2013: What’s in Store? (Op-Ed)

Published on Russia Today RT, by Adrian Salbuchi, December 31, 2012.

  • World Government stepping onto sovereign Nation-States, puppet politicians unable to cope with social challenges, chaos in the Middle East and ever increasing global crises – all this awaits us in 2013. Is it time for ‘We the People’ to wake up? …
  • //
  • … Let’s look at half a dozen Key Issues:

Where’s the pilot?  

  • Glaringly visible on today’s global political stage is that leaders in just about every country are unable to tackle and solve the overwhelming swarm of growing crises and challenges affecting society; at least not in the West.  Whether it’s political, social or military conflict; increasing ecological threats; on-going financial and economic collapse; mass cultural and intellectual dumbing-down; or obscene government corruption, everywhere you look things seem to be taking a turn for the worse.
  • Even the leaders of powerful countries as the United States, Britain and the European Union fail dismally when addressing these crises highlighting their mediocrity, lack of vision and creativity.  This becomes more obvious when comparing today’s leaders with those of yesteryear.
  • Take France, for instance: having given the world a true statesman like Charles de Gaulle, today they’re run by political midgets like Hollande and Sarkozy.  Worse still is the US, which had a great president like John F Kennedy but today is misgoverned by puppets like Bush junior and Obama.  Even Britain, Italy and Germany once led by inspirational figures like Churchill, De Gaspari and Adenauer, today can only muster grey mediocrities like Blair, Cameron, Berlusconi, Monti or Merkel.
  • Is it all just coincidence, or does it reflect a monolithic political system that ensures that not the best and brightest, but the worst and dimmest rise to become presidents and prime ministers?
  • Is this the result of the Global Power Masters’ preferred system of control over entire nations through “money-powered democracy”?  This is in stark contrast with what “We the People” are clamouring for in every country.   In fact, “We the People” have instinct and are neither stupid nor cowardly.  Unfortunately though, their political leaders for the most part are.
  • Is there a “superior will” making sure that growing national problems remain unresolved, and get worse and worse as presidents and prime ministers come and go?
  • Is it just “bad financial judgment” that’s made all national debts with the Mega-banker Over-world balloon way out of control?  Just bad luck that pension funds are massively broke and health systems are in shambles?
  • Just bad luck that; Orwell-like, peace-making has turned into warmongering?
  • Is it just bad luck that basic human decency, ethics and solidarity are scorned by that moral cesspool known as the “entertainment industry”, which is the prime driver or the dumbing-down of populations everywhere?
  • We don’t think so…
  • Is all of this a way of telling the world in no uncertain terms just who’s really in charge, by “proving” that Sovereign Nation-States can no longer cope, and “a thing of the past” to be thrown into the dustbin of history?  That certainly ties in with the Global Power Masters’ fundamental long-term objective geared on dissolving the nations of the world so their power can be sucked up into the coming World Government organisations?
  • But look again: it’s not Nation-States that are failing, but rather the “democratically elected” politicians who run them!  Let’s not thrown the baby away with the bath water…!
  • World Government needs to do away with sovereign Nation-States because they’re the only social institution that can hold the Global Corporate and Mega-banker Over-world in check.  In fact, the Sovereign Nation-State is the Over-world’s Public Enemy No. 1!
  • Back in 1974, the Elite think-tank Council on Foreign Relation’s journal “Foreign Affairs” suggested that “the house of world order will have to be built from the bottom up… It will look like a great “booming, buzzing confusion,” …but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.” That was written over 38 years ago… Now that’s what I call long-range planning!
  • So, get ready: 2013 will bring ever increasing crises as all Nation-States are weakened more and more.  In Orwellian newspeak, this is “democracy”. However, “We the People” are waking up to the fact that such a “democracy” is nothing but a prison of the mind.
  • In 2013 more people will be asking themselves “Where’s the pilot?”  They will want to know who’s really running this ghastly global show.  You can bet your bottom dollar that “the pilot” is definitely not in the White House, or the Palais d’Elysee, or 10 Downing Street.  Clearly, we need new pilots!

United States of America:

  • Had Republican candidate Mitt Romney won November’s presidential elections, today we’d be in global doldrums on a range of important issues.  The Global Power Masters would have had to wait until Romney is inaugurated in late January 2013, and then give him the privileged “100 days’ honeymoon” as new White House tenant, before they actually began pressing and coaxing him to do their bidding.  That would have given the world four, maybe five, months’ respite.
  • However, Romney lost the elections, and Barack Obama will be president four more years. No waiting; no honeymoon … //

… Watch out with Russia and China:

  • Particularly now that Vladimir Putin is really back in town, Russia is clearly showing that it’s not for turning its back on traditional ally Syria; even less on Iran.
  • Not so much out of principle, but for defence and survival. If Syria and Iran fall to the US/UK/Israeli hegemon, who do you think is next? And those NATO missiles in Poland, what are they there for?
  • China, in turn, just named Xi Jinping as new Communist Party Secretary General and soon-to be President. Depending on a wide array of interests and goals, China shrewdly works together with Russia, Iran, India, Latin America or Africa; even with historical foe, Japan.
  • The Chinese know what they want and need in the medium and long terms. Maybe that’s why they seem paradoxical and difficult to fathom to us short-term thinking Westerners.
  • Long terms planners at the Pentagon and Western think-tanks, however, know this and they’re preparing for war. So, 2013 will see Russia, China, Iran, India, Pakistan, Brazil, South Africa move closer together to tackle common goals and confront common threats.
  • As the Western geopolitical serpent tries to tighten its hold on planet Earth, time is not on their side: key Castles and Bishops will move on the Global Grand Chessboard. Watch China and Russia.

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(Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina).


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