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Published on Granma Internacional, by LILLIAM RIERA, January 18, 2008.
(Translated by Granma International)

Cuba exports medical equipment all over the world

… MEDICAL equipment for cardiology and clinical neurophysiology services, some in the final phase of testing before production is begun, are among the products developed by a Cuban industry born 25 years ago.

This industry is composed basically of the Cuban Neuroscience Center (CNC) and the Central Institute for Digital Research (ICID), both part of the West Havana Scientific Complex.

The devices and equipment produced have been installed within the network of Cuba’s national health system hospitals, where they contribute to improving the population’s quality of life, and are sold in a number of countries where they are sought for their excellence and competitive pricing.


… MEDICID 03: FIRST OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD: The MEDICID 03 was the first Cuban medical device to be exported and the first of its kind in the world.

The digital electro-encephalograph with 24 channels to measure electrical activity at 24 points on the skull performs specific tests and a cartographic analysis of brain activity. It includes as well the MICROCID 02, the first computer developed by the Central Institute for Digital Research (ICID)

The multidisciplinary group which developed the device included doctors and specialists at that time members of the Neuroscience Board of Directors of the National Scientific Research Center (CNIC) with ICID engineers and technicians. The birth of the industry in Cuba took place in 1982. (full text).


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