Obama versus Clinton

To understand what I mean please listen first the Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

I write you this text in the morning of Super-Tuesday, meditating about a difference between the two democrat champions. As a Swiss citizen I look at this question with a view for the whole humanity, with in mind what John Perkins tells us.

For me it is obvious that not only third world presidents are blackmailed, as John Perkins tells us, for me ALL US Presidents have always lived the same threat. So, one of the question is:

Who, Obama or Clinton, has more chance to resist the threats of the worldwide financial hawks, having a secure basis in the US (as in many other countries).

Clinton must already know what is coming, Bill Clinton must have resisted halfway their requests (Monika Lewinsky, you hear the bells?). In this question I see Obama still more innocent, but we don’t know both reactions when blackmailing really happens.

The only good reaction would be, tell all, openly.

Till now I know of no president worldwide having been able to do this. Best would be, ALL presidents, together, tell openly about what is happening. This needs a change in super-male behavior-paradigms.

And for the peoples to recognize that a president is only a human, not a half-god who ‘helps them resolve their mess’. People must be enough mature to become responsible themselves, not wait for a next president able to be their super-daddy.

Yes, to stop these blackmailing will cost a hard battle. Not only for presidents, but also for the people of the concerned nation. Maybe for the humanity.

Yes, if this practice would be openly recognized, worldwide, we would have a chance to solve it. We all together.

What will be chosen? What do WE choose?


Global Empire without Emperor?

John Perkins, USA;

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