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Linked with Claire Mahon, January 21, 2006.

Next op-icescr-meeting: Commission on Human Rights, open-ended working group to elaborate an optional protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (op-icescr): Geneva, 6 – 17 February, the moment when NGOs must raise their voice, when representatives of the governments meet to decide about (the value of) the Optional Protocol of the International Convent on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

These Rights should be guaranted by the ordinary Human Rights. But they are not.

Do you know that only the so called privat rights and the political rights can be claimed in justice, if not hold by a state? The economic, cultural and social rights are theoretically meant by the human rights, but can not be claimed by law, if not hold.

What is touched by these ESC rights? For instance womens equality, religious freedom, economical rights. But practically every item, every word is discussed and turned and bargained, like in a carpet souck. So, the result of what can be claimed at the end is not sure. Sure is only that the states do not want this protocol.

The French representative put it best out, last February: ‘if we sign these rights, every Jean Ziegler (see links there) will go to justice, as not any country can hold these rights’, and then our courts are overwhelmed !!

Please, let’s go to work. In Geneva, the UN, 6 – 17 February 2006! You need a badge to enter, obtainable through an NGO with ECOSOC status, when you become member. For instance: Franciscans International.

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