Round Table, November 12 2012

… at the University of Paris X-Nanterre

Watch these videos, uploaded by chris thorpe, December 2012: Thinking Globally and Acting Locally, the art and science of community organizing, from the Intifada and the Indignados to the Arab Spring, the Greek Resistance and Occupy Wall Street in New York City and beyond:

Part 1, 157.14 min, Part 2, 106.49 min, Part 3, 97.57 min.


Noam Chomsky and The Roots: Hip Hop Government in the Future, 3.44 min, uploaded by sticksorstones, Aug 21, 2012: Hip-hop Mashup of Noam Chomsky’s “Government in the Future” (1970) and The Roots “Concerto of the Desparado”. If you dig this, then share it and join the new visionary organization Noam Chomsky is working with, The International Organization for a Participatory Society, Music from Division by Zero (Mixtape #1);

Zero, 12.33 min, uploaded by zealouscreative, May 25, 2011.

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