Structural Violence as a Form of Genocide. The Impact of the International Economic Order

(Violencia estructural como una forma de genocidio. El impacto del Orden Economico Internacional)

Linked with, and with Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed – England & Bangladesh.

Published on, by Ahmed, Nafeez Mosaddeq, 40 pdf-pages, Fall 2007.

Abstract: Structural violence is rarely seen as a form of genocide. Significant deficiencies in existing conceptualizations of both genocide and structural violence suggest that this is unwarranted. The concept of genocide must be expanded to include a wider variety of target human groups, whereas the concept of structural violence must be extended to include a greater appreciation of the role of agential intent in the production and reproduction of unequal violent structures. This reveals logical and analytical connections between structural violence and genocide in several historical cases, including episodes of capitalist imperialism and communist collectivization. Applying this theoretical framework to an analysis of the structural violence of the international economic order indicates that its impact possesses distinctly genocidal features … (full text, 40 pdf-pages).

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