to big for jail

  • Horrible Injustice: HSBC Above Laws, Woman Gets Life Sentence, 8.13 min, uploaded on YouTube by TheYoungTurks TYT, Dec 14, 2012: “HSBC will pay $1.9 billion to settle a money-laundering probe by U.S. federal and state authorities, reports CBS News. The financial institution was in violation of the Bank Secrecy Act and the Trading With the Enemy Act. The U.S. probe found transfers of billions of dollars on behalf of nations such as Iran, which is under international sanctions, and is often believed to funnel money to such groups as Hamas. There were also transfers through HSBC’s U.S. division by Mexican drug cartels … (full text);
  • Sign our Petition to Free Stephanie George;
  • Where is Justice for Stephanie George? 6.30 min, uploaded by TheYoungTurks TYT, Dec 14, 2012;
  • KEISER REPORT; HSBC Too Big To Jail, 25.45 min, uploaded on YouTube by WorldConflictReport, Dec 13, 2012: In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look at HSBC being fined rather than criminally charged in order to avoid destabilizing the system, while JP Morgan and others are being sued for about a trillion in bad mortgages investors were duped into buying …;
  • or in a small video: too big for jail, 2.21 min, uploaded by ABCnews, Dec 11, 2012;
  • A Student Scholarly Lunch with UVA Law Professor Brandon Garrett, 37.20 min, uploaded by UVALawSchool, Nov 19, 2012: At a student scholarly lunch, University of Virginia law professor Brandon Garrett discusses a draft chapter from “Too Big to Jail,” his forthcoming book about how corporations are prosecuted.

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