IOPS: Michael Albert in Paris, December 2012

Watch these videos, uploaded by chris thorpe, Dec 2012, … on the concept of “Participatory Economics” and the recent creation of the International Organization for a Participatory Society (IOPS), given at the University of Paris Nanterre 2012-11-12, as part of the community organising conference at the University of Nanterre Paris 2012-11-12: Part 1, 45.56 min, Part 2, 43.10 min, Part 3, 40.14 min.


An Introduction to IOPS, the International Organization for a Participatory Society, 15.49 min, on, founded on Jan 6, 2012: Homepage; about; projects; join; contact;

In the new Mexican revolution, resistance is fertile, on ROARMAG, by Jen Wilton, January 21, 2013;

The Next War? on TomDispatch (also on ZNet), by Michael Klare, Jan 22, 2013.

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