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2012-01-01: Tackling Food Insecurity for Kenya’s Unseen Population;
2012-01-02: Axis Paris-Berlin-Moscow in the interest of Europe;
2012-01-03: Economic Collapse – Banks Stealing Gold and Silver Bullion;
2012-01-04: Canadian Miners Make the Big Move into Afghanistan;
2012-01-04: The BIZ (or BIS or BRI) – a foundation of international bankers;
2012-01-05: Media Manipulation and the Drums of War;
2012-01-05: Pour déjouer la dictature économique: Échange cours de piano contre travaux de plomberie;
2012-01-06: Reflections on Iraq and Arab-US relations;
2012-01-06: Humanity’s Survival in the 21st Century – in russian language;
2012-01-07: Money Power Runs America;
2012-01-08: Exxon loses Venezuela nationalisation case;
2012-01-09: American, British, Israeli and Iranian Warships Sailing Towards Confrontation;
2012-01-10: Basic Income;
2012-01-11: Saving the Post Office and Postal Banking : The Models of Kiwibank and Japan Post;
2012-01-12: The Global Economic Crisis — Part 1;
2012-01-13: Losing Momentum: Germany Could Face Recession in 2012;
2012-01-14: High pay: what Machiavelli would have recommended a politician do;
2012-01-15: Would the US be defeated in the Persian Gulf in a War with Iran?
2012-01-15: France Shows the Way – Tax Wall Street;
2012-01-16: The Perils of 2012;
2012-01-17: The Origins of the Union Shop;
2012-01-18: Temporary Respite: Why ECB’s Tricks Won’t Solve the Crisis;
2012-01-19: Law and Order 24/7, Except at Tax Time;
2012-01-20: Degrade This: Financial Terrorism Is Europe’s New Spectre;
2012-01-21: After the Internet Blackout: Now What?
2012-01-21: We did it – we stopped PIPA and SOPA;
2012-01-22: A Captive Nation: Economic and Social Crisis at Home Equals Wars Abroad?
2012-01-23: Working and Poor in the USA;
2012-01-24: about Greece and its dept;
2012-01-25: Paul Krugman Makes Housing Call He Will Likely Come to Regret;
2012-01-26: Hunger is a weapon of mass destruction, says Jean Ziegler;
2012-01-27: Will Iran Kill the Petrodollar?
2012-01-28: Asia-Pacific: Mutinous PNG troops demand full pardon;
2012-01-29: World Economic Forum 2012 in Davos – some Debates on YouTube;
2012-01-29: zur Banken und Wirtschaftskrise;
2012-01-30: Iran Sanctions Conducive to Weak Dollar and Spiralling Gold Prices;
2012-01-31: Anschluss Economics: The Germans Launch a Blitzkrieg on the Greek Debt Negotiations;
2012-02-01: Legal Loopholes: Critics Question Merkel’s Fiscal Pact Proposal;
2012-02-02: A New Chile is Possible;
2012-02-02: La triste réalité des femmes excisées;
2012-02-03: China and Japan currency swap;
2012-02-03: Kinjy’s journey in Nepal;
2012-02-04: Investors (and Others) Realizing Their Ox is About to be Gored in Mortgage Settlement;
2012-02-05: Portugal’s problems: The next special case?
2012-02-06: The Mondragon cooperatives – valued workers instead of shareholder value;
2012-02-07: Home Foreclosures and Shadow Banking: Why All the Robo-signing?
2012-02-08: Debt Crisis Myth: Why Germany Isn’t Benefiting from Euro’s Woes;
2012-02-09: Egypt: Country in confusion;
2012-02-10: The Upcoming Greek Deal – Recognition of Reality or Complete Evasion of the Truth?
2012-02-10: 38 kurze Videos zur Schweiz, die Banken und den Rest;
2012-02-11: The euro crisis: The hazards of crisis;
2012-02-11: L’abandon de l’excision: C’est par les hommes que ça passera;
2012-02-12: US reaffirms commitment to ending Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting;
2012-02-13: Europe’s black cygnets;
2012-02-14: Mikis Theodorakis speech against IMF … on 31-5-2011;
2012-02-15: European Doubts Growing over Greece Debt Strategy;
2012-02-16: Greece’s woes: A reprieve, nothing more;
2012-02-17: Volcker and Banks;
2012-02-18: Can Labor Organize the Unemployed?
2012-02-19: The Great Recession in Black Wealth;
2012-02-20: Democratizing the Electricity System;
2012-02-21: Document Types Indexed in EconLit;
2012-02-22: Citizens found cooperatives again;
2012-02-23: Real Wealth vs. The Debt Bubble, Catherine Austin Fitts on GRTV;
2012-02-24: The U.S. Government Working for the Abandonment of FGM/Cutting;
2012-02-25: Playing with fire;
2012-02-26: How Greece Could Take Down Wall Street;
2012-02-27: Successful Chinese Emigrating to West in Droves;
2012-02-28: François Hollande: Towards a European New Deal?
2012-02-28: G-20-TREFFEN: Europäer setzen sich mit ESM-Zeitplan durch;
2012-02-29: Die Psychologie des Geldes;
2012-02-29: USA: We need to show consideration for the poor;
2012-03-01: How to Fix Too Big Too Fail;
2012-03-02: Egypt: Solid real estate;
2012-03-03: Capital Flight: Southern European Money Migrating North to Safety;
2012-03-04: The 3 A.M. Phone Call;
2012-03-05: USA: New state bank bills address credit and housing crises;
2012-03-06: WEA conference Economics in Society: The Ethical Dimension has begun;
2012-03-07: There is an Alternative to Neoliberal Monetary Austerity;
2012-03-08: What Are Iran’s Intentions?
2012-03-09: Deal or Default?
2012-03-10: Sweatshop Sugar;
2012-03-11: Debts, Money and Alternatives;
2012-03-12: War is no remedy to solve the economic crisis;
2012-03-13: China’s economic transformation;
2012-03-14: China: Rise, Fall and Re-Emergence as a Global Power, Some Lessons from the Past;
2012-03-15: Unemployment in the Post-revolutionary Arab World;
2012-03-16: 10,000 Job Applicants: Portuguese Seek Greener Pastures in German Town;
2012-03-17: Both The Market and Government Are Irrational;
2012-03-18: Capitalism – A Ghost Story;
2012-03-19: The new political economy of the Eurozone;
2012-03-20: Ever More and Ever Less;
2012-03-21: Pensioners lead charge against health service privatisation;
2012-03-22: A Global Hope Plan to End the Worldwide Financial Crisis;
2012-03-23: WALL STREET CONFIDENCE TRICK: How Interest Rate Swaps Are Bankrupting Local Governments;
2012-03-24: Constitution by numbers;
2012-03-25: From Russia with love;
2012-03-26: China: rural poverty, shifting the problem;
2012-03-27: Cut his hand off;
2012-03-28: Budget 2012: The myth that lower taxes for the rich generates more tax revenue;
2012-03-29: Uncertain World: Russia-China – Change of course?
2012-03-30: the Federal Reserve System FED;
2012-03-31: Moscow and the formation of the New World System;
2012-04-01: Iraq and its neighbours: Bombing a charm offensive;
2012-04-01: Top 0.01% … Top 1% … Bottom 99%;
2012-04-02: Egypt: Military warning;
2012-04-03: Dok: Im Kopf des Bankers;
2012-04-04: A World without Oil: Companies Prepare for a Fossil-Free Future;
2012-04-05: Have Four Pension Funds Blown Up the $8.5 Billion Bank of America Settlement;
2012-04-06: The big Budget losers? Working families;
2012-04-07: Afghan Air Force said to be the greatest smuggling operator for drugs, weapons and money;
2012-04-08: Putting an end to the EU straitjacket;
2012-04-09: Hunger takes hold in Greece;
2012-04-10: How American capitalism came to us;
2012-04-10: Tasks of the Left;
2012-04-11: Political Revolution in Germany: Pirates Country’s Third Strongest Party in New Poll;
2012-04-12: How to withdraw from Afghanistan? Russia considers an agreement with both US and NATO;
2012-04-13: some videos in en, fr, de – not really mainstream;
2012-04-14: Mélenchon could change French politics with strong showing;
2012-04-15: Capitalist Austerity Destroying Ancient Cultural Heritages;
2012-04-17: The Business of a Better World: Can a New Kind of Corporation Save Us and Our Economy?
2012-04-18: Crisis, Labour, The Left: videos and texts;
2012-04-19: Cities, Traffics, Innovations;
2012-04-20: Addicted to Antibiotics: How Factory Farm Drug Abuse Makes Vets Rich;
2012-04-21: Inequality and Instability – Krach / crise mondiale;
2012-04-21: L’argent dette – Geld aus Schulden – der Wirtschaftskiller;
2012-04-22: Egypt: The elusive formula;
2012-04-23: Productivity, The Miracle of Compound Interest, and Poverty;
2012-04-24: The international crisis;
2012-04-25: Weaponized Data: A New Front in Global Capital’s Control Grid;
2012-04-26: Crisis, Austerity, Left Responses;
2012-04-27: Proletarianisation under neoliberalism in the Arab world;
2012-04-28: China’s Land Bridge to Turkey creates new Eurasian Geopolitical Potentials;
2012-04-29: 10 reasons I dislike Neoliberalism;
2012-04-30: Draghi’s Growth Pact: Austerity Backlash Unites European Leaders;
2012-05-01: Turkey: The odd man in – Part 1/2;
2012-05-02: Water and reconstruction in Africa: an agenda for transformation;
2012-05-03: Workers Day in texts and videos;
2012-05-04: Noam Chomsky: U.S. and Europe committing suicide in different ways;
2012-05-05: Update: The Guatemalan Death Squad Diary and the Right to Truth;
2012-05-06: Millions Left Behind in Boom: The High Cost of Germany’s Economic Success, Part 1;
2012-05-07: European Missile Defense System as a New Iron Curtain;
2012-05-07: Elections in France and Greece;
2012-05-08: Is the German political class reaching out to seize the power in Europe again despite the European peoples’ suffering?
2012-05-09: Leadership deficit on both sides prolongs the unfinished uprisings;
2012-05-10: INDIA’S URBAN SLUMS: Rising Social Inequalities, Mass Poverty and Homelessness;
2012-05-11: Plutonomy and the Precariat;
2012-05-12: The European Stability Mechanism ESM as a new Enabling Act for the suffocation of European states;
2012-05-13: Alternatives Exist to War and Economic Crises;
2012-05-14: THE NEW TYRANNY: Does The West Have A Future?
2012-05-15: The Meaning And Necessity Of Revolution In The 21st Century;
2012-05-16: Time to Admit Defeat: Greece Can No Longer Delay Euro Zone Exit, part 1;
2012-05-17: Banking and orthodox economics: an ugly brew;
2012-05-18: Money Center Banks and Stricter Financial Oversight;
2012-05-19: Greece and the global crisis of capitalism;
2012-05-19: The G8 summit on The Guardian;
2012-05-20: Afghan endgame makes Pakistan shudder;
2012-05-21: Derivatives need a priest;
2012-05-22: The insolvent United States banking system;
2012-05-23: The Criminalization of the US Banking System;
2012-05-24: Hollande and Growth: The French President’s Moment of Truth;
2012-05-25: Le Peuple de l’Herbe on YouTube;
2012-05-25: Egypt’s Brotherhood claims early lead;
2012-05-26: NEW ECONOMIC VISIONS, SUSTAINABLE BANKING: Cooperative Banking in the Aquarian Age;
2012-05-27: DEBTOCRACY;
2012-05-28: Megalomania unlimited? What is METREX?
2012-05-28: Syrie TÉMOIGNAGES: c’est ainsi que tout a commencé;
2012-05-29: Destruction caused by profit;
2012-05-30: Daily chart: How to feed a planet;
2012-05-31: Is the Whirling Dervish of TAPI politics finally spinning America’s way?
2012-06-01: The Irish Slave Trade: The Forgotten White Slaves – The Slaves That Time Forgot;
2012-06-02: GLOBAL FINANCIAL MELTDOWN: Convergence of 4 Explosive Factors;
2012-06-03: Montreal: Welcome to the Revolution;
2012-06-04: … and now what? … ;
2012-06-05: Out of the mouths of babes;
2012-06-06: Breakaway or breakup?
2012-06-07: Towards a Global Economic Slowdown: Stock Market Slide, Declining GDP, Rising Unemployment;
2012-06-08: Financial Collapse At Hand: When is Sooner or Later?
2012-06-09: The global economy: Start the engines, Angela;
2012-06-10: Just how corrupt is Europe?
2012-06-11: Bringing the Battlefield to the Border;
2012-06-12: Osborne wrong again in passing buck to eurozone;
2012-06-13: Greece and the euro: Fifty ways to leave your lover;
2012-06-13: Cash Investigation – La Finance Folle;
2012-06-14: Capitalism: I Am No Economist, But Here Is My Take;
2012-06-14: Survivre à l’éffondrement économique;
2012-06-15: Where did all the Euro’s go … (graph);
2012-06-16: TZM GLOBAL RADIO, JUNE 13, 2012;
2012-06-16: Monday’s storm;
2012-06-17: What China’s direct computer link to US Treasury means;
2012-06-18: Austerity Kills: How the EuroCrisis is Being Used to Break the Social Contract;
2012-06-19: Economic history: Germany, Greece and the Marshall Plan;
2012-06-20: Global Order Poised between Promise and Chaos: The Role of China;
2012-06-21: New Directions in Monetary Economics: An Interview with Marc Lavoie – Part II;
2012-06-22: America’s budget woes: Shift this cliff;
2012-06-23: Wall Street’s Protection Racket of Covert Derivatives;
2012-06-24: Egypt: The Regime Demands the Fall of the People;
2012-06-25: Bush, Cheney Rumsfeld and 5 Others Responsible for War Crimes;
2012-06-26: Global systemic crisis – September-October 2012;
2012-06-27: The failed emergence of Egypt, Turkey and Iran;
2012-06-28: Venezuela’s cooperation with Big Sister China;
2012-06-29: Quelle Surprise! Barclays Settlement on Libor/Euribor Fixing Illustrates Bank Crime Pays Well;
2012-06-30: India and China: Friend, enemy, rival, investor;
2012-07-01: $4 trillion conflict of interest: Investment bankers on Fed boards;
2012-07-02: China hires tens of thousands of North Korea guest workers;
2012-07-03: Financial Coup D’Etat in Europe: Government by the Banks, for the Banks;
2012-07-04: Germany is not New York;
2012-07-05: As Barclays CEO resigns: Libor manipulation scandal engulfs 16 top banks;
2012-07-06: Work force programs, key to economic stability;
2012-07-07: Canyons and rivers in Switzerland;
2012-07-08: Theory Talk #49, with John Mearsheimer;
2012-07-09: Third way takes the stage;
2012-07-10: The LIBOR affair: Banksters;
2012-07-11: Beyond Nuclear Denial;
2012-07-12: What About the Men? Why Our Gender System Sucks for Men, Too;
2012-07-13: Facing the tipping point of American civilization;
2012-07-14: Finding the Anti-World: The Next Holy Grail for Physics – Part 1;
2012-07-15: The Increasing Power Of Neoliberalism Globally;
2012-07-16: International Survey: Crisis Batters Global Faith in Capitalism;
2012-07-18: JPMorgan scandal: the tip of the iceberg;
2012-07-19: Do Business Schools Incubate Criminals?
2012-07-20: Inequality and American exceptionalism;
2012-07-21: Factoid of the day: capital flight and Target 2 imbalances;
2012-07-22: Report on the Greek Left;
2012-07-23: Africa palm-oil plan pits activists vs NY investors;
2012-07-24: Cuba’s Coming Co-Operative Economy?
2012-07-25: about our Future;
2012-07-26: The Crisis in 1000 words – or less;
2012-07-27: The Politics of Austerity, Occupy and the 2012 US Elections;
2012-07-28: There’s No More to Squeeze: Greeks Live in Dread of Troika Verdict;
2012-07-29: CA CAFR: Parks Dept. found $54 million, $2.3 billion more now found, full $600 billion next?
2012-07-30: The Demise of Union Power in American Politics & the Public Mind;
2012-07-31: Egypt: To strike or not to strike;
2012-08-01: Open thread for night owls: Radical deregulation at root of financial crisis;
2012-08-02: Lies, damned lies, and the right-wing use of income statistics;
2012-08-03: more on financials;
2012-08-04: Libor scandal goes global;
2012-08-05: rainmakers at work – winning the $30 trillion decathlon;
2012-08-06: Alliance of moneyed aristocracy wants to jointly retain its power;
2012-08-07: what – how – with whom? Leading the Collective;
2012-08-08: Real World Economists Must Lead;
2012-08-09: Revolutionary Democracy in the Economy?
2012-08-10: The Two Faces of a Police State;
2012-08-11: Class Struggle in the Philippines;
2012-08-12: A July breeze;
2012-08-13: Bankster Fraud Has Driven 100 Million Into Poverty, Killing Many;
2012-08-14: rainmakers at work;
2012-08-15: German Provinces Struggle to Lure Skilled Workers;
2012-08-16: Uncertainty—in retrospect;
2012-08-17: Greece Before the Abyss: Only Bankruptcy Can Help Now;
2012-08-18: Exit SCAF, enter Mursi;
2012-08-18: ESM-Kläger warnt Karlsruhe;
2012-08-19: Women power in Tunisia?
2012-08-20: KITARO;
2012-08-21: the Economic Crisis explained;
2012-08-22: Secret Libor Committee Clings To Anonymity After Rigging Scandal;
2012-08-23: Our Coming Rentcropper Society;
2012-08-24: Final fantasies: The illusions of personal debt and Canadian consumerism;
2012-08-25: Power Politics vs. American Prosperity;
2012-08-26: Raising taxes on the rich works for everyone;
2012-08-27: La nouvelle Constitution Somalienne bannit les mutilations sexuelles;
2012-08-28: Don’t eat one day a week;
2012-08-29: The Bundesbank against the World: German Central Bank Opposes Euro Strategy;
2012-08-30: Of Human Bondage: The Global Traffic in Disposable Labor;
2012-08-31: The Federal Reserve;
2012-09-01: Brazil’s public workers end strike;
2012-09-02: Poverty: The new growth industry in America;
2012-09-03: Spain’s bad bank to take over toxic loans;
2012-09-04: What Is This Money Thing Anyway?
2012-09-05: Debt Cancellation in Mesopotamia and Egypt from 3000 to 1000 BC;
2012-09-06: Union membership in the US and Canada 1920 – 2009;
2012-09-07: The Myth That Japan Is Broke;
2012-09-08: A Referendum on Europe;
2012-09-09: Calling the China-Russia split by its right name;
2012-09-10: Approving depreciation;
2012-09-11: “We” Don’t Owe $16 Trillion; and You Don’t Owe $50,000;
2012-09-12: Prizes as mechanism to fund innovation: We all lose;
2012-09-13: Regulatory measures to reduce systemic risk are proving to be ineffective, possibly counterproductive;
2012-09-14: Trickle-Down Redux: Myths About Job Creation and the Private Sector;
2012-09-16: The Real Choice;
2012-09-17: Moody’s shows it has political agenda for U.S. fiscal policy;
2012-09-18: 10 Shocking Quotes About What QE3 Is Going To Do To America;
2012-09-19: Central Banks Versus the People;
2012-09-20: Plan to Avoid More Bailouts: EU Considers Splitting Up Major Banks;
2012-09-21: Labor: The Job Crisis, the Unemployable, and the Fiscal Cliff;
2012-09-22: BIG OLDIES with Andre Rieu;
2012-09-23: All Guinea Pigs: Severe toxic effects of a GMO and of the major herbicide of the world;
2012-09-23: Die kontrollierte Bevölkerungsreduzierung;
2012-09-24: The Drugs Don’t Work;
2012-09-25: Salman Rushdie on Life Under a Fatwa – Part 1;
2012-09-26: Quantitative Easing — A Toxic Stimulant;
2012-09-27: The fallacy of exogenous money – Jens Weidmann edition;
2012-09-28: On Manichean Worldviews and Effecting Change;
2012-09-29: Global systemic crisis – October 2012;
2012-09-30: Pitching how to make more money as the value of the dollar fails;
2012-10-01: Europe’s Protests: The Times’ False Impartiality Toward Markets and Austerity;
2012-10-02: German bank reform: The axeman cometh;
2012-10-03: Steinbrück promises fun election with jokes;
2012-10-04: Proposed Split of Large Institutions Fight Looms Over EU Plans for Bank Reform;
2012-10-05: On Manichean Worldviews and Effecting Change;
2012-10-06: European Union demands further cuts in Greece;
2012-10-07: around our Capitalism’s Crisis;
2012-10-08: Introduction to The Evil Axis of Finance;
2012-10-08: Ihr lernt das, was Ihr wissen dürft;
2012-10-09: Eric Hobsbawm, great Marxist historian who kept his cool;
2012-10-09: Lust auf neues Geld?
2012-10-10: Thin men acting in small worlds;
2012-10-11: Europe Starts $648 Billion Aid Fund, Rules Out Immediate Use;
2012-10-11: Fiskalpakt, ESM, Abschaffung der Demokratie;
2012-10-12: Slums contribute most to city’s economy but continue to remain eyesores;
2012-10-13: Growth Warning: Top German Economists Say Greece Is Lost;
2012-10-14: Oil Industry Fights Global Progress on Revenue Transparency with Lawsuit Against U.S. Disclosure Regulations;
2012-10-15: some economic links;
2012-10-16: The Zeitgeist Movement TZM – Global Radio;
2012-10-17: Crisis and resistance intensify in Europe;
2012-10-18: New Powers for Brussels: Germany’s Schäuble Presents Master Plan for Euro;
2012-10-19: The lure of apprenticeships in times of crisis;
2012-10-20: Join the Blockade of the Keystone Pipeline;
2012-10-21: German Economy and European Crisis;
2012-10-22: What caused the Greek export surge?
2012-10-23: Asia-Pacific: Quality and quantity of jobs dropping;
2012-10-23: Die Banken müssen schrumpfen;
2012-10-24: Austerity and Counter-Austerity in Britain;
2012-10-25: Money As Debt;
2012-10-26: Political Economics;
2012-10-26: MONETATIVE – Tagung/Conference;
2012-10-27: … what have they done to my money, ma … ;
2012-10-28: The Ferrari-Red Communists: China at a Crossroads in Shift from World’s Factory to Industrial Power, Part 1;
2012-10-28: Gregor Gysi;
2012-10-29: Who Owns the World?
2012-10-30: Greece, Portugal, Spain: EU South on General Strike, Nov 14/2012;
2012-10-30: Pourquoi on ne s’en sort pas: l’Obstination;
2012-10-31: TPP – and a Defense of Marx On Trade;
2012-11-01: Making The World a More Dangerous Place: The Eager Role of Julia Gillard;
2012-11-01: zu unseren Lebensgrundlagen;
2012-11-02: Eyes on the clock;
2012-11-03: Top Info Forum, 31. März 2012;
2012-11-04: Tourism benefits Viet Nam’s rural poor;
2012-11-05: Watch Open University of the Left events;
2012-11-06: Fed Budgetary Experts Demolish CBO Health Cost Model, the Lynchpin of Budget Hysteria;
2012-11-07: What financial cooperatives can teach the big banks;
2012-11-08: Quelle Surprise! QE Zombifies Economies;
2012-11-08: Bank for International Settlements BIS, BIS Working Papers No 381;2012-11-09: MEANWHILE IN BEIJING … ;
2012-11-10: Budget Disarray: US Set to Restage Greek Tragedy;
2012-11-11: Filthy Rich Capitalists Aid Progressives … Oops;
2012-11-12: Beyond Bayonets and Battleships;
2012-11-12: Alternativen zur Wirtschaft;
2012-11-13: Uncertainty and the data-generating process in macroeconomics;
2012-11-14: On opposite ends;
2012-11-15: The Concept of Money;
2012-11-16: FOOD: Spotlight on land grab deals;
2012-11-17: The upper class has a higher propensity for unethical behavior;
2012-11-18: Betting with Trillions: Prison of Debt Paralyzes West, Part 1;
2012-11-19: Bread, freedom and dignity — take two;
2012-11-20: Credit-card companies: War of the virtual wallets;
2012-11-21: Feminist voices in Islam: promise and potential;
2012-11-22: Bridging the fiscal cliff gap over spending;
2012-11-23: Default vs. Delay: Dangerous Euro Zone-IMF Split Persists over Greek Debt;
2012-11-24: Inevitability of Debt: The Faustian Bargain between States and Banks;
2012-11-24: Politik;
2012-11-25: Philadelphia: No Love for the Homeless;
2012-11-25: Finanz und Politik;
2012-11-26: Ex-UBS-Chefs: Schweiz ist am Wendepunkt;
2012-11-26: Opposition Opposed: German-Swiss Tax Evasion Deal Blocked in Berlin;
2012-11-27: Are World Financial Markets Talking to the NYT?
2012-11-28: CEO Council Demands Cuts To Poor, Elderly …;
2012-11-29: No debt reduction for Greece;
2012-11-29: Chine: Nestlé investit dans la médecine traditionnelle;
2012-11-30: Obama Calls on Citizens to Ask Congress to Slit Their Throats;
2012-12-01: Assange to RT: Entire nations intercepted online, key turned to totalitarian rule;
2012-12-02: Technology giants at war: Another game of thrones;
2012-12-03: USA: Our Collapsing Economy and Currency;
2012-12-04: Do monetary statistics take account of securitisation;
2012-12-05: Why the Fiscal Cliff is a Scam, with James Galbraith;
2012-12-06: Wolf Richter: New Rules For Life Insurers;
2012-12-07: Deutsche Bank whistleblowers: Former staff reveal $12bn crisis cover-up;
2012-12-08: Tax evasions in different countries;
2012-12-09: Of Activism, Armchair Activism and Cynicism;
2012-12-09: Mariage forcé et excision: Vers de nouveaux délits dans le Code Pénal;
2012-12-10: Leveson’s Punch and Judy Show on the Press Masks Hacking on an Unimaginable Scale;
2012-12-11: limits to growth: humanity is still on the way to destroying itself;
2012-12-12: Deutsche Bank Didn’t Ignore Losses of LSS Trade;
2012-12-13: Italian politics: Mario Monti’s resignation;
2012-12-14: latest videos on RTNN about current economic concerns;
2012-12-15: US Federal Reserve expands quantitative easing;
2012-12-15: Kernfusion: Energie aus dem Wasserglas?
2012-12-16: The Ascent of Money;
2012-12-17: Banker’s drug trade: too big to fail, too big to jail?
2012-12-17: 2 Vortragsvideos mit Andreas Popp;
2012-12-18: Systemic Risks in Global Banking;
2012-12-18: Freie Energie;
2012-12-19: Prof. Dr. Margrit Kennedy;
2012-12-20: to big for jail;
2012-12-20: von Krisen, Crash und anderen Fallen;
2012-12-21: The Fiscal Cliff Is A Diversion: The Derivatives Tsunami and the Dollar Bubble;
2012-12-21: Geld und der Rest von uns;
2012-12-22: Tibetiya by Oliver Shanti;
2012-12-22: Volker Pispers auf YouTube;
2012-12-23: world banker – goldman sachs – big money …;
2012-12-23: Griechenlandhilfe;
2012-12-24: The Stealing of Our American Indian Children;
2012-12-25: Conspiracy Theories vs. the Real World of Financial Crime;
2012-12-26: After Michigan: A Proposed Path Forward For The Labor Movement;
2012-12-27: Germany: A Dose of Its Own Medicine;
2012-12-27: déjà en 2006: l’escroquerie monétaire mondiale;
2012-12-28: Anti-Gravity, Free Energy …;
2012-12-29: Margaret Thatcher’s role in plan to dismantle welfare state revealed;
2012-12-30: USA: Democrats, Republicans Prepare Major Cuts in Workers’ Wages, Benefits;
2012-12-31: The Final Battle: Section 1021(b)(2) of the National Defense Authorization Act NDAA;
2013-01-01: Reconcile or bust;
2013-01-02: 2013: What’s in Store? (Op-Ed);
2013-01-03: A Generation of Uncertainty;
2013-01-04: RSA Animated videos;
2013-01-05: remaining economics on my dashboard;
2013-01-06: America’s deceptive fiscal cliff;
2013-01-07: Late Stage Capitalism and the Shame Haunted Life;
2013-01-08: The Fall of America and the Western World;
2013-01-09: Egypt: Heading south;
2013-01-10: around Economy, Cuts, Taxes ;
2013-01-11: Ken Robinson: RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms;
2013-01-12: Swiss boutique sets up responsible farmland investment hub;
2013-01-12: 10 raisons de sortir de l’Union Européenne;
2013-01-13: RSA Animate: The Truth About Dishonesty;
2013-01-13: Reportage: Coca-Cola La Formule Secrète;
2013-01-14: Cartoon Economics;
2013-01-14: Des avancées concrètes pour la Responsabilité Sociale d’Entreprise;
2013-01-14: Idle No More: the rise of an indigenous movement;
2013-01-15: Can the Left Save Greece?
2013-01-16: Social Enterprises: new face for impacting the Society;
2013-01-17: More Whistleblower Leaks on Foreclosure Settlement;
2013-01-18: How to Mobilise $2.8tr to Finance the Global Sharing Economy;
2013-01-19: world banker makes stunning confession;
2013-01-20: Republicans Backing Away from Debt Ceiling Brinksmanship;
2013-01-21: Barclays staff told to sign code of conduct or quit;
2013-01-22: Bankers must behave, or be shackled;
2013-01-23: Why financial markets are inefficient;
2013-01-23: economie et crise;
2013-01-24: Videos in HD;
2013-01-25: Round Table, November 12 2012;
2013-01-26: IOPS: Michael Albert in Paris, December 2012;
2013-01-27: Global Food Crisis 2012;
2013-01-28: Economic Hypocrisy;
2013-01-29: Why the World Economic Forum and Goldman Sachs are Capitalism’s Worst Enemies;
2013-01-30: Anonymous takes down US Sentencing Commission website;
2013-01-31: Drug traffic fuels addiction in Sierra Leone;
2013-02-01: So, Why That Mysterious $114 Billion Bank Deposits Withdrawal in Early January?
2013-02-01: Neues aus der Anstalt, vom 22.01.2013 im ZDF;
2013-02-02: Illegal Invasions, Rogue States, Forgotten Victims and a Shaming Plea;
2013-02-03: What Is Progressivism?
2013-02-04: Tauchen/Diving in Thailand;
2013-02-05: The American education system is creating ignorant adults;
2013-02-06: Waves of Anti-Greed Movements in the United States;
2013-02-07: Work … an introduction – DRAFT;
2013-02-08: Video with Peer Steinbrück;
2013-02-09: Cameron in Blunderland;
2013-02-10: Creative Finance: Leaving Felons in Charge of the Banks;
2013-02-11: Peer Steinbrück Discussion on the Future of Europe;
2013-02-12: The Gramm-Leach-Biley Act, the most disastrous economic act of the 20th century;
2013-02-13: Is the Euro Crisis Over?
2013-02-14: The Strategic Importance of Keystone XL;
2013-02-15: Occupied Greek Factory Begins Production Under Workers Control;
2013-02-16: Marxism and Anarchism;
2013-02-17: After the Arab Spring: Al-Jazeera Losing Battle for Independence;
2013-02-18: Interview With Haji Ibrahim Bambi;
2013-02-19: soft music;
2013-02-20: The Coup of Coups;
2013-02-21: Spain and Italy: The Euro Crisis Gnaws at Europe’s Underbelly;
2013-02-22: GMO Agribusiness and the Destructive Nature of Global Capitalism;
2013-02-23: No Winners in This Game;
2013-02-23: Benedikt war kein schwacher Papst;
2013-02-24: Our Right to Poison – part 1: Lessons from the Failed War on Drugs;
2013-02-25: Int’l protests mark Bradley Manning’s 1,000 days in prison;
2013-02-26: how the Fed could fix the economy, and why it hasn’t;
2013-02-27: China’s cyber-hacking: Getting Ugly;
2013-02-28: Meet the Poorest President in the World;
2013-03-01: The Black Financial and Fraud Report;
2013-03-02: New Reports Reveal the Human and Financial Costs of Large-Scale Land Acquisitions;
2013-03-03: The New Guest Workers: Part 1 – A German Dream for Crisis Refugees;
2013-03-03: Excision: tradition et espoir;
2013-03-04: Fire in the blood – seeds in the ground;
2013-03-04: Verfassungsbruch durch den Bundestag;
2013-03-05: AIPAC aims to play major strategic ally card to save aid for Israel from US cuts?
2013-03-06: The Model Corporation: Responsible Ownership, Governance, and Leadership, Part 3/6;
2013-03-07: What happens when the shale boom goes boom? – The great oil swindle;
2013-03-07: Hugo Chavez, Presente;
2013-03-08: Great Britain: Shadow Lives;
2013-03-09: The kids will be rich, unless Peter Peterson’s kids take their money;
2013-03-10: Real Estate Locusts: Part 1 – Developers Cash in on Europe’s Poorest;
2013-03-11: US: Class War and Labor’s Declining Share;
2013-03-12: Disability: Web accessibility, good for society, good for business;
2013-03-12: La longue route vers les premiers villages sans excision en Irak;
2013-03-12: UN SPECIAL: The long road to the first FGM-free villages in Iraq;
2013-03-13: Videos and comments on the net around Bradley Manning;
2013-03-14: Wealth Inequality in America;
2013-03-15: Deficit realities: No cuts needed;
2013-03-16: Charter Schools And The Future Of Public Education;
2013-03-17: From the Folks Who Brought You NAFTA;
2013-03-17: Wechselkurs;
2013-03-18: Can Civilization Survive Capitalism?
2013-03-19: From the shadows to the streets;
2013-03-20: Workers Saving Too Little to Retire;
2013-03-20: Irak gestern und heute;
2013-03-21: Remote-Control Diplomacy: US Backs Away from Strong Role in Middle East;
2013-03-22: The Progressive Movement is a PR Front for Rich Democrats;
2013-03-23: Iran, Mali and Syria show lessons of Iraq not learned, says UK ex-deputy PM John Prescott;
2013-03-24: A move to protect market economy from blatant abuse from the inside;
2013-03-24: Wirtschaft ohne Krise;
2013-03-25: U.S.-EU trade deal is the foundation for a new global economic order;
2013-03-26: A safe and a shotgun or publicly-owned banks? The battle of Cyprus;
2013-03-27: Indigenous Peoples and the Politics of Recognition;
2013-03-28: Can You Trust Big Banks With Your Money?
2013-03-29: Is a New New Deal Possible?
2013-03-30: Lean In and One Percent Feminism;
2013-03-31: It Can Happen Here: The Confiscation Scheme Planned for US and UK Depositors;
2013-03-31: La pauvreté a atteint des niveaux records en Europe;
2013-04-01: World debt;
2013-04-01: Plan B;
2013-04-02: It’s Time to Decide: The Left, Austerity, and the People’s Assembly;
2013-04-03: Big banks take advantage of money laundering epidemic in US;
2013-04-04: Life after the Fall – Part 1: The Aftermath of the Cypriot Banking Collapse;
2013-04-04: ein paar Finanz-Links aus dem KOPP-Verlag;
2013-04-05: Almost third of US West Coast newborns hit with thyroid problems after Fukushima nuclear disaster;
2013-04-06: Klaus Dona’s researches;
2013-04-07: Escaping Accountability in Iraq;
2013-04-07: aus dem Neues Geld-Newsletter Nr. 14 vom 7. April 2013;
2013-04-08: Imagine If America Had Adopted Martin Luther King’s Economic Dream;
2013-04-09: Toothless Federal Reserve Enforcement Action hands Citigroup/Banamex;
2013-04-10: Merkel’s One-Sided Crisis Management Is a Mistake;
2013-04-11: Pirates of the Caribbean, Part 1: Global Resistance to Tax Havens Grows;
2013-04-12: Offshore Leaks – an internet text collection;
2013-04-13: Germany Must Accept Eurobonds or Leave Euro;
2013-04-14: The Struggle To Reclaim Paradise;
2013-04-15: The Know-It-All Party: Anti-Euro Alternative for Germany Launches;
2013-04-16: Bob Chapman’s;
2013-04-17: There are many such cases in Turkey’: Fazil Say trial not anomaly;
2013-04-18: Post-war unemployment and the failure of neo-classical social engineering in the Eurozone;
2013-04-19: Industrial policy: local roots and the human factor are vital to recovery;
2013-04-20: The Poverty Lie – Part 1: How Europe’s Crisis Countries Hide their Wealth;
2013-04-21: White doesn’t always mean privileged: why Femen’s Ukrainian context matters;
2013-04-22: BBC – WikiLeaks;
2013-04-23: Increased tensions at G-20, IMF meetings;
2013-04-24: Free exchange: The 90% question;
2013-04-25: The Boston bombings and the roots of terror;
2013-04-26: Networked minds require a fundamentally new kind of economics;
2013-04-27: How Capitalism Is Turning The Internet Against Democracy, And How To Turn It Back;
2013-04-28: The Meaning and Misuses of GDP;
2013-04-29: Land O’ Lakes: Melting Glaciers Transform Alpine Landscape;
2013-04-30: Recovery for the 7 Percent;
2013-05-01: Why should you be angry at Nigeria’s culture of rape?
2013-05-02: FATCA Sets Stage for EU Clamp Down on Tax Evasion;
2013-05-03: How Two Secretive Global Trade Deals Will Further Enrich the American Elite;
2013-05-04: Bail-out is out, bail-in is in: Time for some publicly-owned banks;
2013-05-05: Less Is More: Rogue Economists Champion Prosperity without Growth, Part 1;
2013-05-06: WEA online conference: The economics curriculum: towards a radical reformation;
2013-05-07: Astronomical costs: Gitmo consumes $900,000 per prisoner annually;
2013-05-08: Cancer doctors slam drug industry for immoral profiteering;
2013-05-09: Worker Cooperatives: Retooling the Solidarity Economy;
2013-05-09: Videos de la Société Industrielle de Genève SIG;
2013-05-10: Banks, Drugs, Money Laundring;
2013-05-11: IMF demands further austerity in Greece;
2013-05-12: Lost in Paradise: The Chained-Up Mentally Ill of Bali, Part 1;
2013-05-13: Basic income – Revenue de base – Grundeinkommen;
2013-05-14: Fighting Austerity;
2013-05-15: der Euro Schwindel, eine ARD Doku;
2013-05-16: Is Bernanke’s Bubble About to Burst? The End of QE?
2013-05-17: Atlantis, Tesla & Ancient Energy Grids;
2013-05-18: Why Europe can’t just fix youth unemployment;
2013-05-19: Euthanasia and the right to die when I decide it;
2013-05-19: Das Ende des Geldes;
2013-05-20: The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla;
2013-05-21: Systemic crisis 2013;
2013-05-22: Swedish extradition request for Assange a fit-up;
2013-05-22: Video: Ihr lernt das, was Ihr wissen dürft;
2013-05-23: Hungry Planet;
2013-05-23: Audios: Volker Pispers sagt …;
2013-05-24: Urban Class Warfare: Are Cities Built for the Rich?
2013-05-25: From academia to activism;
2013-05-26: Rev. Kevin Annett;
2013-05-27: The IRS scandal: Who will tame the taxman?
2013-05-28: The Fed Has Painted Itself in a Corner;
2013-05-29: Great Stagnations do exist. Like great expansions;
2013-05-30: Food comes first in the fight against austerity;
2013-05-31: Distorted Stats: Europe’s Youth Unemployment Fallacy;
2013-06-01: Anti-Capitalist Protest: Blockupy Surrounds ECB in Frankfurt;
2013-06-02: A Hefty Bill: Guarding Assange in London;
2013-06-02: Geld, Krise, Umverteilung, Gesellschaft;
2013-06-03: Extreme capitalism of the Muslim Brothers;
2013-06-04: Quantitative Crisis: Bernanke’s Stimulus for the 1%;
2013-06-05: Merkel Maligned: IMF Board Attacks Euro Crisis Management;
2013-06-05: Pump, Euroschwindel, Sparen;
2013-06-06: The IRS scandal scanda;
2013-06-07: IMF admits mistakes made in Greece bailout;
2013-06-08: Money out of Thin Air?
2013-06-09: What about revolution?
2013-06-10: Boundless Informant: NSA’s complex tool for classifying global intelligence;
2013-06-10: de la politique;
2013-06-11: videos for your consideration;
2013-06-12: Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations;
2013-06-13: A Zone of Freedom: Youth Insurgency Challenges Erdogan, Part 1;
2013-06-13: Enfermée dans une bouteille depuis 53 ans …;
2013-06-14: The US as Superintendent of Global Capitalism: a Response;
2013-06-14: zum Hochfrequenzhandel;
2013-06-15: Turkey’s democracy discussed by European Parliament on;
2013-06-16: Fiscal implications of the ECB’s bond-buying programme;
2013-06-17: Austerity is the controlled demolition of the welfare state;
2013-06-18: The Chemical Weapons Hoax;
2013-06-19: Economic Predictions 2013-2014;
2013-06-20: Elizabeth Warren’s QE for Students: Populist Demagoguery or Economic Breakthrough?
2013-06-21: Mr. Sunshine: ‘Yes We Can’ Memories Flood Back on Feel-Good Trip;
2013-06-22: Disunited Kingdom: Crisis Leaves Britain Deeply Fractured, Part 1;
2013-06-23: Goodwill Legally Pays Disabled Workers As Low as 22 Cents an Hour;
2013-06-24: US-Taliban Talks in Doha: The West’s Capitulation in Afghanistan;
2013-06-25: Assemblies Emerging In Turkey: A Lesson In Democracy;
2013-06-25: Prof. Bernd Senf: Tiefere Ursachen der Schuldenkrisen;
2013-06-26: Iran to send 4,000 troops to aid President Assad forces in Syria;
2013-06-27: Obama’s crackdown views leaks as aiding enemies of U.S.: Insider Threats;
2013-06-28: Secret of the Seven Sisters: The Story of Oil;
2013-06-28: Hans Scharpf zum Geld;
2013-06-29: Ailing Infrastructure: Scrimping Threatens Germany’s Future, Part 1;
2013-06-30: Moderate Islamist regimes are effectively neoliberal regimes;
2013-07-01: The Main Immediate Challenge For The Anti-Capitalist Left;
2013-07-02: The crime of alleviating poverty;
2013-07-03: Boundless Informant: The Global Hunt for Edward Snowden;
2013-07-04: Three questions on Egypt: Three radical scenarios and one viable option;
2013-07-04: Statement from Edward Snowden in Moscow;
2013-07-05: The Anti-Empire Report #118;
2013-07-06: One thing in Egypt is sure, it will not be the secular liberals taking power;
2013-07-07: Brazil: The Great Opportunity;
2013-07-08: Viva la Siesta: Should Southern Europe Really Be More German? Part 1;
2013-07-09: Financial Crime;
2013-07-10: it happens at Guantánamo Bay;
2013-07-11: The role of the IMF in Morsi’s downfall;
2013-07-12: Welcome to the Age of Irresponsibility;
2013-07-12: Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine;
2013-07-13: Latvia and the Euro: Meet the EU’s Newest Tax Haven;
2013-07-14: Case study: Sudan; the CIA’s early links with Islamists;
2013-07-15: Genetic Engineering: The Global Food and Agricultural Crisis;
2013-07-16: Casino Politics: An unprecedented political gamble;
2013-07-17: Gaga for Google;
2013-07-18: Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement TPPA could hurt Developing Countries;
2013-07-19: How the System Worked: The US v. Trayvon Martin;
2013-07-20: A Short Retrospective Look on the 31st May Uprising in Turkey;
2013-07-21: Greenwald: Explosive NSA Spying Reports Are Imminent;
2013-07-21: Whistleblowing at the top: Olympus CEO turned Whistleblower;
2013-07-22: I Would Rather Wait: Merkel Remains Mum on NSA Spying;
2013-07-23: Interview by Abbey MartinAbby Martin;
2013-07-24: The Wages of Dignity;
2013-07-25: Political Prisoner in America: Aafia Siddiqui, Victim of U.S. Injustice;
2013-07-26: US Economy 2014 Collapse;
2013-07-27: Do Peace Accords Lead to Peace, Justice, and Security for the People?
2013-07-27: über bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen;
2013-07-28: The two faux democracies threaten life on earth;
2013-07-29: Brazil’s social policies a model for Kenya;
2013-07-30: US: June’s new and existing home sales and advance report on durable goods;
2013-07-31: English and the Anarchists’ Language;
2013-08-01: Should China Deregulate?
2013-08-01: rund ums Geld mit Bernd Senf;
2013-08-02: Economic Recovery by Statistical Manipulation;
2013-08-03: Five Wedges That Crack the “Melting Pot” Meme;
2013-08-03: Inflation – Armut – Geldsystem;
2013-08-04: When we were Woodstock (2);
2013-08-05: Bonded labour: Fighting bonded labour in Nepal;
2013-08-05: Darf ich Ihnen etwas sagen?
2013-08-06: Requiem for a revolution that never was;
2013-08-06: Absolute Mehrheit;
2013-08-07: The Detroit Bail-In Template: Fleecing Pensioners to Save the Banks;
2013-08-08: NSA Aftermath: German Firms Scramble to Boost Data Protection, part 1;
2013-08-08: Oliver Janich;
2013-08-09: Members Of Congress Denied Access To Basic Information About NSA;
2013-08-10: June 2012: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t …;
2013-08-11: about Bradley Manning and the Nuremberg Charter (or London Charter);
2013-08-12: Real business cycles – transmogrifying obfuscation;
2013-08-13: June’s trade deficit;
2013-08-14: Wall Street Take-Off: 2012-2013;
2013-08-15: The US Has Lowest Minimum Wage and Most Young People Without Jobs Among Wealthiest Countries;
2013-08-15: Prof. Heiner Flassbeck auf YouTube;
2013-08-15: AlJazeera Life Stream;
2013-08-16: The Stop-Go U.S. Economic Recovery;
2013-08-17: The Whistleblowers at the Frontier of Digital Liberation;
2013-08-18: two old informations / deux anciennes infos;
2013-08-19: Detroit Residents on Bankruptcy – We Have No Democracy;
2013-08-20: Alternative Education Can Eliminate Corruption;
2013-08-20: This (UK) government is NOT our gov;
2013-08-21: Poor Adam;
2013-08-22: Snowden NSA files: US and UK at odds over security tactics as row escalates;
2013-08-23: Financial markets: ever more inefficient and costly;
2013-08-23: Kein Knebelgesetz für Afghanistans Frauen;
2013-08-24: Made in China: The Green Futurism of Architect Ma Yansong;
2013-08-25: US Households Continue to Bleed;
2013-08-26: As pro-Morsi protests wane and oil-rich Arab Gulf states line up to support Egypt;
2013-08-27: Google And The NSA: Who’s Holding The ‘Shit-Bag’ Now?
2013-08-27: Heinrich Staudinger;
2013-08-28: Secularists to dominate Egypt’s final constitution-drafting process;
2013-08-29: What Gives the U.S. the Right to Bomb Syria?
2013-08-29: Swan Lake, like you’ve never seen before;
2013-08-30: UK: The paradox of coalition;
2013-08-31: Flats over Shelters: Asylum Seekers Embrace Alternative Housing;
2013-09-01: Politics around Syria, US, Germany, Canada and Egypt;
2013-09-02: The psychology of scarcity: days late, dollars short;
2013-09-03: How to win friends and influence the new economy;
2013-09-04: Chemical Watershed: Momentum Shifts again in Syrian Civil War, Part 1;
2013-09-04: über Politik und Wahlen;
2013-09-05: ISA’s latest News and Analysis;
2013-09-06: The Real Story of Detroit’s Economy;
2013-09-07: Economic Collapse, World War III, Dollar-Euro;
2013-09-08: What the March on Washington’s means for the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community;
2013-09-08: Weltweiter Zugriff auf die Vermögen der Bürger;
2013-09-09: Larry Summers, Next Fed Chairman?
2013-09-10: American Veterans;
2013-09-11: Turning the Table on the Trackers;
2013-09-11: Quo vadis USA?
2013-09-12: We are Exploited, We Exploit;
2013-09-12: Leschs Kosmos;
2013-09-13: September 11 – Chile 1973, Chicago 2013: 40 Years of Neo-liberal Attacks on our Societies;
2013-09-14: The Project for a New Middle East;
2013-09-15: are changements in view?
2013-09-15: stupid … I cannot let these questions;
2013-09-16: Reform of Global Gouvernance as a matter of urgency;
2013-09-17: Follow the Money: NSA Spies on International Payments;
2013-09-17: Finanzen und Krise;
2013-09-18: Follow the Money: NSA Monitors Financial World, Part 1;
2013-09-18: Eurokrise – Schulden – Klartext;
2013-09-19: SWIFT Suspension? EU Parliament Furious about NSA Bank Spying;
2013-09-19: Gregor Gysi am 31.08.2013 in Gera;
2013-09-20: Another lone gun man goes on a rampage;
2013-09-21: Black America more pro-war than ever;
2013-09-22: Project Camelot;
2013-09-23: UK: Ed Miliband pledges tough laws on wages;
2013-09-24: Business schools and inequailty;
2013-09-25: JP Morgan Fined Over $1 Billion for Wall Street Scams;
2013-09-25: GV attac Schweiz / AS attac Suisse;
2013-09-26: The economists’ warning;
2013-09-27: How to argue with economists;
2013-09-28: Golden Dawn: Can the Elite Kill the Monster it Created?
2013-09-29: Religious encounters;
2013-09-30: Which is the greater crime, poverty or shoplifting?
2013-10-01: Global Wealth Report 2013;
2013-10-01: Tabuthema: Wahlbetrug/Wahlfälschung in Deutschland;
2013-10-02: UK: Energy prices, Labour’s bounce and Miliband’s big dilemma;
2013-10-02: Ausländerfeindlichkeit: Wahnsinn and deutschen Schulen;
2013-10-03: Greenwald: The objective of the NSA is literally the elimination of global privacy;
2013-10-04: Shutdown Spectacle: America Is Already Politically Bankrupt;
2013-10-05: Louisiana veterans group building facility to help homeless vets, families;
2013-10-06: A plea for reorienting philosophical attention from models to applied economics;
2013-10-07: The Barefoot Mayor: Local Hero Takes on Sicilian Corruption, Part 1;
2013-10-08: British extremists use Syria as training ground before returning home;
2013-10-09: BBC Newsnight: Interview with Glenn Greenwald on Snowden, NSA, GCHQ and Spying;
2013-10-09: The Bank are gearing up for the Collapse;
2013-10-10: Aggressive and insidious: More details of Canada spying techniques to follow;
2013-10-11: Martial Law and the Economy: Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse?
2013-10-12: Participatory Economics: Alternative to Capitalism?
2013-10-13: The enemy within: Right-wing thuggery paralyzes the empire;
2013-10-14: Links on my Dashboard;
2013-10-15: Why Institutional Money is often Dumb Money;
2013-10-16: UK: Bankers may be jailed under proposed new UK law;
2013-10-17: The Ascent of Money;
2013-10-18: The Unluckiest People on Earth: Syrians refugees thought Egypt would be safe. They were wrong;
2013-10-19: GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin GEAB N°78;
2013-10-20: US: More than 10 million legal files snared in Megaupload shutdown;
2013-10-21: Paul Craigh Roberts;
2013-10-22: Empire Building, the Debt Ceiling, the Budget Deficit, the Samson Solution;
2013-10-23: The Business of America Is War;
2013-10-24: With debt ceiling lifted, will America move to non-fiction on economic issues?
2013-10-25: Are the Roma Primitive, or Just Poor?
2013-10-26: Conservatives: Agents of Capitalism;
2013-10-27: less work,
.mes dessins - moyen grands0001 (8) 30p;
2013-11-06: The Million Mask March;
2013-11-09: The Entire Fiat Money System is Bankrupt;
2013-11-13: WhistleBlower Head of FBI … ;
2013-11-15: SPD Parteitag November 2013;
2013-11-18: Hoffung für die Zukunft;
2013-11-19: über Veränderungen;
2013-11-21: Oekonomie und Politik;
2013-11-23: California housing, recovery or bubble?
2013-11-26: Linkspolitik;
2013-11-29: Auf den Spuren der geheimnisvollen Hydrinos;
2013-12-02: Eugen Drewermann;
2013-12-03: Economics with Prof Steve Keen;
2013-12-09: French Philosopher Finkielkraut: There Is a Clash of Civilizations, Part 1;
2013-12-14: Europa, Krise, Alternativen;
2013-12-18: Age of Abundance;
2013-12-22: Karl Marx;
2013-12-22: Neue Sensationelle Erkenntnisse zu den Pyramiden;
2013-12-25: Physik und was wir verstehen;
2013-12-26: aus Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten;
2013-12-29: Oscar Brenifier;
2013-12-31: Jahresrückblicke;
2014-01-03: über das Geld, und wir und das System;
2014-01-08: many links on my dashboard;
2014-01-11: Views on Capitalism;
2014-01-13: Out of the Abyss: Looking for Lessons in Iceland’s Recovery;
2014-01-15: Peter Sloterdijks Vision der gebenden Hand;
2014-01-17: Videos von der Bananenrepublik1;
2014-01-20: Le scandale de l’évasion fiscale;
2014-01-24: WE ALL – and our system;
2014-01-25: Film: La Route 666 – 2014 (Complet FR);
2014-01-27: some items explained;
2014-01-28: gefunden im Web …;
2014-01-29: La descente systématique de la cabale;
2014-01-31: Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Hankel;
2014-02-01: Farmakonisi: Greek coastguard accused killing refugees;
2014-02-03: Europa;
2014-02-05: Working for the Few;
2014-02-11: Die Schweiz sagt Fuck the EU;
2014-02-13: The historical roots of Swiss direct democracy;
2014-02-14: still the Swiss vs. EU;
2014-02-16: Kinderpornographie … or not;
2014-02-19: Kiev protests – ON AIR;
2014-02-25: Determinismus, Freier Wille, Willensfreiheit, illusion der Freiheit;
2014-02-26: Thousands of pro-Russian and anti-Russian protesters gather in Ukraine’s Crimea;
2014-02-28: Saya Watatani & Maki Yokoyama;
2014-03-02: Partition or federation?
2014-03-03: The U.S. has Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine;
2014-03-04: Friedensmeditation für die Ukraine;
2014-03-11: Most important lessons from Fukushima not learnt – nuclear risk experts;
2014-03-12: würden die Soldaten …;
2014-03-17: Irish Patrick’s Day and other songs;
2014-03-18: Gold, Banks, Ukraine, the 99%;
2014-03-21: Course E042 ff: Child Rights Programming;
2014-03-25: Russia’s secret forests, Chernobyl’s radioactive wolves;
2014-03-31: Media Suppression on Turkey-Syria cabaret;
2014-04-03: Video-Interview with Edward Snowden;
2014-04-04: Sanctioning Russia into multi-polar world?
2014-04-05: Anja Niedringhaus gave underprivileged people a voice;
2014-04-06: some recent links about special concerns;
2014-04-11: Frölein Da Capo auf YouTube;
2014-04-14: about Ukraine, petrol and empires, with Ray McGovern;
2014-04-20: Daft Punk;
2014-04-25: medieval and fairy tale musics;
2014-04-30: Buchauszug über WEISSRUSSLAND – UKRAINE;
2014-05-01: Out of Yves’ dreams: feel how far we could go, if …;
2014-05-06: … latest post – end of this blog …;
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end of this blog … things are said … there is not much to add …
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