WSF 2006 in Caracas

I sit here in Europe and I wanted just report about an important social event, the WSF 2006. But it is not possible for me to know exactly what happens in Caracas.

There are dissonant voices out of Caracas. The fact that Venezuela’s president sustain this event seems for some beeing a political manoeuvre.

Others are delighted and praise him with much enthousiasme. This is understood by some as an attempt to control politically this situation, others are grateful for this help.

Maybe we, out of the cool and well educated north, we do not like some exagerated enthousiame. I do not know if this so called T-shirt Identity is directed, manipulated, or not. If it is not just that simple people like show their love feelings, and some boring intellectuals cannot stand this.

I really cannot understand, sitting here.

Maybe also the destabilisation of Venezuela’s leftist presidency is continuing, as in the past, and some do not see this.

But maybe it’s only the truth in the eye of the one who is looking at the event: every one sees his own beliefs, his own fears or hopes.

In any way: if we, the mouvements, are not able to hold a cool head, to look at what’s really going on, and not only project our fears and hopes, we will not be able to replace the now existing economic world by a better one. We will produce the same … forgive me, shit … as usual, since humanity exists.

Yes, a better world is possible, but not with people playing the old eternal game of mutual accusations, seeing in the others a danger, because they behave more like this or that, here more popular than good educated intellectuals out of the north.

Look, if we cannot accept this small differences in behaviors, we never will make a better world.

The question is: what is a constructive discussion, what a contribution to differences, what is betrayal, what is a real solution.

The answers begin in our heads.

To tell more about Caracas 2006, I wait for constructive behaviors. Write me, if anything is moving in this sense: Heidi, heidi (at) world – citizenship org.

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