an economy that works for all

Published on AFL-CIO, America’s Union Movement, to see deeper click on different links there.

Here different charts:

Income for the Wealthiest Is off the Charts;

We Make It, Big Business Takes It;

Wealthiest Families Prosper as Never Before;

CEO Pay Skyrockets Compared with Workers’ Wages;

We all know it: The economy is not working for working families. We are the change our economy needs.

Get the facts and find out how you can DISMANTLE the corporate agenda and BUILD a working family agenda. Here’s our working family agenda:

  • Anyone who wants to work should have a job with a living wage;
  • Workers are proud of their work and should have the chance to do it right;
  • All workers and our families should be able to live in dignity with health care and retirement security;
  • Every worker should enjoy the freedom to form a union and bargain collectively;
  • Workers want to contribute to, and share in, building a world-class economy.

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