EU anti-pollution plans meet with cool reception

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Published on The Guardian, by Jeremy Lovell, Jan. 23, 2008.

… “The EU has compromised to corporate lobbyists again,” said Tamra Gilbertson of Carbon Trade Watch, a project of the academic watchdog Transnational Institute. “Instead of imposing strict regulations on emissions, it is offering them a lifeline and continuing to offer free pollution permits for at least the next decade,” she added.

Industry lobbyists had threatened that if they faced strong extra carbon costs they would simply relocate outside Europe.

Scientists warn that global average temperatures will rise by between 1.8 and 4.0 degrees Celsius this century due to burning fossil fuels for power and transport, causing floods and famines and putting millions of lives at risk.

Despite the criticisms, the EU hopes its package of emissions control measures, the most far reaching of any to date, will act as a spur to action by other major polluters including the United States and China. (full text).

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