05-30: Earth, Inc. Sliding Into Bankruptcy;
2007-05-30: Economy may be booming in India, but not peace;
2007-05-30: India and the PGCC intensify economic ties;
2007-05-31: Helping Hand, Aid to Failing States?2007-05-31: China, India studying potential for regional trade pact;
2007-05-31: Effort BPO to set up call centre in China;
2007-06-01: Kazakhstan/Turkmenistan, the resource rich Central Asian Duo seeks cooperation;
2007-06-02: Indians learn to rock in offshoot of economic boom;
2007-06-02: Vietnam – Gov’t pushes for two new economic zones in north;
2007-06-03: India’s trade deficit nearly doubles on oil costs;
2007-06-04: Class Considerations in a Globalized Economic Order;
2007-06-05: G8 courts China, India;
2007-06-05: A Look at G8 Leaders’ Strategies for the Summit;
2007-06-06: G8 summit: A peep into past;
2007-06-06: Convenient Truth;
2007-06-07: Heiligendamm – Dialogue with Africa;
2007-06-07: Some today’s June 7th Heiligendamm-News;
2007-06-08: Countdown To War On Iran;
2007-06-09: Summit ends with row over ‘no new money’ for Africa;
2007-06-09: Summit-videos 2007, Heiligendamm;
2007-06-10: A NEW World Bank – social and democratic;
2007-06-11: Total and Unconditional DebtCancellation!
2007-06-12: Bolivarisme économique;
2007-06-12: project outsourced;
2007-06-13: La carte bancaire sans contact;
2007-06-13: Les fabricants de PC misent sur les prix et l’ultra-mobilité;
2007-06-14: Expulsion Of Malalai Joya From Afghan Parliament;
2007-06-15: Somalia Continues its Political Collapse;
2007-06-16: UK has three times as many unemployed as stated by govt figures – study;
2007-06-16: The Pentagon v. Peak Oil;
2007-06-17: VISION versus PRAGMATISM;
2007-06-17: Satelites chinois pour l’environnement;
2007-06-18: Haiti, We’re Sorry;
2007-06-19: Nobody can plunder national wealth;
2007-06-19: End for tax-free businesses … in Somalia;
2007-06-21: OSCE Special Report;
2007-06-22: International Petition;
2007-06-22: The Torture Academy;
2007-06-23: Fears For Democracy In India;
2007-06-24: In Malaysia, Muslims More Bullish on Economy Than Non-Muslims;
2007-06-25: A World Without the WTO;
2007-06-26: William Easterly’s Videos;
2007-06-27: Some alternative economy cooperatives in India;
2007-06-28: Democracy In The Line Of Fire;
2007-06-29: AFRICA: Sharing more than just the matrimonial bed;
2007-06-30: IDPs, Global Overview of Trends and Developments in 2006;
2007-07-01: More Baby Boomers Retire in Panama;
2007-07-02: The CIA’s Family Jewels;
2007-07-02: Assessing the Scope of National and Supra-National Parliaments to Form African Policies;
2007-07-03: African Union Summit;
2007-07-04: Integration declaration adopted at African Union summit;
2007-07-04: Rwanda Leading Africa in ICT Revolution;
2007-07-04: UN warns over hunger in Africa;
2007-07-05: U.S. says Doha risks being delayed several years;
2007-07-05: The War Economy of Iraq;
2007-07-06: Water economy needs clarity & investment;
2007-07-07: 250,000 extra will get college grants;
2007-07-08: Pakistan mosque clashes intensify;
2007-07-08: Explotacion minera y conflictos con las comunidades;
2007-07-09: France, Poland put IMF names in hat;
2007-07-10: Business as Usual or is WTO in Denial?
2007-07-10: Intelligence Services, the Media and Anti-Iran Propaganda;
2007-07-11: Around The Globe, Farmers Losing Ground;
2007-07-11: Search for an Eco-Economy;
2007-07-12: Iraqi Wars – or how to end it?;
2007-07-14: News from the Disclosure Project;
2007-07-16: Kyrgyzstan, Domestic Violence, Tradition Or Crime?;
2007-07-16: Value Chain Development;
2007-07-17: Bush borrows a page from Putin’s Middle East playbook;
2007-07-18: The Piano Is My Life – female pianist Zhou Guangren;
2007-07-19: Most Foreign Insurgents In Iraq Are Saudis;
2007-07-19: Sénégal, une école de génies;
2007-07-20: Combattre la pauvreté grèce au High-Tech;
2007-07-20: FBI sending malware to myspace clients?
2007-07-21: Somalia’s Compromised National Reconciliation Conference;
2007-07-22: When Regulators Become Enablers, Inside Bush’s FDA;
2007-07-23: China Invests in Somalia Despite Instability;
2007-07-23: Netizens and WSIS;
2007-07-24: India to buy 126 multi-role combat aircraft;
2007-07-25: Saving A President;
2007-07-26: The War in Iraq Costs;
2007-07-27: Economic cooperation between US & Central Asia;
2007-07-28: U.S. says Doha risks being delayed several years;
2007-07-29: Tales Of Angst, Alienation And Martial Law;
2007-07-29: Killing 10,000 Iraqis Every Month?
2007-07-30: Another Side to Race and Immigration;
2007-07-31: Participatory Economics;
2007-07-31: India’s Interests at Stake in Relationship with China;
2007-08-01: Censored by Foreign Affairs magazine;
2007-08-01: When Homes Are Torture Chambers;
2007-08-02: Making Globalization Work;
2007-08-03: Do No Evil;
2007-08-03: The Minneapolis Bridge Disaster;
2007-08-04: Martial Law Threat Is Real;
2007-08-05: Necessity or Greed?
2007-08-06: Of Marx, Christ, And The Persecution Of Radicals;
2007-08-06: Globalization from Below;
2007-08-06: Correa’s War;
2007-08-07: Tibet scores a point in Delhi as China plays hard to get;
2007-08-08: Une provocation qui crée une vérité?
2007-08-09: Ecuador – Clash of old and new;
2007-08-10: Jahresversammlung von attac schweiz am 8. September 2007;
2007-08-10: Iran and Nicaragua bypass United States;
2007-08-10: Uncle Sam, Your Banker Will See You Now;
2007-08-11: Putting Your Foot Into Your Mouth!;
2007-08-12: Social Responsibility SR;
2007-08-13: Statement made by IAWRT;
2007-08-14: Left’s Volte-Face Will Stoke Public Wrath;
2007-08-15: ABC of the main instruments of CSR;
2007-08-16: China, Russia, Central Asian leaders tout new strength;
2007-08-17: Energy dominates Shanghai summit;
2007-08-18: Unemployment in Egypt highest among literate population;
2007-08-19: Shanghai Group contests the unipolar world order;
2007-08-19: Mortgage crisis stoked by incredible greed;
2007-08-21: The slow march towards gender balance in politics;
2007-08-22: Special Court for Sierra Leone delays Taylor trial until January 2008;
2007-08-23: North American Integration and the Militarization of the Arctic;
2007-08-24: BB’s make-or-break choice;
2007-08-25: Ancient strategies of complexity;
2007-08-26: Deal becoming a hot potato?
2007-08-27: Helping the Homeless – The Right To Food;
2007-08-28: Starving people against hungry people?
2007-08-29: The Clash of Islam and Liberalism;
2007-08-30: Some Trainings for humanitarian development;
2007-08-31: The Least Developed Countries Report 2007;
2007-09-01: Farmers’ Cooperatives (in India);
2007-09-02: Myths Of Mideast Arms Sales;
2007-09-03: Calif. stealth initiative could grab White House for GOP;
2007-09-04: Political Fallout of Indo-US Nuclear Deal Turns Severe;
2007-09-05: At democracy’s crossroads;
2007-09-06: … a Women’s Security Council?
2007-09-07: Inside the populist machine;
2007-09-08: Indian Country;
2007-09-09: Rich Growing Richer Faster Than Poor in Developing Asia;
2007-09-10: 2015-Watch report;
2007-09-11: Pipeline Politics, India and Myanmar;
2007-09-12: Ulster teachers aid peace hunt in Middle East;
2007-09-12: More UN links;
2007-09-13: economic turmoils & human development on this blog;
2007-09-14: For The Poor; Present Economic Development A Hope Or A Hoax?
2007-09-15: Current Concerns about Iraq;
2007-09-16: “Islam-as I say-tion”;
2007-09-17: James Moran on Guantanamo;
2007-09-17: The Agrofuels Trap;
2007-09-18: La fin des souverainet’s et des libert’s en Europe;
2007-09-18: antiterrorist law – beyond intention;
2007-09-18: The Forced Migration Review FMR;
2007-09-19: Flagrants délits;
2007-09-19: Political Vacuum in Somalia;
2007-09-20: Economy & Finances;
2007-09-21: Le lavage de cerveaux en liberté;
2007-09-21: Cold War II;
2007-09-22: US Capitalism or Socially Bound Property?
2007-09-23: Le numéro d’urgence 118 … ;
2007-09-23: US – Threatening Water Shortage;
2007-09-24: Recession Too Mild A Word;
2007-09-24: Sommerakademie und Jahresversammlung von attac schweiz;
2007-09-25: Thousands of refugee children start school in Egypt with UNHCR help;
2007-09-25: On Naomi Kleins The Shock Doctrine;
2007-09-26: Fritz le terroriste;
2007-09-26: Some Economics in the Near East;
2007-09-27: Myanmar and its protests;
2007-09-27: GBS-Newsletter;
2007-09-28: Conspiration Mondialisation;
2007-09-28: Doing Business 2007, How to reform;
2007-09-29: Working together on Gender Equality in Development and Peace;
2007-09-30: The Least Developed Countries, UNCTAD Report 2007;
2007-10-01: Le role de la Russie dans le nouvel ordre mondial;
2007-10-01: The Justice that Jena Demands;
2007-10-02: Private schools spared 2m fee to sponsor academies;
2007-10-03: Policing the neighbourhood, Australia’s new para-military police;
2007-10-04: La maldicion de mi pueblo;
2007-10-04: Videos about Darfur-speaches at the General Assembly;
2007-10-05: Arab Woman gives Muslims a Thrashing;
2007-10-06: Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) … au FMI;
2007-10-06: US: Immigrants in Detention at Risk;
2007-10-07: Attac weist Versuch zurück, jede Kritik unter Gewaltverdacht zu stellen;
2007-10-08: Latest News about Burma;
2007-10-09: Le gouvernement (français) s’engage sur l’accueil des SDF;
2007-10-09: Hot Spot of NREGA corruption in Orissa (India);
2007-10-09: Rural Job Scam – Survey Report on Implementation of NREGA in Orissa;
2007-10-10: Derailing a deal;
2007-10-10: Invisible Genocide Of The Poor;
2007-10-10: How to Fight (Human) Trafficking;
2007-10-11: Africa’s missing billions;
2007-10-12: Secrets of money, interest and inflation;
2007-10-13: SECTES – L’interview de Raphaél Liogier par le CICNS;
2007-10-13: The role of trade unions in workers’ education;
2007-10-14: Top of the Agenda: Russia-U.S. Talks;
2007-10-15: The Missing;
2007-10-16: Santé & Développement à la portée de tous;
2007-10-16: Women a rare sight in China’s corridors of power;
2007-10-18: The Role of Myanmar’s Export Markets in Regime Survival;
2007-10-19: Guru of greed, the cult of selfishness;
2007-10-19: Agriculture key to meeting UN anti-poverty goals;
2007-10-20: American Tears;
2007-10-20: The forgotten refugees of the U.S. war on Iraq;
2007-10-21: IMF – developing nations drive the globe;
2007-10-21: The Nansen passport;
2007-10-22: Walker’s World: Fixing global finance;
2007-10-23: Cheney’s Law;
2007-10-24: Business and castes in India;
2007-10-25: India and Dalits;
2007-10-25: The Map of the International Investments Changes;
2007-10-26: Early Graphic Expressions;
2007-10-27: The Nuke Deal Is Dead;
2007-10-28: Are Presidents Entitled to Kill Foreigners?
2007-10-28: Breaking Down an Innocent Man;
2007-10-29: Creating Our Own Hell on Earth;
2007-10-30: On Track for U.S. Collapse;
2007-10-30: When Blackwater Kills, No Questions Asked;
2007-10-30: Air Force refused to fly weapons to Middle East theater;
2007-10-31: Somaliland Moves to Close its Borders and is Caught in a Web of Conflict.
2007-10-31: China and the end of poverty in Africa – towards mutual benefit?
2007-11-01: Protesters disrupt New York City Carbon Trading Expo;
2007-11-01: FED injects $41 billion to relieve credit crunch;
2007-11-02: about Sudan’s Economy;
2007-11-02: about Chad’s Economy;
2007-11-03: Millennium Development Goals and debt cancellation;
2007-11-05: EU – ASEAN Trades;
2007-11-05: Polemic around Zoe’s Ark;
2007-11-06: Missing Nukes on August 29-30, 2007;
2007-11-06: Women at the heart of change;
2007-11-07: A Power Audit of EU-Russia Relations;
2007-11-08: Children do not belong to their parents;
2007-11-08: African Union Forum focuses on children’s plight;
2007-11-10: Economic Development in Africa;
2007-11-11: The Lessons of Easter Island;
2007-11-12: … trafficking in human beings in Europe;
2007-11-13: India – communists turn unpopular over SEZ plans;
2007-11-13: The Grand Delusion;
2007-11-14: Divisions in our world are not the result og religion;
2007-11-15: Suicide rate high among US veterans;
2007-11-15: Disarmament and development;
2007-11-16: WELCOME TO WORLD WAR 4;
2007-11-17: Averting World War III, Ending Dollar Hegemony and US Imperialism;
2007-11-18: The Monarchy’s Clash with Socialism;
2007-11-18: Toute vérité n’est pas bonne à entendre;
2007-11-18: The Contradictions of Washington’s Middle East Policy;
2007-11-19: Nuclear Revival in Europe Increasingly Likely;
2007-11-20: Radioactive Ammunition (containing depleted uranium DU) … ;
2007-11-21: Why war with Iran is likely;
2007-11-22: ‘War of Position’, Anti-Capitalist Attrition as a Revolutionary Strategy for Non-Revolutionary Times;
2007-11-22: Woes of privatisation in South Africa;
2007-11-23: First Woman, First Black, First Latino, or First Honest President?;
2007-11-24: The Dollar is America’s Achilles’ heel;
2007-11-25: Supporting Business Environment Reforms;
2007-11-26: Rise in women’s migration … ;
2007-11-27: America’s Days of Reckoning, Good-Bye to All That;
2007-11-28: Iran Looks for Allies through Asian and Latin American Partnerships;
2007-11-28: US veteran population, a mounting social catastrophe;
2007-11-29: Myanmar – arrests continue two months on;
2007-11-30: Recession … For the Rest of This Decade and Beyond;
2007-12-01: The First Days Of Petro Collapse;
2007-12-02: Classical Music Struggles to Be Heard;
2007-12-03: Is Africa The Next Cold War Theater?
2007-12-04: Say It Isn’t So!
2007-12-04: Questions About the Financial Crisis;
2007-12-05: The neocons’ crazy dream of World War III;
2007-12-05: There is sanctity in labor;
2007-12-06: Russian Press Blasts Anglo-Saxon Terrorist Controllers;
2007-12-07: Pentagon backs plan to beam solar power from space;
2007-12-08: Three Years Oil and You;
2007-12-09: Justice: Inaction’s fatal price;
2007-12-10: Refugees Caught Between Deportation And Death Threats;
2007-12-11: India – the Left, rethink or perish;
2007-12-11: Communalism and Terrorism, Two Faces of the same Coin;
2007-12-12: Remember Somalia?
2007-12-13: Swiss Federal Counselors’ Elections;
2007-12-13: Manifestos on the Future of Food and Seed;
2007-12-13: Patterns of Extra-territorial Voting;
2007-12-14: again Swiss election schock;
2007-12-15: FCC Proposes Greater Media Consolidation;
2007-12-16: On Romney, Mormonism And Islam;
2007-12-16: Political Market For Midget Europe In The Giant Asia;
2007-12-17: The seduction of indifference, again and again and again;
2007-12-17: Canadians Snapping Up American Homes;
2007-12-17: videos by dailymotion;
2007-12-18: Farmer up for child labour;
2007-12-19: UN calls for halt to executions;
2007-12-20: Bomb After Bomb;
2007-12-21: Is a world wide famine in the works?
2007-12-21: Iraq: Outsourcing The War;
2007-12-22: Citizens Of Twelve Hours;
2007-12-22: Femmes d’Asie Centrale, un livre incontournable (Women of Central Asia, a good french book);
2007-12-23: Central Asian websites about Cultures, Texts, Arts, Travels, Buyings!
2007-12-24: Women bear the brunt of development drawbacks;
2007-12-24: African nations agree to $1bn Indian satellite project;
2007-12-25: The Rejection Front Wins;
2007-12-26: La ratification du Traité de Lisbonne;
2007-12-26: Fact-Based Intelligence Prevails on Nukes and Iran;
2007-12-27: Severe food shortages, price spikes threaten world population;
2007-12-28: Brazil, ILO launch South-South cooperation against child labour;
2007-12-29: Krugman on the Democrats;
2007-12-30: Peak Oil And Dunbar’s Number;
2007-12-31: Pakistan’s fractured polity, who killed Bhutto;
2007-12-31: Ungleichheit in den USA auf Rekordniveau … ;
2008-01-01: Lakota Sioux withdraw from treaty with US;
2008-01-02: 9/11’s history of tragic events;
2008-01-03: Fish trade: women join hands against middlemen menace;
2008-01-04: – rapport d’activités 2006;
2008-01-04: Now we are human commodities;
2008-01-05: So … what’s this here single-payer health care thing all about anyway;
2008-01-05: Government stats on employment rates;
2008-01-06: Kissinger to al-Hakim: Stay the course;
2008-01-06: Benazir Bhutto & America’s ambitions;
2008-01-08: The Myth of Sectarianism;
2008-01-08: Jared Diamond and the Consumption Factor;
2008-01-09: KRUGMAN ON TRADE;
2008-01-10: Developments on the Road to ‘Division Day’;
2008-01-12: The Destabilization of Pakistan;
2008-01-13: … more American Elections;
2008-01-13: Videos – Interviews by Charlie Rose;
2008-01-14: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man;
2008-01-15: latin american people’s struggle;
2008-01-15: Strategy for economic rebound;
2008-01-16: After one year in power in Congress, Dems don’t get much done;
2008-01-17: Economy, Secrets and Empire;
2008-01-18: John Edwards, Man and Message;
2008-01-18: Imperialism and Private Armies;
2008-01-19: Africa says no – and means it;
2008-01-20: Le Crédit Social;
2008-01-20: Religious Ideology and Social Control: Abortion and the Catholic Church;
2008-01-21: The deflation time bomb;
2008-01-22: … about Cuba, its doctors, the world;
2008-01-22: World Social Forum 2008;
2008-01-23: Rebuilding a Bridge;
2008-01-24: A Civilization Nervous Breakdown;
2008-01-24: Iraq dossier must be published;
2008-01-25: EU anti-pollution plans meet with cool reception;
2008-01-26: Bush Era’s Last Legs … ;
2008-01-26: an economy that works for all;
2008-01-27: Another Neocon Attempt to Frame Iran Falls Apart;
2008-01-27: Why is the situation in Pakistan irremediable?
2008-01-28: Das Grundeinkommen in der Diskussion;
2008-01-28: Cape Town Open Education Declaration;
2008-01-29: CBS Falsifies Iraq War History;
2008-01-29: Self-help in pink saris;
2008-01-30: German state elections reveal pronounced shift to the left by electorate;
2008-01-31: Kadhafi menace d’abandonner l’Afrique si le continent ne s’unit pas vite;
2008-01-31: The Rapture Can’t Happen Soon Enough To Suit Me;
2008-01-31: The great credit unwind of ‘08;
2008-02-01: Video-debates about Economy and Society;
2008-02-01: 12th UN Conference on Trade and Development;
2008-02-02: Oxfam International on Economic Partnership Agreements in 2008;
2008-02-02: The price of free speech;
2008-02-03: Call for Applications;
2008-02-04: Updated WTO trade statistics online;
2008-02-04: A lesson in how to create Iraqi orphans;
2008-02-05: Obama versus Clinton;
2008-02-06: Who Was Milton Friedman;
2008-02-07: World Vegetarian Congress 2008;
2008-02-07: Crise à la Banque mondiale et au FMI;
2008-02-08: Report: Beleaguered borrowers not finding help;
2008-02-09: U.S. agency criticized for withholding Great Lakes health risk report;
2008-02-10: The world crisis of capitalism;
2008-02-11: Fury Over MP’s Muslim ‘Inbreeding’ Claim;
2008-02-11: Education against bird flu;
2008-02-12: The Trouble With Manji;
2008-02-13: A Truly Emancipated Woman;
2008-02-13: a piece of Nanda Rani’s live;
2008-02-14: Endgame: Unregulated Private Money Creation;
2008-02-15: New Challenges for Nomadic Civilization and Pastoral Nomadism in Mongolia;
2008-02-16: Genocide prevention: 60 years of abject failure;
2008-02-16: Will 2008 be another year of death in Darfur?
2008-02-17: education 2.0: les blogueurs de science se prennent en main;
2008-02-18: Global Employment Trends 2008;
2008-02-18: The Small Business Act;
2008-02-19: The Japanese parliament asks Thierry Meyssan’s questions;
2008-02-19: The Maddness of the Global Economy;
2008-02-20: Day of Reckoning in the US Glasshouse;
2008-02-21: The battle for Labour’s soul;
2008-02-22: Can an African country defy America;
2008-02-23: Burundi: Heavy rains and floods;
2008-02-24: Nepad is Not in the Construction Business;
2008-02-25: Darfur and its children;
2008-02-26: Washington v. Cuba After Castro;
2008-02-27: Structural Violence as a Form of Genocide, the impact of the international economicorder;
2008-02-28: The OECD’s Export Credit Division … ;
2008-02-29: Feed the world;
2008-03-01: America and Europe;
2008-03-01: It does happens in America … ;
2008-03-02: Confessions Of A Gitmo Guard;
2008-03-03: The auction-rate securities fiasco;
2008-03-04: IRAN in the Crosshairs;
2008-03-05: Large Potential Albanian Oil And Gas … ;
2008-03-06: Sovereign Wealth Funds: power versus principle;
2008-03-07: Russian Blog roundup;
2008-03-08: The Grim Reality of Economic Truths;
2008-03-09: Democracy in the network age: time to WeThink;
2008-03-10: Iraq: Women’s Day;
2008-03-11: Women in Afghanistan;
2008-03-12: Fallon’s No Iran War Line Angered White House;
2008-03-12: US/IRAN: Blowback of War Likely to Be Terrible;
2008-03-13: Beijing’s political tightrope-walk;
2008-03-14: Creating a Path To Peace in Kenya;
2008-03-15: Malaysia’s democratic opening;
2008-03-16: Africa’s new colonialists;
2008-03-17: Indian FAX ACTION about Coca-Cola;
2008-03-18: Announcing the Orion Project;
2008-03-19: Tibetan Protest-Video;
2008-03-20: Asma Jahangir calls on J&K leaders;
2008-03-21: Displaced women tell of misery in the chaos;
2008-03-22: The American Insanity Conundrum;
2008-03-22: The Collapse Of American Power;
2008-03-23: Who Would You Help?
2008-03-24: EU told to prepare for flood of climate change migrants;
2008-03-24: Swiss brush aside criticism over gas contract with Iran;
2008-03-25: Monsanto;
2008-03-26: Forced marriages;
2008-03-27: Notes from a Dying Nation;
2008-03-28: Failed fascist states;
2008-03-29: In Booming India, Hunger Kills 6′000 Kids Daily;
2008-03-29: Global food prices rise and famine increases;
2008-03-30: Western Double Standards and the new United Nations;
2008-03-31: Auto Parts Workers Battle Demand to Cut Wages in Half.
2008-03-31: The World Economy, Where To?
2008-04-01: A third American war crime in the making;
2008-04-03: Empire or Humanity;
2008-04-04: 2003 Justice Department memo justifies torture, presidential dictatorship;
2008-04-05: Is an International Financial Conspiracy Driving World Events;
2008-04-06: Will Economic Stimulus Measures Stave Off Recession;
2008-04-07: Jammu and Kashmir: Vibrant Democracy;
2008-04-07: Sie haben das Leid anderer zugelassen;
2008-04-07: German gym caters to Muslim women only;
2008-04-08: 2008 Spring Meetings of World Bank and International Monetary Fund;
2008-04-09: The Inside Story of Zimbabwe;
2008-04-11: The new philanthropy: power, inequality, democracy;
2008-04-12: Disappearing the poor;
2008-04-13: DEVELOPMENT: Food Shortages an Emergency;
2008-04-14: BBC: Imperial Tool;
2008-04-15: Echoes of 1968;
2008-04-16: A video called Firewall;
2008-04-16: Biofuels Are Famine Policy;
2008-04-17: Swiss block del Ponte over controversial book’s claims;
2008-04-18: Venezuela: Democracy, Socialism and Imperialism;
2008-04-19: Updating Sami Al-Arian – His Ordeal Continues;
2008-04-20: OSCE publishes guide on teaching about religions and beliefs;
2008-04-20: Zimbabwe Arms shipped by China spark an Uproar;
2008-04-21: Global Food Crisis: Hunger Plagues Haiti and the World;
2008-04-21: The sorrows of race and gender;
2008-04-22: Biofuels under attack as world food prices soar;
2008-04-22: New Technology Foresees Trees, not Grain, in the Tank;
2008-04-23: Haiti: empty stomachs, stormy politics;
2008-04-24: Rift over Zimbabwe unity plan;
2008-04-25: Stop the presses;
2008-04-26: Death Sentences and Executions in 2007;
2008-04-27: The Man Who Hated Work and Loved Labor;
2008-04-28: List of Trade Unions worldwide;
2008-04-29: New thinking on growth and development policy;
2008-04-30: Food Crisis and the failure of the capitalist model;
2008-04-30: ASIA: Food Crisis Adds to Women’s Burden;
2008-04-30: When Tech Innovation Has a Social Mission;
2008-05-01: The Fed Sinks the Dollar;
2008-05-02: The Lords of Capital Decree Mass Death by Starvation;
2008-05-03: Economic Democracy, A Worthy Socialism That Would Really Work;
2008-05-03: The Canterbury Community Dollar CCD – New Zealand;
2008-05-04: Perhaps 60% of today’s oil price is pure speculation;
2008-05-05: A barrage of US threats against Iran;
2008-05-06: INDIA/IRAN: Course Correction;
2008-05-07: The Iranian Chessboard;
2008-05-08: Giving Knowledge for Free;
2008-05-08: Bangalore pictures;
2008-05-09: about our money … on videos;
2008-05-09: UNIVERSAL PERIODIC REVIEW – Pakistan;
2008-05-10: Dalits In U.P. Face Hunger, Deaths And Suicides;
2008-05-11: Military or Market-Driven Empire Building: 1950-2008
2008-05-12: Changes in Cuba?
2008-05-13: Campaign Pains;
2008-05-14: Why Myanmar should fear us;
2008-05-15: The Specter of Deflation;
2008-05-16: debitism and other economics;
2008-05-17: Success: NPR pledges to disclose analysts’ conflicts of interest;
2008-05-18: Speculation and collapse: enough;
2008-05-19: Sustainable Development Report on Africa SDRA;
2008-05-20: Manufacturing a Food Crisis;
2008-05-21: The Autopsy Report;
2008-05-22: Better in America;
2008-05-23: The Natural Economic Order;
2008-05-23: die natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung;
2008-05-24: Real World Economics;
2008-05-25: Taxes, America and Aaron Russo;
2008-05-26: There is more than meets the eye;
2008-05-27: The Saudi Exception;
2008-05-27: Aerial view of Tangjiashan quake lake;
2008-05-28: Why the demise of civilisation may be inevitable;
2008-05-29: A Tale Of Two Storms: Myanmar And New Orleans;
2008-05-30: Netherlands Fellowship Programme NFP;
2008-05-31: What’s really driving the high price of oil;
2008-06-01: Scientists puzzled by absence of foreshocks;
2008-06-02: U.N. Security Council Seat: China Outsmarts India;
2008-06-02: Annual Report and Accounts 2007;
2008-06-03: The Corporations – Killers of Democracy;
2008-06-04: Early Child Development ECD;
2008-06-05: China’s food security guaranteed;
2008-06-06: Tell Congress to listen to McClellan;
2008-06-07: Open borders, global future;
2008-06-08: Abu Dhabi unveil plans for sustainable city;
2008-06-08: Obama and Economy;
2008-06-08: Is the economy grinding to a halt;
2008-06-09: Crise alimentaire;
2008-06-09: Destroying African Agriculture;
2008-06-09: stop-finance;
2008-06-10: Rome’s food summit;
2008-06-11: Potential Future Hyperinflation;
2008-06-12: Special weapons have a fallout on babies;
2008-06-13: 1968: the global legacy;
2008-06-14: Share the World’s Resource STWR;
2008-06-15: Abschlusserklärung der Kritischen Islamkonferenz;
2008-06-15: Is Fascism an Impeachable Offense?
2008-06-16: Is The U.S A Genocidal Nation?
2008-06-17: Scarcity in an Age of Plenty;
2008-06-18: Gore Vidal’s Article of Impeachment;
2008-06-19: Switzerland – Security vs. Justice;
2008-06-20: Fear and strange arithmetics;
2008-06-21: politics by cartoons;
2008-06-22: Unfolding Financial Meltdown on Wall Street;
2008-06-23: Mother Earth’s Triple Whammy;
2008-06-24: Opium of the masses – part 2;
2008-06-25: Robert McChesney’s;
2008-06-26: The IMF’s regressive secret;
2008-06-27: The politics of pressure, the world and Zimbabwe;
2008-06-28: Americans Do Not Want Change;
2008-06-29: Declare victory and get out;
2008-06-30: Russia: where are the petrodollars going:
2008-07-01: The Orion Project (third video – to be continued);
2008-07-02: ASEAN’s Co-operation … CALL FOR PAPERS;
2008-07-03: Are Pakistani Nukes In Safe Hands?
2008-07-04: Iraq task, Iran risk;
2008-07-05: Seymour M. Hersch about the secret war in Iran;
2008-07-06: A socialist answer to the global rise in gas prices;
2008-07-07: SCORCHED EARTH ECONOMY – The Casey Files;
2008-07-08: U.S. debt woes;
2008-07-09: The G8 in a global mess: 1920s and 1980s lessons;
2008-07-09: The Orion Project – fourth video;
2008-07-10: Philippines: Arbitrary arrests … ;
2008-07-11: OPINION: It’s the Oil, stupid;
2008-07-12: What are Iran’s nuclear rights;
2008-07-13: Foiling A ‘Lottery Of Death’;
2008-07-14: Imagine A World Without Money;
2008-07-15: The Med Union, dividing the Middle East and North Africa;
2008-07-16: Cruelty as a weapon of war;
2008-07-17: Impeachment Begins;
2008-07-18: Status Report on the Collapse of the U.S. Economy;
2008-07-19: One million names on US government “terrorist” watch list;
2008-07-20: Fed raises specter of renewed class struggle;
2008-07-21: videos concerning the US;
2008-07-22: An Era Of Disparity;
2008-07-23: Commonwealth;
2008-07-24: On the WTO’s Round of Negotiations;
2008-07-25: Heating up the Cold War;
2008-07-26: Congress, banks and home owners;
2008-07-27: Visualize the Dow at 6,000;
2008-07-28: US housing slump without precedent;
2008-07-28: Leading leaders to a grand vision;
2008-07-29: Brazil, Market Access as Key to Autonomy;
2008-07-30: Bolivian President Evo Morales on the WTO’s Round;
2008-07-31: Auto-related jobs in US;
2008-08-01: WTO Talks, A Tsunami Averted;
2008-08-02: Bush speech signals stepped-up troop withdrawals from Iraq;
2008-08-03: Food policy and Globalization;
2008-08-04: How the Media got Class” Wrong in the Democratic Primaries;
2008-08-05: Don’t Let Chevron Bully Ecuador;
2008-08-06: Inflation and the New World Order;
2008-08-07: Central Asian Photos;
2008-08-08: Working Poor Unready To Revolt;
2008-08-09: Home repossessions jump sharply;
2008-08-10: An unrecognizable America;
2008-08-11: 2080 land cases treated in Mozambican city in 18 months;
2008-08-12: China – Olympics – Capitalism – Naomi Klein;
2008-08-13: Is Africa A Cold War Battleground;
2008-08-14: Picked up on;
2008-08-15: The geopolitics of Georgia;
2008-08-16: The Neocons Do Georgia;
2008-08-17: Lost when they came home;
2008-08-18: Green famine in Ethiopia;
2008-08-19: The Orion Project – Historic Energy Breakthrough on the Line;
2008-08-20: The Orion Project – TOP Negotiating for Stan Meyer Equipment;
2008-08-21: Beat the dead horse or Putin’s revenge;
2008-08-22: China and its Human Rights Mess;
2008-08-23: Unter »Friendly fire«;
2008-08-23: Nato denies ‘friendly fire’ deaths;
2008-08-24: Coca-Cola Plant Shut Down in India;
2008-08-25: Reflections on Twenty-First Century Socialism;
2008-08-26: Reinventing The Evil Empire;
2008-08-27: A Violent Education;
2008-08-28: The miscalculation of small nations;
2008-08-29: Pakistan: Musharraf and beyond;
2008-08-30: More people living in extreme poverty than previously thought;
2008-08-31: The Financial Times and the “Self-Confessed Mastermind Of 9/11”;
2008-09-01: Global Famine, is it a Conspiracy?
2008-09-02: Afghanistan: on the cliff-edge of calamity;
2008-09-02: Comment fut inventé le peuple juif;
2008-09-03: Press TV Debates on Middle East;
2008-09-03: Women’s Forum Statement;
2008-09-04: Shanghai Cooperation Organisation cautiously endorses Russia over Georgia;
2008-09-05: John McCain, Sarah Palin and the Politics of Distraction;
2008-09-06: A High Stakes US Gamble with Russia;
2008-09-07: Going On An Imperial Bender;
2008-09-08: Russia, Europe, USA and fundamental geopolitics;
2008-09-08: A new book about KASHMIR;
2008-09-09: Seeds Of Destruction;
2008-09-10: Russia could push China closer to the west;
2008-09-10: CERN: LHC First Beam on 10 September 2008;
2008-09-11: The world after the Russia-Georgia war;
2008-09-12: World Bank Updates Poverty Estimates for the Developing World;
2008-09-13: The Orion Project – follow up;
2008-09-14: The U.S. 2008 Presidential Election: An Evaluation;
2008-09-15: Latin America uniting against neocons of Washington;
2008-09-16: Let the House of Cards Tumble;
2008-09-17: Questions from a naive greenhorn;
2008-09-18: The three trillion dollar war;
2008-09-19: Economic Meltdown: John McCain and the Old Boy’s Network;
2008-09-20: Global Financial Meltdown;
2008-09-21: No honour in killing;
2008-09-22: The real choice before Pakistan;
2008-09-23: The week that changed everything;
2008-09-24: U Win Tin reseased;
2008-09-25: Six years in Guantanamo;
2008-09-26: on multipolar world;
2008-09-26: European reactions to the financial crisis;
2008-09-27: A Debt Write Down, and Jubilee Year Clean Slate;
2008-09-27: Once in a century rip-off;
2008-09-29: Steven Greer: Redefining Alternative Energy;
2008-09-30: New thinking needs new direction;
2008-09-30: A new book about KASHMIR;
2008-10-01: The Wolfensohn Era at the World Bank;
2008-10-02: The Global Fight for Food: A Battle of Narratives;
2008-10-03: New thinking on poverty;
2008-10-04: US Vice Presidential debate;
2008-10-06: The Greatest Bank Robbery of the Century, Part I;
2008-10-07: Just East of Eden: Iran, images and reflections;
2008-10-07: The Fleecing Of America;
2008-10-08: Bail Out The Homeowners;
2008-10-09: We Had Alternatives;
2008-10-10: Conservatives better for economy? Canada’s liberals beg to differ;
2008-10-10: More videos on the Financial Crisis;
2008-10-10: It’s Time For A Crucifixion;
2008-10-11: Royal Society to be called to account for creationist view;
2008-10-11: Who Wins and Who Loses;
2008-10-12: Who Got Us into This Mess and What are the Real Political Options?
2008-10-12: Le compteur de la dette américaine est trop petit;
2008-10-13: Sen’s economic philosophy;
2008-10-14: Economic freedom is negative liberty;
2008-10-15: Rejoinder: Philosophical underpinning of “economic freedom” laid bare;
2008-10-16: The American People Tsunami Against A Wall Street Bailout;
2008-10-17: Alasdair MacIntyre and Holistic Marxism;
2008-10-18: Grassroots Movements, Global Elites And Political Economy In Times Of Panic;
2008-10-19: Professor David Held Interviewed by Naked Punch;
2008-10-20: What would a scientific economics look like;
2008-10-21: Chomsky says pick the lesser of two evils;
2008-10-22: Going to Extremes in America;
2008-10-23: The Great Unmasking;
2008-10-24: A politics of crisis: low-energy cosmopolitanism;
2008-10-24: Bailout costs approach $5 TRILLION;
2008-10-25: World Food Summit on Food Security;
2008-10-25: World Food Day: Global Crises’ Double Standards;
2008-10-26: Land to the tillers;
2008-10-27: Brazil – Nazi graveyard discovered deep in the Amazon rainforest;
2008-10-27: Democracy and militarism;
2008-10-28: Why You Cannot Afford to Ignore China;
2008-10-28: The Food Crisis – La Crise Alimentaire;
2008-10-29: New African Resistance to Global Finance;
2008-10-30: Misrepresenting the Financial Crisis;
2008-10-31: New Lifeline for Ailing Giants;
2008-11-01: Access for All: USAID’s Commitment to Accessible Programs.
2008-11-02: China, Russia renounce the dollar? ;
2008-11-03: The Interactive Panel of the UN General Assembly on the Global Financial Crisis;
2008-11-04: We’re not robbing food from people’s mouths;
2008-11-04: Again – Money as a Dept;
2008-11-05: It’s a strange system, and it’s not in our best interests;
2008-11-06: Which Way? … Venezuela;
2008-11-07: How Positive Thinking Wrecked the Economy;
2008-11-08: Are We Cruel, Stupid or Just Shameless;
2008-11-09: Solar powered electric car;
2008-11-10: The Strange History of Economics;
2008-11-11: Media Talk: Predicting the crash;
2008-11-11: Spammers make profit … ;
2008-11-12: Newsletter d’ATTAC France – grain de sable no 579;
2008-11-12: again a SWISH Report for al-Qaida … ;
2008-11-13: The last 5 newslettres from the Orion Project;
2008-11-14: A new global order, Bretton Woods II … San Francisco II;
2008-11-16: Economic Crisis is beyond the reach Of traditional solutions;
2008-11-16: India Inc warns layoffs on horizon;
2008-11-17: Veterans Occupy National Archives;
2008-11-17: Economic crisis tops agenda of APEC leaders’ summit;
2008-11-18: My deck chair on the Titanic;
2008-11-19: Philanthrocapitalism: old myths, new realities;
2008-11-20: A Papuan woman fighting for human and environmental rights;
2008-11-20: L’iPhone préfère l’accent américain;
2008-11-21: The Golden State, not so golden;
2008-11-22: The Great Depression of the 21st Century: Collapse of the Real Economy;
2008-11-23: As population grows we fail to protect our children;
2008-11-23: The next financial shoe to drop … Sub prime, Round Two;
2008-11-24: The Patriarchal See of Alexandria;
2008-11-24: too many hungry children in USA;
2008-11-25: Health Policy Development in Sub-Saharan Africa;
2008-11-26: renegade trader with renegade ideas – that work;
2008-11-27: More money wasted to save a sick system;
2008-11-27: The International Backers of the Mumbai Attacks;
2008-11-28: The Parable of the G-20, Blind to the Elephant;
2008-11-29: Global problem-solving: A Buddhist perspective;
2008-11-30: Canada: Conservatives provide austerity to workers, aid to banks;
2008-12-01: Iceland: A portent of the future;
2008-12-02: The Gallic Peace Corps in the footsteps of Zoe’s Ark?;
2008-12-03: Every trick in the book;
2008-12-04: The Truth behind the Citigroup Bank Nationalization;
2008-12-05: Court Upholds $156 Million Judgment Against Hamas Supporters;
2008-12-06: The car of the future – blocked;
2008-12-06: Air cars – Here, there. everywhere;
2008-12-07: About New World Order … ;
2008-12-08: US Recession May Be Worst Since World War II;
2008-12-09: Six videos on alternative energy;
2008-12-10: The futures of Iraq;
2008-12-11: Solidarity pours in for Chicago workers occupying factory;
2008-12-12: Merchants of misery;
2008-12-13: The real-world economics review;
2008-12-14: Breaking News from The Orion Project;
2008-12-15: Youth Participation in Poverty Reduction Strategies;
2008-12-16: Stronger than cement – and six times lighter;
2008-12-17: Creating an Arc of Crisis;
2008-12-18: Staggering fraud;
2008-12-19: Obama to tighten screws on Mugabe?
2008-12-20: Will Obama privatize public assets to pay for economic recovery?
2008-12-21: Moving Beyond More Aid and Fair Trade;
2008-12-22: This World Order Is Not Just Murderous, It Is Absurd;
2008-12-23: To reach an audience in the millions;
2008-12-24: India’s options after Mumbai;
2008-12-25: France’s socialist crack-up;
2008-12-26: The illegal green tree;
2008-12-27: Acceptable Deaths!
2008-12-28: Humanitarian Tragedy In Sri Lanka;
2008-12-29: On vend des pays – Se venden países;
2008-12-29: Somalia: ends and beginnings;
2008-12-30: Democracy and militarism;
2008-12-31: The 10 Worst Corporations of 2008;
2009-01-01: PORTUGAL: Mega Solar Power Plant Begins to Operate;
2009-01-02: Rethinking renewable energy strategies – the orion project;
2009-01-03: The Real Significance of The Fed’s Zero-Interest-Rate Policy ZIRP;
2009-01-04: The Digital Divide;
2009-01-05: Race to the finish in Afghanistan;
2009-01-06: Response: TARP, Full Employment and Other Sticky Details;
2009-01-07: What to Expect from Obama – part I;
2009-01-08: Do The Health Infrastructure In Madhya Pradesh Ensuring Safe Deliveries?
2009-01-09: Global systemic crisis – New tipping-point in March 2009;
2009-01-09: RESISTANCE;
2009-01-10: Martial Law, the Financial Bailout, and War;
2009-01-12: The battle for your mind;
2009-01-13: CHINA/US: Wealth of Nations Redefined;
2009-01-14: Germany: Temporary workers are first victims of recession;
2009-01-15: The Great Dragon Awakens: China Challenges American Hegemony;
2009-01-16: Mass uprising of Greece’s youth;
2009-01-17: Saving the economy, one furnace at a time;
2009-01-18: Interrogating the Great Depression;
2009-01-19: About the State, the State-owned and the Non-state Owned Cultural Sector in Bulgaria;
2009-01-19: Bush leaves, Obama arrives;
2009-01-20: Invoking India’s Fuhrer;
2009-01-21: If winter comes, can spring be far behind?
2009-01-22: Tuvan’s khoomei or throat singing;
2009-01-23: Global development: Barack Obama’s agenda;
2009-01-24: Lawyer and human rights activist Stanislav Markelov murdered in Moscow;
2009-01-25: Africa Must Produce or Perish;
2009-01-26: some Middle East views on Barack Obama;
2009-01-27: National Security Archive – President Obama embraces openness;
2009-01-27: ECOSOC for AEHRF and the NGO world;
2009-01-28: Declassified on NSA;
2009-01-29: The paradox of Basra;
2009-01-30: Map of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan;
2009-01-30: Bloody Monday: 74,000 layoffs announced in one day;
2009-01-31: Bailout This! The Stabilization of the Financial Sector;
2009-01-31: Graines de Paix – Offre de stage programme Education;
2009-02-01: Is it time to bail out of the US?
2009-02-02: The American Economy Is Not Coming Back;
2009-02-03: Tax Solution To Wretched Greed;
2009-02-04: Stay Put – produce the note;
2009-02-06: Islamic banking in India: Challenges and prospects;
2009-02-06: Let banks fail;
2009-02-07: Every Last Drop;
2009-02-08: India: The 498A Survival Kit – A Guide To Surviving IPC 498A;
2009-02-09: Russia welcomes Biden’s offer to “reset” ties;
2009-02-09: Economic crisis undermines social policy and social stability;
2009-02-10: Made in America;
2009-02-10: Karzai urges Taliban reconciliation;
2009-02-11: The Gigantic Casino;
2009-02-12: Two years recession, or ten years of hell?
2009-02-13: What Women want: RESPECT;
2009-02-14: Alternative Energy – precursor engineering;
2009-02-16: A Short History Of US Government Handouts;
2009-02-17: USA: weapons programs re-branded as jobs programs;
2009-02-18: Afghanistan: chaos central;
2009-02-19: Financial Bailout, America’s Own Kleptocracy;
2009-02-20: Food for 12 Billion. So Why Did 854 Million Go Without?
2009-02-21: Second Amendment to the United States Constitution;
2009-02-21: The Ten Principles Of Apocalyptic Financing;
2009-02-22: What does economic recovery mean on an extreme weather planet?
2009-02-23: Historian with a global vision;
2009-02-24: Swiss Maddened By American Treatment of UBS;
2009-02-25: Biofuel production: a crime against humanity;
2009-02-26: Mortgage mess sinks Interamerican Development Bank;
2009-02-27: Black Sea: Pentagon’s Gateway to Three Continents and the Middle East;
2009-02-28: Unionization Would Boost Economy;
2009-03-01: Kashmir: Conflict in a Peaceful Valley;
2009-03-02: La Cuba cambiante;
2009-03-03: So long … is it game over for Swiss banks?
2009-03-04: STWR’s Newsletter February 2009;
2009-03-05: No Nation Can Long Endure Half Bankrupt;
2009-03-06: The great political gamble;
2009-03-07: Obama Should Worry About the Bush Family Tentacles Undermining His Plans;
2009-03-08: ROME DIARY: MARCH 2009;
2009-03-09: Cultural genocide?
2009-03-10: 4th quarter 2009 – Phase 5 of the global systemic crisis;
2009-03-11: The Sub-Continental Terrorism;
2009-03-12: The New Depression;
2009-03-13: Global recovery rests on a fresh US approach to China;
2009-03-14: Sudan: Oxfam GB pulls back international staff to Khartoum;
2009-03-15: The Federal Reserve is Bankrupt;
2009-03-15: Part 4 – Wall Street’s Perverse Logic;
2009-03-16: Haircut time for bondholders;
2009-03-17: Eastern Europe is about to Blow;
2009-03-18: Undefended – Russia’s migrant workers;
2009-03-19: G. Edward Griffin’s view on the FED;
2009-03-20: The Global Financial Crisis: What does it mean for microfinance?
2009-03-21: Looking Back: The 2009 World Social Forum;
2009-03-22: The Fed Did Indeed Cause the Housing Bubble;
2009-03-23: The Global Financial Crisis;
2009-03-24: The Real AIG Conspiracy;
2009-03-25: The Roving Cavaliers of Credit;
2009-03-26: Rethinking Financial Regulation: Simple Transparency, Open Source and XML;
2009-03-27: Is the Bailout Plan Breeding a Greater Crisis?
2009-03-28: What is Nato for?
2009-03-29: Wright Patman’s Prescription for Healing the Cancerous U.S. Banking System;
2009-03-30: THE WEB OF PRECARIOUSNESS – Chi non lavora, non fa l’amore;
2009-03-31: Goodbye, Homo Economicus;
2009-04-01: Global Poll;
2009-04-02: CLIP de la chanson LIBERTA du groupe PEP’S;
2009-04-03: The Perils of Obedience;
2009-04-04: World Future Council’s Newsletter 03/2009 english;
2009-04-07: The G20 summit – what does it mean for the poor?
2009-04-08: Seeking art to help Sichuan kids build schools;
2009-04-09: “It’s a girl” is more likely to be heard in Shanghai;
2009-04-10: The Folks Who Brought You this Financial Meltdown Are Still at the Helm;
2009-04-11: DEVELOPMENT: U.N. Triples Allotment for Population;
2009-04-13: U-20: Will the Global Economy Resurface?
2009-04-14: Nigeria payment of foreign debt: The largest transfer of wealth in moderntime;
2009-04-15: The Financial New World Order: Towards a Global Currency and World Government;
2009-04-16: April Oversight Report;
2009-04-17: The Pentagon Minerva Research Initiative;
2009-04-17: Growing interest in Japan about Venezuela’s revolution;
2009-04-17: Media promotes right-wing tea parties;
2009-04-18: CIA ‘amnesty’ dismays campaigners;
2009-04-18: Kashmir’s road;
2009-04-18: Obama Pledges Partnership at Summit of Americas;
2009-04-19: As Economies Falter, How Do We Move Forward?
2009-04-20: Opinion: Why we should be at Durban II;
2009-04-20: Sustaining Cities: Environment, Economic Development, and Empowerment;
2009-04-21: Saluting the unsung local heroes;
2009-04-22: EUROPEAN AIRS: UNITY OF THE LEFT – Chimera or Reality?
2009-04-22: Nasa celebrates Earth day with awe-inspiring images of our planet from space;
2009-04-23: Saudi Arabia: Government to Regulate Marriage of Young Girls;
2009-04-24: Du G20 à Durban II, le dessous des cartes;
2009-04-25: Mia Farrow plans hunger strike over Darfur;
2009-04-26: Premières inculpations à Genève;
2009-04-26: Doing Business with the Jihad;
2009-04-27: Labour stand firm on equal pay laws;
2009-04-28: What Do Muslims Want?
2009-04-29: On John Perkin’s Blog;
2009-04-30: The New Great Game in Eurasia is being fought in its Buffer Zones;
2009-05-01: Flying Pigs, Tamiflu and Factory Farms;
2009-05-02: Geithner’s Dirty Little Secret;
2009-05-02: Warum Washington und London einen Wirtschaftskrieg gegen die Schweiz führen;
2009-05-03: bank and secret;
2009-05-03: Zurück zur alten Zeit?
2009-05-04: Bullets meant for bankers could kill the welfare state;
2009-05-05: Defend pensions, jobs, and wages! No concessions;
2009-05-05: La Haine de l’Occident;
2009-05-06: An Even Worse Bybee Memo;
2009-05-07: Wikipedia: experts are us;
2009-05-07: Eliminating World Poverty;
2009-05-08: Helping developing countries during the financial crisis;
2009-05-08: World Future Council’s Newsletter, Issue April 2009;
2009-05-08: Stress-test results raise questions: Here are answers;
2009-05-09: Müssen die Siegermächte auf alle Ewigkeit die Welt beherrschen?
2009-05-09: The Crisis & What to Do About It;
2009-05-10: DISARMAMENT: Mayors Gather at U.N. to Lobby Against Nukes;
2009-05-11: Afghanistan: Heroin-ravaged State;
2009-05-12: The Longest – a long walk through China;
2009-05-13: How Much is Enough?
2009-05-14: Misunderstanding Marx: Brad Delong and the Collapse of Neoliberalism;
2009-05-14: Bilderberger: Im Paradies der Globalisten;
2009-05-15: NATO exercises provoke Russia;
2009-05-16: Amazonia, to die for – Offer R$ 1 million for your life;
2009-05-17: Obama, Netanyahu, and the Future of U.S.-Israeli Relations;
2009-05-18: Here’s how Israel would destroy Iran’s nuclear program;
2009-05-19: Borrowing into submission?
2009-05-20: The AH1N1 Pandemic: Pig to Human Transmission of the Swine Flu?
2009-05-21: ADB Signs Financing Agreements;
2009-05-21: Treasurys up before Fed buyback, minutes;
2009-05-22: Where is all FED’s money gone … ;
2009-05-23: Political Poisonings: A Continuing American Tradition?
2009-05-24: Toxic Textbooks;
2009-05-25: Restoring National Sovereignty with A Truly National Banking System;
2009-05-26: Tanzania: President Jakaya Kikwete meets Obama on Africa’s Conflicts;
2009-05-26: Africa: forty-six years on, the continent can be optimistic about the future;
2009-05-27: Towards a world war of interest rates;
2009-05-28: Intellectual Monopoly is an Unnecessary Evil;
2009-05-29: Civil society wants substance, not procedural delays at UN conference on crisis;
2009-05-29: Economic crisis conference to be postponed?
2009-05-30: La Chine commence à s’écarter du dollar;
2009-05-31: The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy;
2009-06-01: Australia pressed to take Uighurs;
2009-06-01: A Moratorium on Genetically Manipulated (GMO) Foods;
2009-06-01: The Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Prospects For A Multipolar World;
2009-06-02: Super-secret organization remains elusive as ever;
2009-06-02: Brasilien und China setzen beim Öl ein neues geopolitisches Beispiel;
2009-06-03: Taliban Funds Fight in South Asia with Poppy Cultivation;
2009-06-04: Pakistan at a Crossroads;
2009-06-05: Will the U.S. succumb to Third-World status? – The Nicola Tesla File;
2009-06-06: By George! Austin Leads National Recovery;
2009-06-06: How many economists does it take to change a lightbulb?
2009-06-07: Port Isabel Detention Center: Opposition from Inside and Outside;
2009-06-08: USA: New FBI system brings terror operations out of the dark;
2009-06-08: Aber Herr Gouverneur, Sie KÖNNEN Geld schöpfen! … ;
2009-06-09: Eradicate Capitalism and All Forms of Oppression;
2009-06-10: Wall Street on the Offensive;
2009-06-11: Can Capitalism Last?
2009-06-11: China and the New Africa;
2009-06-11: The first step towards a global currency;
2009-06-12: Mise en cause de la version officielle du 11-Septembre … et d’un;
2009-06-12: Mise en cause de la version officielle du 11-Septembre … et de deux;
2009-06-12: Fear is eroding American rights;
2009-06-13: Nigeria: House – FG Loses U.S.$1.87 Billion to Oil Price Manipulation;
2009-06-13: Annual Report of the Africa Progress Panel 2009;
2009-06-13: Recession forcing girls into work;
2009-06-14: A Tale of Two Diverging Economic Worlds;
2009-06-14: Germany’s Left Party and the European elections;
2009-06-14: Readying Americans For Dangerous, Mandatory Vaccinations;
2009-06-15: Defining Economic Justice and Social Justice;
2009-06-15: Forget the BNP. What about the planet?
2009-06-16: Binary Economics – The New Paradigm;
2009-06-16: Iran’s election: democracy or coup?
2009-06-17: De-Dollarization: Dismantling America’s Financial-Military Empire;
2009-06-17: NATO’s War Plans For The High North;
2009-06-18: Manmohan confident of 7 % growth;
2009-06-18: World e-Gov experts meet at Singapore;
2009-06-19: Paris implicated in Zoe’s Ark orphan fraud?
2009-06-19: The Food Crisis And The Global Scramble For Farmlands;
2009-06-19: Another case of the pot calling the kettle black;
2009-06-20: Take action to demand a rights-based solution to the crisis;
2009-06-20: How CIA helped Dalai Lama to end up in exile;
2009-06-21: Worlds of Labor – Call for articles;
2009-06-21: Prospects of a Fascist revival 2;
2009-06-21: A matter of definition!
2009-06-22: De Mossadegh à Ahmadinejad – La CIA et le laboratoire iranien;
2009-06-22: From Mossadegh to Ahmadinejad – The CIA and the Iranian experiment;
2009-06-22: How the U.S. is Subsidizing Death and Drug Trafficking on Stolen Lands;
2009-06-23: The waning power of truth;
2009-06-23: Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order;
2009-06-23: Guantánamo at Home;
2009-06-24: Islam and Female Genital Mutilation;
2009-06-24: Debate Over Child Executions Roils Iran’s Presidential Vote;
2009-06-25: Iran: dialectic of revolution;
2009-06-25: UN Conference on economic crisis June 23, 2009;
2009-06-25: 9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public;
2009-06-26: Sierra Leone: Water Crisis Threatens Survival in Freetown;
2009-06-26: Atlanta’s Largest Shelter Fights City for Water;
2009-06-26: Electoral watchdog endorses disputed Iran vote;
2009-06-27: How Do Politicians Survive Sex Scandals;
2009-06-27: Brown proposes £60bn climate fund;
2009-06-27: XING has a new live Twitter search;
2009-06-28: Es wird erhebliche Verteilungskonflikte geben;
2009-06-28: Second Reply Regarding Parecon;
2009-06-28: A tale of two paradigms;
2009-06-29: The New Economy Won’t Be Like the Last One;
2009-06-29: US states’ budget crisis sets stage for new attack on the working class;
2009-06-29: Foreclosure Fiasco Continues: The Bush-Obama Strategy of Throwing Billions at Banks Doesn’t Work;
2009-06-30: Financial Crisis Debate;
2009-06-30: Is the Fed Juicing the Stock Market?
2009-06-30: China Mega-trend Stocks Stealth Bull Market Update, SSEC Up 47%;
2009-07-01: Les milliards de la peur et de la honte;
2009-07-01: Global systemic crisis in summer 2009: The cumulative impact of three rogue waves;
2009-07-01: The Money Masters, a long video;
2009-07-02: Financial czar threatens to throw Detroit public schools into bankruptcy;
2009-07-02: Royal Bank of Scotland increases top executives’ pay;
2009-07-02: Facelift from More Than 125 ARAMARK Employees;
2009-07-02: No velvet revolution for Iran;
2009-07-03: Investment Trusts Buying Their Own Shares To Bid Up The Price;
2009-07-03: Banks own the US government;
2009-07-03: CRASH – why it happened and what to do about it;
2009-07-04: The Eurasian Pipeline Calculus;
2009-07-04: California’s Empty Wallet: Turning Crisis into Opportunity;
2009-07-05: Britain to continue poppy eradication in Afghanistan;
2009-07-05: 2 long videos – money, depts and all;
2009-07-06: Liner Notes to Das Kapital: Marx and Engels Comment;
2009-07-06: Yes, We Can Tax Those Wall Street Bastards;
2009-07-06: When the Month is Longer Than the Money;
2009-07-07: American Clean Energy & Security Act of 2009, ACES;
2009-07-07: About the global crisis;
2009-07-08: NSA Security running amok to plug leaks about 9/11;
2009-07-08: The Mousavi campaign in Iran and the lessons of past color revolutions;
2009-07-08: The Great Bank Robbery: How the Federal Reserve is destroying America;
2009-07-08: Message from President Zelaya to the Honduran people;
2009-07-09: Unemployment skyrockets throughout Europe;
2009-07-09: Exiling Hunger From Every Home;
2009-07-09: Why the FBI Squelched an Investigation of a Post-9/11 Meeting;
2009-07-10: Women And Negative Stereotypes: An End Before A Start;
2009-07-10: 10 Dangerous Household Products You Should Never Use Again;
2009-07-11: Whose Country is it anyway?
2009-07-11: Conflict over nuclear files intensifies;
2009-07-11: Will Zurich experience a flight of wealth?
2009-07-12: Codepink – Women for Peace;
2009-07-12: Burqa ban: What Barack Obama could learn from Nicolas Sarkozy about Islam;
2009-07-12: a video debate about the burqa;
2009-07-13: Six scandals from the darkest days of an already murky industry;
2009-07-13: Gordon Brown plans troops surge in Afghanistan;
2009-07-14: Global Connections – Issue 52;
2009-07-14: China and the dollar – Yuan small step;
2009-07-14: India’s Maoist dilemma: the case of Lalgarh;
2009-07-15: The Continued Fleecing Of America;
2009-07-15: Afghanistan’s twisting path;
2009-07-15: Washington is Playing a Deeper Game with China;
2009-07-16: The Rich Can Relax;
2009-07-16: Behind Chinese walls;
2009-07-17: Washington behind the Honduras coup;
2009-07-17: The Keynesian Revolution and the Neo-liberal Counter-revolution;
2009-07-18: Labor, doctors and small business owners back health reform;
2009-07-18: Dismantling Pakistan, a Quagmire of Imperial Slavery;
2009-07-19: Chevron owes more to Richmond;
2009-07-19: Workers rebel;
2009-07-20: Palin’s Cap-and-Trade Is Alaska’s Bait-and-Switch;
2009-07-20: Obama’s first steps;
2009-07-20: Klima-Kassandra – fehlt nur noch der Nobelpreis;
2009-07-21: a video with Hillary Clinton;
2009-07-21: Peer to Peer Economies and the Revolution in Values;
2009-07-22: Unwelcome attention;
2009-07-22: Plugging the gap;
2009-07-22: Obama Talk Health Care Reform;
2009-07-23: The class issues in the US health care debate;
2009-07-23: Global Power and Global Government: Evolution and Revolution of the Central Banking System – Part 1;
2009-07-24: Manpower export plummets by 50 pc;
2009-07-24: The IMF: Resurgent but unchanged;
2009-07-25: Virginity tests are inhuman and demeaning;
2009-07-25: Union Now, the U.N. and World Government;
2009-07-26: The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order;
2009-07-26: Trade Adjustments and Stimulus Packages in the Global Recession and Recovery;
2009-07-27: California’s green dream;
2009-07-27: Surreal Honduras;
2009-07-28: The Happy Planet Index HPI 2.0;
2009-07-28: nature for sale;
2009-07-29: The One World Trade and Poverty Guide;
2009-07-29: Lonesome Hobo Economics – On the Road at the CoC;
2009-07-30: China’s exit strategy hinges on US recovery: Zhou;
2009-07-30: US’ health care again;
2009-07-31: The Long Term Effects of Genetically Modified Food on Humans;
2009-07-31: The Worldwide H1N1 Flu Vaccination Program;
2009-08-01: Half of children taking Tamiflu have side-effects;
2009-08-01: The End of Money: Take Power Back From the Money and Banking Monopoly;
2009-08-02: Purdy: Now let me die in Britain;
2009-08-02: Make legal aid for the poor higher priority in economic downturn;
2009-08-03: Banks Paid $32.6 Billion in Bonuses Amid U.S. Bailout;
2009-08-03: Guantánamo Bay: the inside story;
2009-08-04: The Contours of Recent American Foreign Policy;
2009-08-04: Russia and Former Soviet Republics plan new security stronghold in Central Asia;
2009-08-05: Nothing in sight to replace the US dollar;
2009-08-05: First, the good news;
2009-08-06: The Public Option in Banking: How We Can Beat Wall Street at Its Own Game;
2009-08-06: The Only Option for Health Reform Is the Public Option;
2009-08-07: The Myths of Afghanistan;
2009-08-07: Hopi and Navajo Elders Warned Lehman Bros.;
2009-08-08: Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa;
2009-08-08: The political lessons of the Detroit mayoral elections;
2009-08-09: A very traditional coup;
2009-08-09: China’s wild west;
2009-08-10: Chasing Terrorists VS. Chasing Swine Flu;
2009-08-10: An Ominous Glimpse into the Future of Human Labor;
2009-08-10: Schweinegrippe und der strenge Geruch der Korruption;
2009-08-11: TRADE-INDIA: Kerala Angered Over FTA With ASEAN;
2009-08-11: Malalai Joya: The Woman Who Will Not Be Silenced;
2009-08-12: US soldier who opposes Afghan war sentenced;
2009-08-12: As Long as the Wars Continue, We Must Resist Them;
2009-08-13: Iceland: Lessons to be Learned from The Economic Meltdown;
2009-08-13: Entering the Greatest Depression in History;
2009-08-14: Swine flue, vaccinations, economic crash, riots by angry people;
2009-08-14: Forging a New World Order Under a One World Government;
2009-08-15: Sailing away;
2009-08-15: Former World War II Axis Nations Repudiate Bans against Preparing for War;
2009-08-16: Collapse in the Wake of the Fed’s Wall Street Bubble?
2009-08-16: The brutal truth about America’s healthcare;
2009-08-17: The DFID white paper and the World Bank: Missing the point?
2009-08-17: 9/11 mind swell;
2009-08-18: NGO Statement on the World Bank’s Proposed Forest Carbon Partnership FacilityFCPF;
2009-08-18: Why Are Cops Tasering Grandmothers, Pregnant Women and Kids?
2009-08-19: Political and economic disabilities;
2009-08-19: Recovering from Neoliberal Disaster;
2009-08-19: Profiting from Child Trafficking;
2009-08-20: BRAZIL: Italian Immigrants Helped Forge Local Identity in the South;
2009-08-20: Pandemic Vaccination – Why You Should Be Concerned;
2009-08-21: India’s denotified tribes demand a life of dignity;
2009-08-21: Municipal Development Bank;
2009-08-22: Africa: Continent’s Population Reaches One Billion;
2009-08-22: Temporary Recession or the End of Growth?
2009-08-23: NAFTA Has Failed; New Development Plan Needed;
2009-08-23: Charter Cities (a video about);
2009-08-24: NWO (new world order) Endgame is Being Played;
2009-08-24: GI Special 7H18: The Possibilites Seem Endless;
2009-08-25: Afghans Sandwiched between Taliban and US-NATO backed Warlords;
2009-08-25: H1N1 October surprise prevention;
2009-08-26: Currencies and finances become localized … ;
2009-08-26: l’effondrement du dollar fera exploser le système monétaire global;
2009-08-27: La croissance mondiale a atteint ses limites;
2009-08-27: Questions raised over Afghan women’s vote;
2009-08-28: Support for tax to curb bonuses;
2009-08-28: Worst economic collapse ever;
2009-08-29: The New Silk Road;
2009-08-29: Dutch court blocks girl’s solo global sailing bid;
2009-08-30: Artificial Life will be created Within Months;
2009-08-30: Republican Death Trip;
2009-08-31: A new political generation rises in East Timor;
2009-08-31: Diseased African Monkeys Used to Make Swine Flu Vaccines;
2009-09-01: Return of the trustbusters;
2009-09-01: When China Rules the World;
2009-09-02: German Left Party ready to work with right-wing CDU;
2009-09-02: Detroit teachers’ union agrees to work with Democrats to cut jobs, wages;
2009-09-03: Employment-Based Health Care vs. Democracy: Hidden Dimensions of Business Rule;
2009-09-03: renewable energy – and energy access – in Africa;
2009-09-04: Mini-Ministerial Meeting Should Change WTO Tack on Food;
2009-09-04: No Economic Recovery in Sight: More Financial Chaos Ahead;
2009-09-05: Their martyrs, our heroes;
2009-09-05: A Protracted Period of “Economic Adjustment”: How Bad Will It Get?
2009-09-06: How to Reverse Financial Tyranny: We Shall Prevail;
2009-09-06: The Virtues of Deglobalization;
2009-09-07: G-20 Promises Crackdown On Bankers’ Pay;
2009-09-07: Neither all-out war nor a proper peace;
2009-09-08: Lockerbie: Megrahi Was Framed;
2009-09-08: Consultation on digital inclusion;
2009-09-09: Freedom of Information Act Cost BBC £3m;
2009-09-09: How the Federal Reserve Contributes to Crises;
2009-09-10: Food quest;
2009-09-10: UN plans for new world monetary system have come too late;
2009-09-11: Stürzte Lehman Brothers oder wurde nachgeholfen?
2009-09-11: Five lessons from the financial crisis;
2009-09-11: ARPA-E* and The Orion Project;
2009-09-12: de la grande transformation des années 1980 à la crise actuelle;
2009-09-12: Want to Fight deflation? Give a worker a raise;
2009-09-13: Israel: 200,000 families need help to survive;
2009-09-13: Double standard: The Untold Story of the Cuban Five;
2009-09-13: Zimbabwe President Mugabe meets EU delegation;
2009-09-14: The Great Swine Flu Cover-Up;
2009-09-14: Two More Obstacles To Intelligence Reform;
2009-09-15: A 9/11 Reality Check;
2009-09-15: Strategic Intelligence Failure Over Decades;
2009-09-16: Another Hail Mary Pass From Labor’s Latest Quarterback?
2009-09-16: Capitalism’s Achilles Heel;
2009-09-17: China’s yuan not ready to be world currency: Central bank;
2009-09-17: US Census Bureau Confirms Rising Poverty, Falling Incomes, and Growing Numbers of Uninsured;
2009-09-18: Paulson’s Decision Cost Lehman, Then the World;
2009-09-18: World Bank, NGOs Exhort G20 Not to Forget the Poorest;
2009-09-19: The implications of trade liberalization for diet and health;
2009-09-19: It’s all about cost in health care debate;
2009-09-19: UK’s monstrous debt: £805,000,000,000;
2009-09-20: Islamic Banking in the West: Conviction or Need?
2009-09-20: Teen pregnancy, religion and the assumptions we make;
2009-09-21: Michael Moore leaves the free market standing;
2009-09-21: Another financial crisis;
2009-09-22: Herbal remedy found to reduce fertility in men;
2009-09-22: A Public Option is Good Government;
2009-09-23: L’avenir du salariat, esclavage et précarité;
2009-09-23: Regulate bank pay;
2009-09-23: UN reports 1 billion of the world’s people going hungry;
2009-09-24: G20 on Track to Fail the World’s Poor;
2009-09-24: The Financial Crisis and the Bank Bailout;
2009-09-24: Social Watch Report 2009: People First;
2009-09-24: G20 beware: no green shoots for the poorest;
2009-09-25: Inside The Deal;
2009-09-25: The Great Fed-Financed Dollar Decline and Stock Market Rally of 2009;
2009-09-25: Policy Dialogue on Development Co-operation;
2009-09-26: Amended Law Gives Venezuelan Youth More Autonomy;
2009-09-26: The ACORN I Know;
2009-09-26: G20 to act as global economy caretakers;
2009-09-27: G20 the Pittsburgh Summit 2009;
2009-09-27: China: Living in the shadows;
2009-09-28: Castro warns of chaos if international forces sent to Honduras; ;
2009-09-28: AgriTech India 2009;
2009-09-29: Barack Obama’s vision of American foreign policy;
2009-09-29: Secrets of money, interest and inflation;
2009-09-30: Gefahr für Ihr Geld;
2009-09-30: Africa-South America Summit in Venezuela Cements South-South Collaboration;
2009-09-30: Cost, abuse and danger of the dollar
2009-10-01: Why the right wing hates and wants to smash ACORN;
2009-10-01: G-20 Protests are not about abstractions;
2009-10-02: Food In Need For Record Number Of Hungry People;
2009-10-02: INDIA: HIV-Positive Women Get User Rights to Till Land;
2009-10-02: VIDEO: The Swine Flu Vaccine Conspiracy;
2009-10-03: Bilderbergers want global currency now;
2009-10-03: Is the 6-month Stock Market Rally About to End?
2009-10-04: Punch in the streets, not in the suites;
2009-10-04: H1N1 Flu is a Hoax;
2009-10-05: A Constant Thirst;
2009-10-05: Social Investment is the key;
2009-10-05: The Anglo-US Drive into Eurasia and the Demonization of Russia;
2009-10-06: Lib-Dems want exit strategy to end war on Taliban;
2009-10-06: Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilisation?
2009-10-06: Le rapport entre le pouvoir et l’élite;
2009-10-07: We Don’t Want Your Swine Flu Vaccinations;
2009-10-07: Reviewing Project Censored`s Latest Top 25 Censored Stories;
2009-10-08: EUChange – EU’s external actions architecture;
2009-10-08: Carpe capital;
2009-10-09: ILO and the global job crisis;
2009-10-09: Afghanistan’s Eighth Anniversary with Another Crumbling Empire;
2009-10-10: Weitzenegger’s International Development Job Market;
2009-10-10: COLIN ANDREWS to Speak at CSETI Contact Conference;
2009-10-11: Excessive Executive Pay: What’s the Solution?
2009-10-11: The Tobin tax lives again;
2009-10-12: Guide to Analyzing and Interpreting Financial Statements;
2009-10-12: Friedrich Engels – Marx’s alter ego;
2009-10-13: The AfPak War – Pakistanis Balk at U.S. Aid Package;
2009-10-13: Burundi’s free healthcare struggle;
2009-10-14: U.S. corporations are destroying the economy;
2009-10-14: Get Off Obama’s Back: Second Thoughts From Michael Moore;
2009-10-15: Venezuela Grants Land to Indigenous Communities On Indigenous Resistance Day;
2009-10-15: The American way of debt: Turning a profit by preying on the poor;
2009-10-16: An Imperial Strategy for a New World Order, The Origins of World War III, Part 1;
2009-10-16: A record year for Wall Street pay;
2009-10-16: Stand against Poverty – 16-18 October 2009;
2009-10-17: Is It Not Time For The Minorities To Become The Majority?
2009-10-17: Reviving the Local Economy with Publicly-Owned Banks;
2009-10-18: List of black listed Organizations;
2009-10-18: China and Russia Developing Yuan-Ruble Trade Settlement;
2009-10-19: Société: Donnez-leur de la flexibilité;
2009-10-19: Collapse of the Greenback? Will the Dollar get an Arab Oil Shock?
2009-10-20: The monster is still untamed;
2009-10-20: The Rich Have Stolen The Economy;
2009-10-20: Début de la campagne de vaccination;
2009-10-21: Govt’s May Need to Do for Workers What They Did for Banks;
2009-10-21: Egyptian Political Islam: Engagement or Marginalization?
2009-10-21: Jammu and Kashmir: Solution within the Indian Constitution?
2009-10-22: New Security Configuration in the Caucasus;
2009-10-22: Challenging the Banks;
2009-10-23: Is the new altruism a means to an end?
2009-10-23: Leftist Latin American leaders Drop Dollar, Agree on New Currency … ;
2009-10-23: UBS et l’hégémonie du dollar;
2009-10-24: Geo-Strategic Chessboard: War Between India and China;
2009-10-24: Great Power Confrontation in the Indian Ocean: The Geo-Politics of the Sri Lankan Civil War;
2009-10-25: All the Populism Money Can Buy;
2009-10-25: The Global Debt Crisis is Destroying the Economic Structure;
2009-10-26: ALBA: a Relevant Model;
2009-10-26: US Joins Ranks Of Failed States;
2009-10-27: Wires crossed;
2009-10-27: Dollar Collapse Update: Obama Demands Pay in Euros;
2009-10-27: Nurses got sick from the swine flu vaccine in Sweden, UPDATE: 1 suspected death;
2009-10-28: Irate Mom, Line One; Parents Talk Back to Pharma;
2009-10-28: Financial Crisis Hidden History, The Warning Frontline Video;
2009-10-29: Asian Development Bank ADB reviews Pacific economies;
2009-10-29: Devastating “Free Market” Reforms Imposed on Serbia;
2009-10-30: NATO vs CSTO: The Fogh of war;
2009-10-30: Time for a novice;
2009-10-31: Trained in India, to fight in Iraq;
2009-10-31: The new normal;
2009-11-01: EASTERN EUROPE: Loans Make the Middle Class Poor;
2009-11-01: US wages and salaries rise at record-low levels;
2009-11-02: Losing our Food Freedom;
2009-11-02: Himalayan histrionics;
2009-11-03: Rejected Mosaddeq’s outreach to United States;
2009-11-03: Bilderbergers want global currency now;
2009-11-04: A prepackaged pratfall;
2009-11-04: Cut Wall Street Out! Own Your Own Bank;
2009-11-05: Honduras : la résistance populaire est proche de la victoire;
2009-11-05: Kuito, and Angola, move on;
2009-11-05: Geo-Strategic Chessboard Pushing India Towards War With China;
2009-11-06: Solana: Israel is a member of the European Union;
2009-11-06: Stimulus and Jobs: We Can Do Better;
2009-11-07: Passing on the mantle of deep North American integration;
2009-11-07: Raining on India’s parade;
2009-11-08: It’s Time to Rally for Financial Reform;
2009-11-08: Swine Flu: Is Meditation the Best Medication?
2009-11-08: Marche Mondiale pour la Paix, 9 Nov 2009, le programme;
2009-11-08: Barack Obama’s healthcare reform bill passes first hurdle;
2009-11-09: Fall of Berlin Wall Caused Anxiety More than Joy at Highest Levels;
2009-11-09: Rencontre avec Rajmohan Gandhi à Genève /Uni-Dufour;
2009-11-09: Le lourd silence de l’occupation;
2009-11-10: Gates parle de l’agriculture durable, Agit-il en conséquence?
2009-11-10: Female Genital Mutilation, Islam and Leftist Silence;
2009-11-10: PPNYC Panel With Three Feminists;
2009-11-09: Some are more equal than others;
2009-11-09: Know Thine Enemy;
2009-11-09: Le lourd silence de l’occupation;
2009-11-10: Gates parle de l’agriculture durable, Agit-il en conséquence?
2009-11-10: Is your doctor’s continuing ed funded by pharma?
2009-11-11: Speculative recovery sows seeds of an even greater economic crash;
2009-11-11: On the Ruins of the Berlin Wall;
2009-11-12: Debunking GOP lies;
2009-11-12: Ponzi Capitalism and the Deepening Moral Crisis;
2009-11-12: Calm and unvaccinated;
2009-11-13: religious freedom in Islam;
2009-11-13: Innovative solutions for improved nutrition;
2009-11-14: Strategies and Tactics at the World Trade Organization WTO;
2009-11-14: Here comes the citizen co-producer;
2009-11-15: A birth dearth;
2009-11-15: A Zero Growth Economy? What Would It Mean for Us All?
2009-11-16: Unraveling Women’s Fair Trade;
2009-11-16: The humble tuna;
2009-11-16: America and China: Pleased to meet you;
2009-11-17: 70 years ago, November 1939;
2009-11-17: The Fed’s Policy of Near Zero Interest Rates;
2009-11-17: Weg von der Wall Street;
2009-11-18: Start-up nations;
2009-11-18: Brazil takes off;
2009-11-19: Letter to IMF managing director from 60 NGOs;
2009-11-19: The Criminalization of War;
2009-11-20: Huge contradictions behind China’s stimulus-driven recovery;
2009-11-20: Revival of old practice comes handy in times of drought;
2009-11-21: Let’s get fiscal;
2009-11-21: Worst-Case Debt Scenario;
2009-11-22: The Soviet Origins of Helmut Kohl’s 10 Points;
2009-11-22: The AEFJN Trade Policy;
2009-11-23: Can Somali pirates be defeated?
2009-11-23: Towards an Alternative to Globalization;
2009-11-24: Are they predicting a V or a W?
2009-11-24: Chinese repression a brake on US recovery;
2009-11-25: Former Soviet States: Battleground For Global Domination;
2009-11-25: Red Alert: The Second Wave of The Financial Tsunami;
2009-11-25: Manifest für eine radikale Steuerwende in der Schweiz;
2009-11-26: Federal aid urgently needed to avoid state budget catastrophes;
2009-11-26: ECAs explained – the newer, bigger, badder banks;
2009-11-27: UN Recruits Men to Help End Violence Against Women;
2009-11-27: Close down the casino economy;
2009-11-27: Le renversement de la place de la victime: un paradigme de la modernité;
2009-11-28: Honduras veut plus que la démocratie;
2009-11-28: Chinese diners eat live fish in YouTube video;
2009-11-28: Minnesota experience may offer solution for jobless recovery;
2009-11-29: Lessons from Brazil, China and India;
2009-11-29: In economic crisis, ordinary people create solutions;
2009-11-30: Who’s to blame for Climategate?
2009-11-30: Climate Change: this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation;
2009-12-01: Abuse of the Social Security Trust Fund Began in the 1980s;
2009-12-01: The Day Global Warming Stood Still;
2009-12-02: The trials of Sheikh Hasina;
2009-12-02: Food stamp usage at record levels – America the hungry;
2009-12-03: Inequality as policy, the United States since 1979;
2009-12-03: Global Warming: Fixing the Climate Data around the Policy;
2009-12-03: China, Kashmir and geopolitics;
2009-12-04: The bursting of the Dubai debt bubble;
2009-12-04: Call For Independent Inquiry Into Climategate as Global Warming Fraud Implodes;
2009-12-04: Banken finden Hypotheken nicht mehr;
2009-12-05: Children’s lunchbox packed full of unhealthy food reveals Which?
2009-12-05: There Is No ‘Consensus On Global Warming;
2009-12-06: New NGO road map points the way to a more transparent EIB;
2009-12-06: How Many Private Contractors Are There In Afghanistan?
2009-12-07: Bush and Gorbachev at Malta;
2009-12-07: Excluded from the Copenhagen Agenda: ENMOD;
2009-12-08: Union goes on the offensive with charter schools;
2009-12-08: Climate Change has found to be fake;
2009-12-09: Call-centre Labour in a Global Economy;
2009-12-09: Bolivians vote to keep Morales;
2009-12-10: UPDATE 2 – End to 16-yr WTO banana wars seen Friday-diplomats;
2009-12-10: The Real Scamps Behind the Skull and Crossbones in the Indian Ocean;
2009-12-11: Bank of America’s TARP repayment – Ken’s last act;
2009-12-11: The video Story of Stuff;
2009-12-12: Dubai: The political model;
2009-12-12: In Transition: Building the Movement Now and For the Future;
2009-12-13: The Catholic sex abuse scandal: a victim’s view;
2009-12-13: Financial Reform Is Being Gutted … And Congress Might Not Even Realize It;
2009-12-14: Zambia: Riches to rags;
2009-12-14: Goldman Fueled AIG Gambles;
2009-12-15: With Wall Street Shorting the Dollar;
2009-12-15: Climate Change: Leaders of the Rich World are Enacting a Giant Fraud;
2009-12-15: The Model Economy Community;
2009-12-16: Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Program;
2009-12-16: WHO Swine Flu Pope under investigation for gross conflict of interest;
2009-12-17: Turkey between ethics and politics: Put it all on the table;
2009-12-17: New poll reveals human cost of US unemployment;
2009-12-18: House to pass jobs bill;
2009-12-18: No World Order;
2009-12-19: Russia, NATO and Afghanistan: High Stakes Great Game;
2009-12-19: EU/IMF Revolt: Greece, Iceland, Latvia May Lead the Way;
2009-12-20: Europe.view – Looking to the stars;
2009-12-20: Saving the day – Abu Dhabi rescues Dubai after all;
2009-12-21: There’s a food crisis coming;
2009-12-21: Morgan Stanley Just Walks Away from Huge Mortgages;
2009-12-22: UAE, Azerbaijan to make joint efforts to counteract world financial crisis;
2009-12-22: Bangladeshi villagers have access to electricity due to solar energy project;
2009-12-23: Labor Dept. to force firms to disclose union-busting tactics;
2009-12-23: A New Era Has Begun;
2009-12-24: Cyprus, Turkey and the European Union;
2009-12-25: Profits before people: The great African liquidation sale;
2009-12-26: Bronx community takes on the real estate industryPrintEmail to a Friendby;
2009-12-27: Germany: Leading SPD member Thilo Sarrazin rallies the right wing;
2009-12-28: US: they are all against Jobs;
2009-12-29: There is no scientific consensus at the UN;
2009-12-29: Les nouvelles économies planétaires;
2009-12-30: 2000-2010 Decoding the Decade: Buzzwords;
2009-12-30: The Lap Bomber Mystery;
2009-12-30: Iran’s Growing Revolution vs. the Democrat’s Intervention;
2009-12-30: Growing desperation – Iran’s increasing turmoil;
2009-12-31: Economics Job Market Rumors;
2009-12-31: National Security Archive and White House Reach Agreement;
2009-12-31: Move Your Money From Your Giant Bank to a Community Bank;
2010-01-01: Put Young Workers to Work;
2010-01-01: Iran: Regime change by the people, for the people;
2010-01-02: Capitalism, Banks, Economy and choice;
2010-01-02: U.S. Intelligence Found Iran Nuke Document Was Forged;
2010-01-03: Possession of Marijuana Now Legal in Breckenridge;
2010-01-03: The Rise Of Judicial Activism: Is Democracy Under Threat?
2010-01-04: Is the Fed Juicing the Stock Market?
2010-01-04: Miraculous 2010 in Kashmir?
2010-01-05: A Paradise Built in Hell;
2010-01-05: The Federal Reserve Needs More Money;
2010-01-06: Atomic dawn – KEPCO wins a nuclear contract;
2010-01-06: No, Virginia, The Economy Is Not Getting Better As Banks Still Rule;
2010-01-07: Obama: US agencies had intelligence to foil airline bomb plot;
2010-01-07: Economy USA 2010: From the Scandalous Past to the Uncertain Future;
2010-01-08: Scanning the Abdulmutallab story for more lies;
2010-01-08: Yemen: Behind Al-Qaeda Scenarios, a Geopolitical Oil Chokepoint to Eurasia;
2010-01-09: China: The Rise of Agribusiness;
2010-01-09: U.S. Considering Debt Relief for Poor Countries;
2010-01-10: What does 2010 hold for global economy?
2010-01-10: Bubble warning;
2010-01-11: There’s No Place Like Home;
2010-01-11: Support Iceland Against the Financial Blackmail of the British and Dutch Governments and the IMF;
2010-01-12: Guiana rejects autonomy;
2010-01-12: Australia: Employers using Labor’s laws to impose lockouts;
2010-01-13: Pipeline Geopolitics: Major Turnaround. Russia, China, Iran Redraw Energy Map;
2010-01-13: Tax the Speculators: An Old Idea Whose Time is Now;
2010-01-14: Korea, India gear for China-like tighter policy;
2010-01-14: UK investors join with politicians for mandatory GHG reporting call;
2010-01-15: If Government Won’t Break Up the Giant Banks, Let’s Do It Ourselves;
2010-01-16: The Ignoble and Noble Prizes for Economics;
2010-01-16: What You’re Not Hearing about Haiti (But Should Be);
2010-01-17: Justice in the United Arab Emirates – What a muddle;
2010-01-18: NAFTA: Old Enough to be Tried as an Adult;
2010-01-19: Earthquake in Haiti: Cuba responds;
2010-01-19: Moving Your Money Can Have a Real Effect on Big Banks;
2010-01-19: US-Trendforscher Gerald Celente: Der Crash von 2010;
2010-01-20: Treasury Bills and the Budget Deficits: A Review of Financial Markets;
2010-01-21: China’s battered image – Bears in a China shop;
2010-01-22: Remember our Economic Rights;
2010-01-23: not ready to forget;
2010-01-23: OTTAWA: Public Lecture on War and the Economic Crisis by Michel Chossudovsky;
2010-01-24: The Exotic Currency that Will Follow the Euro Lower this Year;
2010-01-24: Let Haitian Immigrants Stay in the US Till Haiti Recovers;
2010-01-25: Haiti: Grants to repay an odious debt?
2010-01-26: Vietnam’s democracy activists;
2010-01-27: Deficit commission slammed as ‘reckless’ attack on Social Security, Medicare;
2010-01-28: The Warning;
2010-01-29: Many German local authorities nearing bankruptcy;
2010-01-30: Reinventing a faulty wheel;
2010-01-31: Glacier Meltdown: Another Scientific Scandal Involving the IPCC Climate Research Group;
2010-03-23: Disinformation and the Capitalist Economic System: What Is To Be Done;
2010-03-24: Some Notes on Poverty and the Responsibility of Government;
2010-03-25: Selling South Africa: Poverty, Politics and the 2010 FIFA World Cup;
2010-03-26: Financial Fraud in America. Wall Street: The Next Big Fight;
2010-03-27: Is It The Operation Maoist Hunt?
2010-03-28: Excessive Centralization Creates Inefficiency;
2010-03-29: EBRD hopes for 10 billion euros more cash;
2010-03-30: Mortgage lending falls to a nine-month low;
2010-03-31: How Our Entire Economy Became a Ponzi Scheme;
2010-04-01: Sunshine and shadows;
2010-04-02: Economic Policy and Unemployment: The Power of Stupidity;
2010-04-02: Kick-Ass;
2010-04-03: Foresight and Fait Accompli;
2010-04-04: Meeting at Children Ward;
2010-04-05: Proposal for a Participatory Socialist International;
2010-04-06: An Economy run on Smoke and Mirrors;
2010-04-07: Big Government, Deficits, Entitlements, and Centrists;
2010-04-08: Big Brother and the Hidden Hand of the Free Market;
2010-04-09: China-based cyberspy group targeted India;
2010-04-10: What is the role of government?
2010-04-11: The Global Economic Crisis: Riots, Rebellion and Revolution;
2010-04-12: Health Reform, a Working-class Victory;
2010-04-13: Analysis of the new START Treaty;
2010-04-14: Biggest Turn Around in Afghan Politics;
2010-04-15: Afghanistan: Malalai Joya is an angry woman;
2010-04-16: Three signs of a coming equity market correction;
2010-04-17: Ukraine and a Tectonic Shift in Heartland Power;
2010-04-18: The Economic Crisis in the UK: Inflation and Debt Default Bankruptcy;
2010-04-19: NATO: Pentagon’s Gateway Into Former Warsaw Pact, Soviet Nations;
2010-04-20: Innovation: the new masters of management;
2010-04-21: The Populism of the Privileged;
2010-04-20: Happy Equal Pay Day, Women!
2010-04-22: The Real Lehman Lesson: Break Up the Banks;
2010-04-23: Fifteen years is enough;
2010-04-23: Legal Frontiers Of Sustainability, Part Two;
2010-04-24: Aid Beyond Prejudice and Pride;
2010-04-24: Britain’s leaders’ debate: A fraud in three acts;
2010-04-25: Six Banks Control 60% of (US) Gross National Product;
2010-04-25: On the capitalist crisis and the economic recovery;
2010-04-26: Bolivia hosts alternative summit on people and Mother Earth;
2010-04-27: Computerized Front Running and Financial Fraud;
2010-04-28: Big Bank spend aid billions but neglect poverty, warns report;
2010-04-29: On the edge of the abyss;
2010-04-30: Anger at Wall Street could force Republican retreat
2010-05-01: War with China? The Dangers of a Global Conflagration;
2010-05-02: The Rise of the Economics Underdogs;
2010-05-03: If We Broke Up Standard Oil, We Can Break Up the Giant Banks;
2010-05-04: Restructuring the Bretton Woods Twins;
2010-05-04: Ron Paul and Alan Grayson: Audit the Fed!
2010-05-05: London: the most unequal city in the developed world;
2010-05-06: (Mis)investment in Agriculture;
2010-05-06: a high finance predator’s attack?
2010-05-07: Cutting Public Debt: Economic Science or Class War?
2010-05-08: Conservation’s poverty reduction claims questioned;
2010-05-09: Global food bubble on the way?
2010-05-10: The Global Economic Crisis, The Great Depression of the XXI Century;
2010-05-11: KEEN’S DEBT MARCH: Twin peaks;
2010-05-12: Economics Representations;
2010-05-13: Behind the burqa;
2010-05-14: Feast and famine;
2010-05-15: Financial Reform: How We Can Save Our Economy;
2010-05-16: Brazil’s President To Visit Iran In ‘Last Chance’ To Avert UN Sanctions;
2010-05-17: The Financial Oligarchy Reigns: Democracy’s Death Spiral From Greece to the United States;
2010-05-18: Socialism in North Dakota;
2010-05-19: Basculement stratégique au Proche-Orient;
2010-05-19: Strategy shift in the Middle East;
2010-05-20: How to Break Up the Banks … ;
2010-05-21: The German Government Has Had Enough;
2010-05-22: Standing in the way of development?
2010-05-23: The Global Economic Crisis, The Great Depression of the XXI Century – Preface;
2010-05-24: Euro Collapse Looms?
2010-05-25: Let them eat Twinkies;
2010-05-26: UK unveils 1st round of cuts; much more to come;
2010-05-27: EU proposes bank tax to end unacceptable taxpayer bailouts;
2010-05-28: Calculus of Congress Party Failure;
2010-05-29: Afghanistan: Reading between the lines;
2010-05-30: Call For a European Mobilisation Against the Dictatorship;
2010-05-31: Our Planet Is At A Crossroads;
2010-06-01: some pages for G20-G8 on the web;
2010-06-01: Bare-knuckle in Basel;
2010-06-03: Conflicting accounts of Israeli raid on flotilla;
2010-06-04: Plebiscite in Kashmir;
2010-06-05: Gross Democratic Product;
2010-06-06: Russia-US-Iran: Nuclear juggling;
2010-06-07: Why did Israel attack civilians in the Mediterranean?
2010-06-08: Russian, Brazilian visa-free agreement comes into force;
2010-06-09: WHO Scandal Exposed: Advisors Received Kickbacks From H1N1 Vaccine Manufacturers;
2010-06-10: Ethiopia: Government Denies Food Aid ‘Manipulated’ for Political Gain;
2010-06-11: Britain and Europe: No laughing matter;
2010-06-12: Afghanistan is first priority: What planet is David Cameron on?
2010-06-13: Afghanistan: Funding both sides;
2010-06-14: ECB: One Bank Ruled Them All – Trichet’s Powergrab;
2010-06-15: Shedding light on the dark hole in the Gulf;
2010-06-16: Decoupling fairness from class and power in the UK;
2010-06-17: The TARP and the deficit hawks;
2010-06-18: Radical Ideas, Real Politics: Some Thoughts on the Coming Period;
2010-06-19: German development agencies to merge;
2010-06-20: The Washington/Camp David Summit 1990;
2010-06-21: Afrika: Trade and infrastructure;
2010-06-22: A Thought Experiment: Iran;
2010-06-23: Plundering the Planet;
2010-06-24: Has psychiatry become unhinged? This doctor says yes;
2010-06-25: New benefit system in Britain forces sick and disabled into work;
2010-06-26: George Soros Speech at Humboldt University Berlin;
2010-06-27: Buying Blackwater;
2010-06-28: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Korea?
2010-06-29: Mexico Canada US One Big Authoritarian Entity?
2010-06-30: A prosperous lawyer aids China’s migrant workers;
2010-07-01: The Toronto G20 Riot Fraud: Undercover Police engaged in Purposeful Provocation;
2010-07-02: Stimulus or Austerity: The People vs. the Banks;
2010-07-03: HuriSearch – the Open Source human rights search engine;
2010-07-04: Latest Newsletter from Real World Economic Review;
2010-07-05: Dubious Intelligence on Iran’s Nuclear Program Used to Justify UN Sanctions and US War Threats;
2010-07-06: More than 300 NHS executives have a larger salary than the prime minister;
2010-07-07: The right prescription for an ailing economy;
2010-07-08: (US) Labor Dept. Launches Aid for Workers Displaced by BP’s Oil Spill;
2010-07-08: Plan de réforme du système financier international;
2010-07-08: Where does money really comes from?
2010-07-09: World Economic Situation and Prospects;
2010-07-10: The IMF’s policy advisory role to the G20;
2010-07-11: The oil spill and credit crunch were bad. An oil crunch would be worse;
2010-07-12: Industrial policy;
2010-07-13: We Need Sustainable Development Banks, Say NGOs;
2010-07-14: The Money and Debt Monster – Man-Made and therefore Tamable;
2010-07-15: Is Anyone Really Capable Of Fixing Our Many Deeper Crises?
2010-07-16: Financial regulation: A farewell to pussyfooting;
2010-07-17: The G20 Debacle;
2010-07-17: Holocaust-Überlebende als Steuersünder?
2010-07-18: A new order in greater west Asia: AfPak to Palestine;
2010-07-19: The missing words at the G20;
2010-07-20: Iran hopes to become largest gasoline exporter in 2-3 years;
2010-07-21: Stage Two of Europe’s Credit Crisis: An Internal Bank and Sovereign Debt Crisis Combined;
2010-07-23: Food Security – Equally Important in Times of Peace;
2010-07-24: A Complete Change of the European System – Without Asking the People;
2010-07-25: Money Laundering and the Global Drug Trade are Fueled by the Capitalist Elites;
2010-07-26: Bertray, get rich and be too big to be prosecuted;
2010-07-27: China Calls Our Bluff;
2010-07-28: Exchange between Arrow and Davidson on debt;
2010-07-29: Latin America rejects neoliberalism;
2010-07-30: Fighting Austerity?
2010-07-31: American Designs in Latin America;
2010-08-01: Offshore City of London puffed up shadow banking;
2010-08-02: The political spinning of the WikiLeaks exposé: Antiwar whistle-blowing or war propaganda?
2010-08-03: US transfer pricing hearings: statements;
2010-08-04: Preparing for World War III, Targeting Iran – Part I: Global Warfare;
2010-08-05: Treasure islands: Mapping the geography of corruption;
2010-08-06: Capitalism is dying a natural death;
2010-08-07: Why World War II ended with Mushroom Clouds;
2010-08-08: Pentagon can’t account for $8.57 billion in Iraqi funds;
2010-08-09: Copenhagen and Carbon Trading: Why the commodification of Nature will not solve climate change;
2010-08-10: Obama Economic Team Bails as System Fails;
2010-08-11: Were Revolutions in China Necessary?
2010-08-12: The Illusion of Economic Recovery: The Fed Creates Money Out of Thin Air;
2010-08-13: This Economy Stinks, Yes It Does;
2010-08-14: Contractionary Monetary Policy and the Dynamics of U.S. Race and Gender Stratification;
2010-08-15: Banks, blood and chocolate;
2010-08-16: GM and French trade unions force through wage cuts;
2010-08-17: Unregulated Greed has Destroyed the Capitalist System;
2010-08-18: Military Agenda: U.S. Using ASEAN to Weaken China;
2010-08-19: Understanding America’s class system;
2010-08-20: Accountability and Transparency in the World of Big Money: Banks too Big to Jail;
2010-08-21: Finance after the crisis: Survival of the richest;
2010-08-22: The political and social roots of Russia’s wildfire disaster;
2010-08-23: Blood Money;
2010-08-24: Who Actually Owns BP?
2010-08-25: Swiss Farmers as Pioneers and Guarantors of Direct Democracy;
2010-08-26: Where to Is the Financial Crisis Drifting?
2010-08-27: Russia backs African nuclear treaty;
2010-08-27: Le projet de loi US contre le terrorisme intérieur;
2010-08-29: The U.S. and Iraq: what now?
2010-08-30: A costly lesson;
2010-08-31: After Iraq;
2010-09-01: The relation between oil prices and economic activity;
2010-09-02: Monetary Shock and Awe – Bernanke’s Nuclear Option;
2010-09-03: GMO Crop Catastrophe in USA a lesson for EU;
2010-09-04: Death By Globalism: Economists haven’t a Clue;
2010-09-05: Quantitative Easing QE2, debt created out of thin air;
2010-09-06: How Ruthless Banks Gutted the Black Middle Class and Got Away With It;
2010-09-07: Fueling the Tax Revolt: What’s Wrong with the NDP’s Anti-HST Campaign;
2010-09-08: Global cereal supply and demand update;
2010-09-09: Alien Forest, Alien Ocean, Alien Sky;
2010-09-10: The Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda – The CIA’s Drug-Running Terrorists and the Arc of Crisis;
2010-09-11: The Spectre of Barbarism and its Alternative … eight theses;
2010-09-12: Obama says Republicans holding recovery hostage;
2010-09-13: WANTED – the truth behind climate funds;
2010-09-14: From margins to mainstream: the rise of Rush, Sarah and gang;
2010-09-15: Evidence Based Politics and Institutions for Equality;
2010-09-16: Follow the Dirty Money;
2010-09-17: Tea Party, Not Progressives Make a Statement;
2010-09-18: Brazil’s Debt Crisis;
2010-09-19: Tee real pirates in Somalia are in Washington, Paris and Oslo;
2010-09-20: The Failure of American Capitalism: Forty-four million Living in Poverty in the US;
2010-09-21: The progressive dilemma;
2019-09-22: Trillions of Toxic Waste in the Global Banking System;
2010-09-23: Growing Poverty in America;
2010-09-24: New Health Insurance Changes Take Effect;
2010-09-25: Millions protest at retirement age rise;
2019-09-25: Food Commodities Speculation and Food Price Crises;
2019-09-26: New Economy Movement;
2010-09-27: Economics vs. fakeonomics;
2010-09-28: The economic crisis: time for a new social deal;
2010-09-29: The Credit Meltdown and Wall Street’s Shadow Banking System;
2010-09-30: World Bank land grab report: Beyond smoke and mirrors;
2010-10-01: real-world economics review;
2010-10-02: The Neoliberal Experiment and Europe’s anti-Austerity Strikes: Governments must Lower Wages or Suffer Financial Blackmail;
2010-10-03: Did she ask for it?
2010-10-04: New wave of agricultural land-grabs reaches Canada;
2010-10-05: One Nation March to Pressure Obama Admin;
2010-10-06: What Classless Society?
2010-10-07: Yemen: The Covert Apparatus of the American Empire;
2010-10-08: Premature Virtue;
2010-10-09: Cognitive dissonance: the Global Financial Crisis and the discipline of economics;
2010-10-10: Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: militarily stronger, politically less stable;
2010-10-11: A Surprise Boost for Euro from China;
2010-10-12: The Broker Who Called the Crisis and Was Ignored;
2010-10-13: A step too far for banks?
2010-10-14: The Ecuadorian Coup: Its Larger Meaning;
2010-10-15: The Barclay’s Octopus – who controls Big Money in the USA BEFORE the crash in 2007?
2010-10-16: Currency Chaos;
2010-10-17: Only the Weak Survive;
2010-10-18: Turkey and Russia: Cleaning up the Mess in the Middle East;
2010-10-19: The Parasitic Nature of the current Monetary System;
2010-10-20: Death and profits: The utility protection racket;
2010-10-21: Wall Street, White House blame homeowners in foreclosure crisis;
2010-10-22: Fraudclosures and Unemployment in America;
2010-10-23: Sovereign Governments Versus The Lords of Finance;
2010-10-24: THE IRAQ WAR, PART III: Shaping the Debate;
2010-10-25: US monetary easing may start at $500 bn: Fed;
2010-10-26: Thought for the day: Neoclassical economics is specific not only in scientific but also in ideological terms;
2010-10-27: Question of the week: Is special money starting to drive out universal money?
2010-10-28: Clampdown on tax havens: Where does the International Finance Corporation stand?
2010-10-29: Neoliberal solution to poverty?
2010-10-30: Seven million without shelter months after Pakistan floods;
2010-10-31: The Financial Puzzle Behind 9/11;
2010-11-01: Crisis is an Opportunity: Engineering a Global Depression to Create a Global Government;
2010-11-02: Time for a New Theory of Money;
2010-11-03: China’s Creative Accounting: Using Debt as an Instrument of Economic Development;
2010-11-03: It’s the media that are broken;
2010-11-04: Thoughts on The Empire and America`s Left;
2010-11-05: The Phantom Left;
2010-11-06: The Impotence of Elections;
2010-11-07: France’s rigid labour laws – Labour pains;
2010-11-08: America: the Economic Collapse;
2010-11-09: Americans’ perception of corruption;
2010-11-10: India should not put all its eggs in the basket of the US president;
2010-11-11: GOP won’t renew jobless benefits without other spending cuts;
2010-11-12: The Wall Street Model Backfires, Deutsche Bank and the US Mortgage Scam;
2010-11-14: US involvement in Yemen edging toward clandestine war;
2010-11-15: Competitive devaluation and financial warfare;
2010-11-16: America in Crisis. What Now?
2010-11-17: Only Breaking up Big Banks Protects from the Next Bank Bailout;
2010-11-18: Hot Money Creating Havoc in Global Economy;
2010-11-19: World Economy: The Elusive Recovery;
2010-11-20: Commentary: Demanding accountability;
2010-11-21: A curious carrot for Khartoum;
2010-11-22: It’s Not the Great Recession, It’s the Great Bank Robbery;
2010-11-22: Warning Global systemic crisis – First quarter 2011;
2010-11-23: Analysis: The Money Party, Cat Food Commission and Social Security;
2010-11-24: Afghanistan hopes its export to India would jump;
2010-11-24: Guantánamo detainee, acquitted on 284 of 285 charges, faces 20 years;
2010-11-25: Jesus’s Teachings and the Tea Party;
2010-11-26: The hole in the middle;
2010-11-27: Europe’s Dirty Secret: Financial Elite Looting Public Treasuries;
2010-11-28: Imported Drugs Lack Necessary Oversight;
2010-11-29: The Pain Avoidance Era Ends;
2010-11-30: HRW calls for protection of migrant workers in Middle East;
2010-12-01: Financial Meltdown on Wall Street;
2010-12-02: The EU and the Hedge Funds: regulation or the relinquishment of European sovereignty?
2010-12-03: The Federal Reserve Has too Much Power;
2010-12-04: Corporate Profits Set Records;
2010-12-05: TSA is a far greater threat to Americans than are terrorists;
2010-12-06: Book review: Them and Us, by Will Hutton;
2010-12-06: WikiLeaks’ next target: A big U.S. bank;
2010-12-07: How Corporate America Is Pushing Us All Off a Cliff;
2010-12-08: Full reserve banking;
2010-12-09: Crisis Economics: A Crash Course in the Future of Finance;
2010-12-10: RIZ KHAN: Are we living in the end times?
2010-12-11: Be prepared to use force in China, Kevin Rudd told the US: WikiLeaks;
2010-12-12: Power shift – France loses ground to Germany;
2010-12-13: Executive summary – EU-Russia 2015 seminar;
2010-12-14: Seven Myths of Slums – Challenging Popular Prejudices About Urban Poverty;
2010-12-15: Meanwhile, in Europe … ;
2010-12-16: World economy – the Three-way split;
2010-12-17: US: The Deafening Silence About the War in the Deficit;
2010-12-18: Class Warfare or Financial Narcissism?
2010-12-18: Explosion of the Western Public Debt Bubble;
2010-12-19: IEIF France and European Property Prices – November 2010;
2010-12-20: Western Civilization and Classical Economics: The Immorality of Austerity;
2010-12-21: Do You Know the Cost of War?
2010-12-22: Prosecuting Wall Street Fraud: The US Economy is A Giant Ponzi Scheme;
2010-12-23: Dude, Where’s My Mortgage?
2010-12-24: Shocking ‘Aftershock’ at top of must-reads;
2010-12-25: Dubious assumptions of the theory of comparative advantage;
2010-12-26: Globalising economic apartheid;
2010-12-27: Tajikistan: Community Agriculture in Tajikistan;
2010-12-28: Insider Reveals Diabolical Secrets Of The Rand Corporation;
2010-12-28: Voters Say Election Full of Misleading and False Information;
2010-12-29: Who Wrecked the Balkans, Holbrooke or Milosevic?
2010-12-29: The Other Face of the Global Economic Crisis: Debt Driven Suicides in India;
2010-12-30: Goldman Officers to Reap $111 Million Payout From 2007, 2009;
2010-12-30: Economics Is Simple … ;
2010-12-31: European Monetary Union: Muddling Through, Falling Apart, Going Where?
2011-01-01: Hope in 2011: Peoples, Civil Society Stand Tall;
2011-01-02: The Phantom Menace;
2011-01-03: The EU and the Spanish Dirt Road;
2011-01-04: India’s Youth Will Not Wait;
2011-01-04: George Soros on the New World Order;
2011-01-05: Voices: Haiti’s Elections – Illegitimately Recounting Fraud;
2011-01-05: Restoring A Sense Of Pleasure;
2011-01-06: Are We Going to Let the Biggest Financial Fraudsters Keep Their Money and Avoid Jail Time?
2011-01-06: Teacher Education Philosophies;
2011-01-07: More than 25 percent of children now on chronic prescription medications;
2011-01-07: MGF: Cinq fillettes excisées à Houndé;
2011-01-08: Obama’s Warfare in Afghanistan;
2011-01-08: student teachers and first-year teachers for social justice;
2011-01-09: Washington’s Geopolitical Nightmare: China and Russia boost economic cooperation;
2011-01-10: A Critical Analysis of the U.S. Causes of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2008;
2011-01-10: Women’s Action Forum slams Taseer’s murder;
2011-01-11: Nature Parks – a Neoliberal EU Project;
2011-01-12: Financial Bubble Alert: Backdoor Bailouts and The Creation of Bogus Money;
2011-01-13: FROM BRIC to GEEP a cacophony of akronyms;
2011-01-14: The CIA File on Luis Posada Carriles – a former Agency Asset goes on trial in the U.S.;
2011-01-15: From NAFTA to CETA: Canada-EU Deep Economic Integration;
2011-01-15: Tunisia: a moment of destiny for the Tunisian people and beyond?
2011-01-16: The Class War Launched by America’s Wealthiest;
2011-01-17: Commentary: Does change mean anything?
2011-01-18: Thèses pour un communisme futur à partir du moment présent;
2011-01-18: The German left’s defence of Europe;
2011-01-19: Correction added: The Real Crime of M. Khodorkovsky;
2011-01-20: Comment le Congrès états-unien s’est vendu à Wall Street;
2011-01-20: US Congress Sells Out to Wall Street;
2011-01-21: Réactions Sur les MGF;
2011-01-22: Failure of the Globalization Model: The Arab Spring of Democracy;
2011-01-22: A quoi pense la littérature de jeunesse?
2011-01-23: Tunisia and the IMF’s Diktats: How Macro-Economic Policy Triggers Worldwide Poverty and Unemployment;
2011-01-24: The Best Economics Resources for College Professors;
2011-01-25: Declining vitality of rural villages;
2011-01-26: Rich Chinese are increasingly being attracted to the property market in Europe, particularly UK;
2011-01-27: Quantitative Easing Is Causing Food Prices to Skyrocket;
2011-01-27: Les femmes du fouladou font de l’accès à la terre leur principale revendication;
2011-01-27: Introducing The Palestine Papers;
2011-01-28: The Balkanization of Sudan: The Redrawing of the Middle East and North Africa;
2011-01-29: Chávez tackles housing crisis by urging poor to squat wealthy parts of Caracas;
2011-01-30: Hurry to implement East African single currency;
2011-01-31: Renewing the Patriot Act while America sleeps;
2011-02-01: What’s Happening in Egypt Explained – UPDATED (1 to 89);
2011-02-02: Egypt’s Rising Food Prices;
2011-02-03: VIDEO – The Global Awakening vs. The Internet Kill Switch;
2011-02-04: Egypt’s Revolution: US Imperialism Brought to Heel;
2011-02-05: Stop Violence Against Girls in School;
2011-02-05: Le 6 février: journée internationale de lutte contre les MGF;
2011-02-06: Les cyber-activistes arabes face à la liberté sur Internet made in USA;
2011-02-06: Stop Impunity;
2011-02-07: Près de 6 pour cent de camerounaises exposées aux mutilations génitales féminines;
2011-02-07: Europe: sécularisation de la société, réactions des églises, Colloque 2011 de FAML asbl;
2011-02-07: Kleptocrats at Work;
2011-02-08: Who is the Real Opposition in Egypt?
2011-02-09: World Bank and Egypt;
2011-02-10: Bush Cancels Visit to Switzerland following Criminal Complaints to Geneva Court;
2011-02-10: Les MGF et la journée tolérance zéro dans les medias;
2011-02-11: Cognitive dissonance, the Global Financial Crisis and the discipline of economics;
2011-02-12: Nanothermite in WTC Dust Samples: Scientific Analysis;
2011-02-12: Mutilations sexuelles: un service de chirurgie réparatrice ouvre à Lyon;
2011-02-13: Middle class has not taken on board how hard cuts will hit them;
2011-02-13: Is this a ‘Young Turks’ moment all over again? – Egypt and the Israeli Factor;
2011-02-13: Le mouvement de protestation en Égypte: Les dictateurs ne dictent pas, ils obéissent aux ordres;
2011-02-14: Die Wirtschaftskrise und ihre humanitären Auswirkungen auf Europa;
2011-02-14: World Social Forum: Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly;
2011-02-15: Why are Half of the FCIC Interviews Being Withheld?
2011-02-16: Mapping Asia’s Nuclear Future;
2011-02-17: The Fed’s Policy of Creating Inflation: A Massive Wealth Transfer;
2011-02-18: Pakistan’s Mubarak Moment;
2011-02-19: Forum: Pour une totale libération du monde arabe;
2011-02-19: What might a government shutdown look like?
2011-02-20: Time to Topple Corporate Dictators;
2011-02-20: La jouissance des femmes fait peur;
2011-02-21: Global systemic crisis / World geopolitical breakup;
2011-02-16: Mapping Asia’s Nuclear Future;
2011-02-17: The Fed’s Policy of Creating Inflation: A Massive Wealth Transfe;
2011-02-18: Pakistan’s Mubarak Moment;
2011-02-19: Forum: Pour une totale libération du monde arabe;
2011-02-19: What might a government shutdown look like?
2011-02-20: Time to Topple Corporate Dictators;
2011-02-20: La jouissance des femmes fait peur;
2011-02-21: Global systemic crisis / World geopolitical breakup;
2011-02-22: Egypt: The Military Machine Remains Intact, The Political Status Quo Prevails;
2011-02-23: HAARP: A Case Study in Ultra-Modern Warfare;
2011-02-23: Pour étouffer une révolution pacifique, on favorise une révolution violente (by JFK);
2011-02-24: Adopt a Clitoris;
2011-02-25: Longest-Serving World Leaders;
2011-02-25: Gaddafi’s overthrow: Telling the story online;
2011-02-26: The future of food: Crisis prevention;
2011-02-27: All the parities in China;
2011-02-27: Dilapider les économies du peuple?
2011-02-28: Wisconsin’s Spirit: Courage for Other States to Emulate;
2011-02-28: Wie kann die SPS das Ziel ‘Überwindung des Kapitalismus’ kommunizieren?
2011-03-01: Pitting Private And Public Sector Workers Against Each Other;
2011-03-02: The Perfidy of Government: How we Lost our Economy, the Constitution and our Civil Liberties;
2011-03-03: A great way to kick off 2011 for the Robin Hood Tax;
2011-03-04: The West’s Punch Bowl Monetary Policy;
2011-03-05: Manuel Castells on The Great Disconnect;
2011-03-05: Le serpent de mer du code de la famille;
2011-03-06: NATO’s Inevitable War: The Flood of Lies regarding Libya;
2011-03-07: Lies and truth in Wisconsin;
2011-03-08: Why is the Middle East Backward?
2011-03-09: Oil, gold, silver, the economy and other nonsense;
2011-03-09: La LOPPSI 2, un Patriot Act français;
2011-03-10: The historical narrative that lies beneath the Gaddafi rebellion;
2011-03-11: Private Bradley Manning: A victim of the military empire?
2011-03-11: Les femmes sénégalaises cinquante années après: Champs et obstacles d’une longue traversée;
2011-03-12: The Financial Consequences of the Middle East Protest Movement?
2011-03-13: Debt, Growth and Hypocrisy;
2011-03-14: The End of the Washington Consensus;
2011-03-15: The economist as social engineer;
2011-03-16: The deficit-reducing potential of a financial speculation tax;
2011-03-17: Our hearts are torn apart between two human-made disasters: One in Japan, the Other in Libya;
2011-03-18: As Time Runs Out – Libyan Options;
2011-03-19: Wisconsin’s lessons for the working class;
2011-03-20: US coalition lobbies Congress on currency, trade matters;
2011-03-21: Secretive Plan For a Global Currency;
2011-03-21: Quelques propositions relatives à l’Assemblée constituante;
2011-03-22: INDIA: Engaging Africa With Software and Soft Power;
2011-03-23: Philanthropy and Social Change;
2011-03-23: A côté de l’UNICEF contre la mutilation génitale;
2011-03-24: The Great Financial Circle Jerk;
2011-03-25: The Shame and Blame Game: fighting city street harassment;
2011-03-26: The global economy: Another year of living dangerously;
2011-03-27: FAQs: Japan nuclear concerns /current risk;
2011-03-28: Food security: Support price mechanism takes toll on poor;
2011-03-29: GOP Files FOIA Request for UW Madison Professor William Cronon’s Emails;
2011-03-29: Agitez le peuple avant de vous en servir;
2011-03-30: Virus-eater’ discovered in Antarctic lake;
2011-03-31: The birth of an Obama doctrine;
2011-03-31: Kosovo’s Mafia: How the US and Allies Ignore Organized Crime, Part 1;
2011-04-01: Democratic uprisings brutally suppressed in many African countries;
2011-04-02: The Making Of Al-Qaeda Member;
2011-04-03: Achieving Social Justice;
2011-04-04: Act like a tourist: this is Syria;
2011-04-05: Towards an Understanding of the Global Economic and Social Crisis;
2011-04-06: Ethiopia: A country for sale;
2011-04-07: Sign petition for the Robin Hood Tax;
2011-04-08: The IMF Goes Green – Ireland and Austerity;
2011-04-09: Peter Dale Scott’s exclusive interview for Voltaire Network;
2011-04-09: Cameroun: Mutilations génitales féminines, une association interpelle l’Etat;
2011-04-10: North African dispatches: Why Algeria is different;
2011-04-11: FHA insured loans dominate top 20 metro areas;
2011-04-12: EU wants a critical mass of shareholders taking engagement seriously;
2011-04-13: Concede what?
2011-04-14: (Mis)governance and the Arab Crisis;
2011-04-14: La lutte est à vous;
2011-04-15: Turkish and American deep states;
2011-04-16: Swaziland: Mswati, you are on your own … ;
2011-04-17: Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed in Egypt land dispute;
2011-04-18: The Deep State behind U.S. democracy;
2011-04-19: Eight key proposals for another Europe;
2011-04-20: Economics focus: Growth tends to slow when GDP per head reaches a certain threshold. China is getting close;
2011-04-20: Les armées secrètes de l’OTAN VII – La guerre secrète en France;
2011-04-21: Billionaires Flourish, Inequalities Deepen as Economies Recover;
2011-04-21: Keine Abstriche an der Souveränität der Schweiz;
2011-04-22: Billionaires on Warpath to Pauperize the American Middle Class;
2011-04-22: Ce que vous ignorez sur le Groupe de Bilderberg;
2011-04-23: Karzai Family Values;
2011-04-24: How ‘rebel’ phone network evaded shutdown;
2011-04-25: ECONOMY: Portugal Negotiates Draconian Bailout Plan;
2011-04-26: 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism;
2011-04-27: Meanwhile, in Europe (12). Deconstructing Trichet;
2011-04-28: Capitalism and Class Struggle;
2011-04-28: Follow the money;
2011-04-29: Manufacturing Poor People;
2011-04-30: Making a difference;
2011-05-01: Deficit Fever: Loon Tune Time Among the Elite;
2011-05-02: The Four Horsemen Behind America’s Oil Wars;
2011-05-03: Has the Fed Decided to Fight Inflation Instead of Unemployment?
2011-05-03: Ouverture de l’atelier sous-régional sur les mutilations génitales féminines à Conakry;
2011-05-04: Propaganda and the death of Osama bin Laden;
2011-05-04: Les USA ont torturé un agent du DID et du MI6;
2011-05-05: Fiscal Spending – The Steroids of GDP;
2011-05-06: What Underlies Psychopharmacology?
2011-05-07: Top US Government Insider: Bin Laden Died In 2001, 9/11 A False Flag;
2011-05-08: Media Scrambles as Bin Laden Story Crumbles;
2011-05-08: MGF: La Commission se prononce pour une nouvelle norme pénale;
2011-05-09: What’s wrong with America’s economy;
2011-05-10: Robert Fisk: If this is a US victory, does that mean its forces should go home now?
2011-05-11: Book: Behind the Scenes at the WTO, The Real World of International Trade Negotiations;
2011-05-12: Inflation Fears: Real or Hysteria?
2011-05-13: 2001: Interview with Osama bin Laden – he denies his Involvement in 9/11;
2011-05-14: America’s Terminal Decline vs The Rise of China;
2011-05-15: Latest fibs from world financiers;
2011-05-16: How the News Organization Pretends to Be Populist While Fueling Partisan Flames;
2011-05-17: Our European incapacity;
2011-05-18: Financial chaos sounds a warning;
2011-05-19: America’s War Economy: Support Killing People or Lose Your Job;
2011-05-20: USA: The Democrats Attack Unions Nationwide;
2011-05-21: How Brands Must Rethink Sustainability;
2011-05-21: Mutilation Génitale Féminine MFG: Où En Sommes-Nous?
2011-05-22: Women are paid the same as men for equal work;
2011-05-23: Disclosure and Deceit: Secrecy as the Manipulation of History, not its Concealment;
2011-05-24: Venezuela’s battle for food sovereignty;
2011-05-25: neither the U.S. nor Europe is dealing with the real problem;
2011-05-26: The Coming Economic Contraction;
2011-05-27: Consolidating US Money Power: The Four Horsemen of Global Banking;
2011-05-28: Tunisian revolution did not come out of nowhere;
2011-05-29: On Track to Lose Our Public Lands;
2011-05-30: Do the China-Pakistan pipeline shuffle;
2011-05-31: Assault on the Establishment.
2011-06-01: real-world economics review: Invitation from 141 economists to join the World ;
2011-06-02: Cleaning up city squares in democratic Spain;
2011-06-03: … financial war … ;
2011-06-04: Is there hope?
2011-06-05: Pakistan and the US: A too-close embrace?
2011-06-06: Time to bury the IMF;
2011-06-07: China Ripoffs Cost U.S. $48 billion and 923,000 Jobs in 2009;
2011-06-08: On Fauxgressive Rationalizations of Selling Out to Powerful, Moneyed Backers;
2011-06-09: Soutenez la première candidature altermondialiste à la tête du FMI;
2011-06-09: Alternative Candidate Nominated: Aurélie Trouvé;
2011-06-10: Water privatisation: Senegal at the crossroads;
2011-06-10: SOCIÉTÉ: Femme, Famille, Affaires sociales … Les urgences du moment;
2011-06-11: Hedge funds create volatility in global food supply with land grabs across Africa;
2011-06-12: World Bank set to finance one of Latin America’s largest farmland grabbers;
2011-06-12: Délinquance sexuelle – les femmes aussi;
2011-06-13: Public-Public Partnerships in water;
2011-06-14: A Beginners Guide to Shadow Banking – Financial Crisis and Repo;
2011-06-15: Commonwealth Foundation grants for Women as Agents of Change;
2011-06-16: Israeli’s Rush for Second Passports;
2011-06-17: India, China middle class boom faces many challenges;
2011-06-18: How many SEALs died?
2011-06-19: Bilderberg 2011: The Rockefeller World Order and the High Priests of Globalization;
2011-06-19: Les Mutilations Sexuelles Féminines (dite Excision) dans le forum d’ENVOYE SPECIAL sur France 2;
2011-06-20: Guardian launches international development achievement award;
2011-06-21: Indicus’ Analytics: Crimes and punishment;
2011-06-22: 9/11 and the Orwellian Redefinition of Conspiracy Theory;
2011-06-23: Greek Saga Sails On;
2011-06-24: Quantitative easing back on Bank of England’s agenda;
2011-06-25: Transparency hides Zambia’s lost billions;
2011-06-26: How the FED engineered the Great Depression;
2011-06-27: Is the Chinese Economy Sputtering for the Same Reasons as the American Economy?
2011-06-28: SCO vs Bilderberg: Where are the real decisions being made?
2011-06-29: Cuts to hit primary education;
2011-06-30: Egypt’s economy: Light, dark and muddle;
2011-07-01: A World Overwhelmed By Western Hypocrisy;
2011-07-02: To the Limit;
2011-07-03: Kleptocratic capitalism: Challenges of the green economy for sustainable Africa;
2011-07-04: Neocons Want War and More War;
2011-07-05: French divided on DSK comeback;
2011-07-06: The potential balkanisation of Sudan and the role of meddlers;
2011-07-07: Annan Cites Africa as Answer to Global Food Crisis?
2011-07-08: World Bank told to stop lending to land grabbers – like Calyx Agro;
2011-07-09: Islam, Culture and Women;
2011-07-10: Who knows where this will all end for politics, the press and the police;
2011-07-11: Why QE2 Failed: The Money All Went Offshore;
2011-07-12: No Wonder Europe is Crashing;
2011-07-13: Voters to decide on cabinet election reform;
2011-07-14: China’s mountain of debt;
2011-07-15: Wall Street demands action on debt ceiling, deficit;
2011-07-16: Imperial Decline: Multi-Billion-Dollar Terrorists and the Disappearing Middle Class;
2011-07-17: The debt ceiling debate as viewed from Europe;
2011-07-18: Why Banks Aren’t Lending: The Silent Liquidity Squeeze;
2011-07-19: Ron Paul asks Ben Bernanke – Is Gold Money?
2011-07-20: The Deficit Battle;
2011-07-21: Why banks aren’t lending: The silent liquidity squeeze;
2011-07-22: From how could to how should: The possibility of trilateral cooperation;
2011-07-23: Costs of U.S. war on terror up to 4.4 trillion U.S. dollars, report;
2011-07-24: World in Transition;
2011-07-25: Somalia: the Real Causes of Famine;
2011-07-26: The world of dirty money;
2011-07-27: Why all the wrangling over the debt ceiling?
2011-07-28: A new wave of factory closures threatened in China;
2011-07-29: Fairer deals needed to ensure opportunity for locals;
2011-07-30: This Is What A Collapsing Ponzi Scheme Looks Like;
2011-07-31: It’s not a Debt Crisis. It’s Economic Genocide;
2011-08-01: US Senate postpones vote on debt ceiling as deadline looms;
2011-08-02: The nonsense battle over the Debt Ceiling;
2011-08-03: Putin says U.S. is parasite on global economy;
2011-08-04: Fault Lines: The top 1%;
2011-08-05: Citywatch: Slow Money;
2011-08-06: Somalia famine has killed 29,000 children;
2011-08-07: Capitalism and we, the others;
2011-08-08: The Market Has Spoken: Austerity Is Bad for Business;
2011-08-09: Les Etats-Unis se préparent à intervenir militairement en Somalie;
2011-08-09: The Evils of Unregulated Capitalism;
2011-08-10: Plan for China to invest in agricultural business rather than buy the farm;
2011-08-11: Commentary: It’s time for U.S. to stop blames, take responsibility;
2011-08-12: Analysis of Financial Terrorism in America;
2011-08-12: EU: Bankrottgefährdete Staaten sollen durch die Hintertür noch mehr Gelder bekommen;
2011-08-13: Economic Irrationality and Systems Collapse: When The Irrational Is Considered Rational;
2011-08-14: Kollaps Europa: Die verlorene, arbeitslose Jugend;
2011-08-14: Was S&P Downgrade a Preemptive Strike Against Prosecution?
2011-08-15: Hit me baby one more time;
2011-08-16: It’s the Free Trade, Stupid;
2011-08-17: Ex-terrorist says terrorists and NATO lost war;
2011-08-18: German GDP figures highlight downward trajectory of global economy;
2011-08-19: Titanic Battle or Insider Trading?
2011-08-15: Hit me baby one more time;
2011-08-16: It’s the Free Trade, Stupid;
2011-08-17: Ex-terrorist says terrorists and NATO lost war;
2011-08-18: German GDP figures highlight downward trajectory of global economy;
2011-08-19: Titanic Battle or Insider Trading?
2011-08-20: Who–and What–Are Behind the Official History of the Bin Laden Raid?
2011-08-21: Billionaire throws party on Long Island … ;
2011-08-22: Caught Red-Handed: Washington tried to snatch $ 1,5 Bio;
2011-08-23: GMOs coming to parks and lawns near you?
2011-08-24: The global recession and India;
2011-08-25: Former Wikileaks employee destroys unpublished leaked documents;
2011-08-25: Notre ordre démocratique et libéral est en danger;;
2011-08-26: U.S. High Finance Drives the World into Interest Slavery Systematically;
2011-08-27: Causes of Ethnic Divide in Sindh Versus Punjab;
2011-08-28: Now We’re Doing Inequality on a world-class Level;
2011-08-29: Bailing out the financial aristocracy;
2011-08-30: Opinion: Is capitalism doomed?
2011-08-31: Challenging the Power of Capital, What Forms of Mass Action?
2011-09-01: Libyan rebels dance in the streets, while globalized capital waits in the wings;
2011-09-02: Soft Power, the Euro-Rescue and the German Greens;
2011-09-03: North Dakota’s Economic Miracle – it’s not Oil;
2011-09-04: U.S. zero job growth in august, as unemployment rate remains stable;
2011-09-05: The world economy: Mountains to climb;
2011-09-06: Europe Needs to Wake Up;
2011-09-07: Europe’s Troubled Assets Bank Bailout;
2011-09-08: How economic theory came to ignore the role of debt;
2011-09-09: A Labor Day tale of three cities: Pittsburgh, Birmingham and New Orleans;
2011-09-10: Samir Amin: A tribute to a fighter against global capitalism;
2011-09-11: Exploiting the unemployed;
2011-09-12: Opinion: 9/11 and the makers of history;
2011-09-13: Unite chief Len McCluskey in civil disobedience call;
2011-09-14: War – The Fiscal Stimulus Of Last Resort;
2011-09-15: The cuts that fed the Texas wildfires;
2011-09-16: IMF says amidst high global food and fuel prices central banks should provide clarity on inflation targeting;
2011-09-17: Longitudinal evidence that fatherhood decreases testosterone in human males;
2011-09-18: UBS scandal undermines investment bank model;
2011-09-19: The German government’s pension reform: A travesty for pensioners in poverty;
2011-09-20: The Triumph of Capitalism: Jobless Nations;
2011-09-21: The New Rebels: Germany’s Pirate Party Celebrates Historic Victory;
2011-09-22: Interview: the Left Bloc and resistance across Europe;
2011-09-23: Parecon and Spain;
2011-09-24: The Idea of the Co-Operative is Vital – also for the Coming 150 Years;
2011-09-25: Europe Against Austerity;
2011-09-26: Commentary: Death Of A Statesman – Burhanuddin Rabbani;
2011-09-27: … got about some State Owned Banks;
2011-09-28: Russia Needs Exploration Technology; America Needs Oil Reserves;
2011-09-29: No apologies on economy says Cooper;
2011-09-30: Under the Brunt of Western Imperialism and the Free Market;
2011-10-01: Wall Street vs. everybody;
2011-10-02: Capitalism for the poor no more?
2011-10-03: 700 arrested on Brooklyn Bridge in Vancouver-inspired protest;
2011-10-04: Be afraid;
2011-10-05: Why the New Security Zone along the Canadian Border?
2011-10-06: The US government has been selling out its Citizens in Pursuit of Money and Power;
2011-10-07: US envoys from Hell;
2011-10-08: Afghanistan is losing time for a peaceful solution – and the Taliban know it;
2011-10-09: GEAB N°57 – Contents;
2011-10-10: Debt Deflation in Europe and America;
2011-10-11: A Brief Analysis from a Wall Street Occupier;
2011-10-12: List of sovereign states by current account balance;
2011-10-13: More Swiss bankers charged in United States;
2011-10-14: French Socialist Finalists Seek Greater State Control of Banks;
2011-10-15: U.S. Strategic Nuclear Policy: A Video History, 1945-2004;
2011-10-16: Beware social justice promises by international bankers;
2011-10-17: 2011-10-17: Uncommon India;
2011-10-17: rich eats poor – poor eats rich;
2011-10-18: Excerpt of GEAB no 58;
2011-10-19: another Noble for even more fairy tale economics?
2011-10-20: Shock Therapy in Greece: A Mega-Strike Aims to Challenge Austerity;
2011-10-21: The public option in banking: Another look at the German model;
2011-10-22: the capitalist’s network that runs the world;
2011-10-23: Financial black holes and economic stagnation: An explanation;
2011-10-24: German-French conflicts deadlock European Union summit;
2011-10-25: A New Hurdle for Europe: German Parliament Slows Euro Rescue Decisions;
2011-10-25: EU Paper Says EFSF Special Vehicle Would Be Used For Bond Purchases;
2011-10-26: Population boom weighs down Pakistan;
2011-10-26: Punks und Papas reichen sich die Hand;
2011-10-27: Occupy Wall Street OWS movement at a crossroads;
2011-10-27: Horror of female circumcision;
2011-10-28: Change You Can Believe In;
2011-10-29: China: Eurozone debt deal welcomed;
2011-10-30: Occupy Wall Street versus The Tea Party;
2011-10-30: Euro Rescue-Parachutes;
2011-10-31: Monetative – a Monetary Modernization:
2011-11-01: German politics, the country of NO: why Germany is so reluctant to stump up for the euro;
2011-11-02: Europe’s Plan To End the Debt Crisis;
2011-11-03: are corporationso and banks corrupting the system;
2011-11-04: Big money warms to farmland;
2011-11-05: Investing for the good of society;
2011-11-05: Où en sommes-nous à l’instant?
2011-11-05: newsletter-infos with no more place on our blogs;
2011-11-06: The Banker and the Protesters: A Meeting of Minds on Germany’s Occupy Movement;
2011-11-07: Joan Smith: Charlie, the fire-bombers, and a case of moral idiocy;
2011-11-08: The G-20’s Helpful Silence on Capital Controls;
2011-11-08: Move your Money – Take Action;
2011-11-09: G20 summit: Under the shadow of the Occupy Wall Street movement;
2011-11-10: Minimum salary threshold could cut migrant workers by two-thirds;
2011-11-11: The Road to Serfdom;
2011-11-12: The West’s tragedy of capital;
2011-11-13: On seeds: Controlling the first link in the food-chain;
2011-11-14: Opinion: Europe’s next nightmare;
2011-11-14: Socializing losses: Trilateral takeover of Europe?
2011-11-15: Global Financial Collapse;
2011-11-16: India Economic Summit;
2011-11-17: America Beyond Capitalism;
2011-11-18: Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa;
2011-11-19: The masonic story on the Egyptian Al-Ahram;
2011-11-20: Europe: Decision action urged on eurozone debt crisis;
2011-11-21: Economic Re-engineering: Does the European Union have an Expiry Date?
2011-11-22: Understanding and Fighting Austerity;
2011-11-23: The Empire Strikes Back in Futility;
2011-11-23: Le business lucratif de l’excision;
2011-11-24: Waiting to turn trash into treasure;
2011-11-25: The Roads To War And Economic Collapse;
2011-11-26: The Martha manifesto: An Ethiopian woman’s dream;
2011-11-27: They Found Nothing, Nothing – the IAEA, Iran and Fantasy Land;
2011-11-28: Bankers have seized Europe: Goldman Sachs Has Taken Over;
2011-11-29: Rethinking Europe’s democratic crisis;
2011-11-30: Middle East: UAE pardons jailed activists;
2011-12-01: Why Banks Deserve Preferential Treatment While Millions of Homeowners Are Denied Assistance And Are At Risk of Foreclosure?
2011-12-02: The big picture revealed;
2011-12-03: Autocratic western elites failed – An Europe of Nations and Citizens is needed;
2011-12-04: Labour’s Business and the Unions;
2011-12-05: End game for the euro;
2011-12-05: Close government loopholes to help bring an end to forced child labor;
2011-12-06: George Orwell on the Evil Iranian Menace;
2011-12-06: Incubating A Worker Cooperative On A Shoestring With Time Banks;
2011-12-07: Creating New Economists;
2011-12-08: No People No Problem: The Baltic Tiger’s False Prophets of Economic Austerity;
2011-12-09: AAA ratings are a beauty contest – someone has to win;
2011-12-09: Die Große Depression in Deutschland (der 30er Jahre);
2011-12-10: CrossTalk on Merkozy: Averting Euro Doomsday?
2011-12-11: Occupy Wall Street: Black Voices for Economic Justice Must Be Heard;
2011-12-12: The Financial Crisis Was Entirely Foreseeable;
2011-12-13: The Unilever strike, pensions and structural adjustment;
2011-12-14: Economics in Society: The Ethical Dimension;
2011-12-15: Euro Crisis: Britain’s Financial Arsonist Returns to the Scene of the Crime;
2011-12-16: Financial Cost: Eight years in Iraq;
2011-12-17: In the black Labour and the concept of fiscal potentiality;
2011-12-18: The year of revolt;
2011-12-19: How Maliki and Iran Outsmarted the U.S. on Troop Withdrawal;
2011-12-20: Time to trust the people;
2011-12-21: End of Nations: Canada, the US and the Security Perimeter;
2011-12-22: Courage in high places in short supply;
2011-12-22: Norme pénale spéciale contre les mutilations sexuelles féminines;
2011-12-23: Destroying the American Dream;
2011-12-24: US tax ultimatum has Swiss banks sweating;
2011-12-25: A bankrupt EU wants to extort Switzerland;
2011-12-26: Crush Labor and Impose Austerity: ECB Head Draghi’s Real Goal for the Eurozone;
2011-12-27: Measuring African capital flight;
2011-12-28: Unrelenting Global Economic Crisis: A Doomsday View of 2012;
2011-12-29: Moderate Islam Alliance: Containing Rebellion Defending Empire;
2011-12-30: UNCUT: Peter Watt’s 2012 crystal ball;
2011-12-31: The Federal Reserve is Secretely Bailing out Europe;

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