Tibetan Protest-Video

Tibetan Uprising

According to confirmed information received by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy TCHRD, a fresh demonstration erupted this morning (March 18) at around 10 AM (Beijing Time) in Labrang, Sangchu County, Kanlho “TAP” Gansu Province in the eastern part of the Tibetan area as a follow-up to yesterday’s demonstration staged by monks of Tashikyil Monastery which was later joined by thousands of Tibetans in the area … and more.

See more: Video of Protest in Amdo Labrang, Tibet, 4.19 min, posted March 15, 2008; March 15, 2008: 4000-5000 Tibetans gather in Amdho Labrang to demonstrate against the Chinese occupation of Tibet; Tibetan Uprising: Students for a Free Tibet; country summary for CHINA; (take action and learn more); still more about China; act on the current situation in Tibet; freedom of opinion & expression; freedom of religion & belief; OlympMics; protest; Tibet; uprising.

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