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Linked with Siv O’Neall – Sweden, and with Axis of Logic (both Sept. 26, 2007).

The Monsanto Company (NYSE : MON) is a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation. It is the world’s leading producer of the herbicide glyphosate, marketed as “Roundup” … (wikipedia, first paragraphe);


  • The World According to Monsanto – A documentary that Americans won’t ever see, published on OEN, by Siv O’Neall , March 23, 2008, 3 pages: The gigantic biotech corporation Monsanto is threatening to destroy the agricultural biodiversity which has served mankind for thousands of years. The endless list of genetically modified seeds sold and controlled by Monsanto are putting at enormous risk age-old agricultural patterns under the presumptuous slogan of aiming at solving the huge problem of hunger in the world. On March 11 a new documentary was aired on French television (ARTE – French-German cultural tv channel) by French journalist and film maker Marie-Monique Robin, entitled ‘The World According to Monsanto’ (en français: Le Monde selon Monsanto … auf deutsch: Monsanto, mit Gift und Genen). Starting from the Internet over a period of three years Robin has collected material for her documentary, going on to numerous interviews with people of very different backgrounds. She traveled widely, from Latin America, to Asia, through Europe and the United States, to personally interview farmers and people in influential positions … (full long text);
  • sorry, no english video copy exists: should be translated urgently for english speaking users!. You find a resume as text on Axis of Logic/Siv O’Neall’s published articles in 2008;
  • french video The World According to Monsanto: Le monde selon Monsanto, by the french/german TV channel Arte, 1 h 49 min, March 13, 2008;
  • gleiches video auf deutsch;
  • Corporate Crimes: Monsanto have an impressive history of committing corporate crimes. Recent Monsanto crimes include … (full text, not dated);
  • english video Monsanto: Indian Farmer Suicide, 4.51 min, June 26, 2007.
  • Monsanto, Greenpeace clash over GM brinjal safety in India, by Joe C Mathew, . The MNC’s seed partner doesn’t want details of its safety test in the public domain … (full text, March 22, 2008);
  • french video Monsanto, pur porc III, 12.20 min, 23 Februar 2007;
  • Monsanto’s Raid on Brazil, by ISABELLA KENFIELD: On March 7th-International Women’s Day-dozens of Brazilian women occupied a research site of the U.S.-based agricultural biotechnology giant Monsanto in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, destroying the greenhouse and experimental plots of genetically-modified GM corn … (full text, March 23, 2008);
  • netherlandse/english video Monsanto patenteert varkens, Canvas Terzake Zomer, 27 min 23 sec, 10 Jul 2007;
  • Compassion in World Farming ciwf is recognised as the leading international farm animal welfare organisation actively campaigning to improve the lives of farmed animals all around the world. We celebrated our 40th anniversary with a Photo Exhibition and Competition till end of June … (full text);
  • english video Fox News Kills Monsanto Milk Story, 10 min, 9 Sep 2006;
  • Monsanto’s Greatest Hits: As industrial and chemical innovations of the 20th century came and went, Monsanto was there – MONSANTO has spent the entire 20th century in pursuit of profit through science, from Saccharin to aspirin, from Agent Orange to Round Up. Here’s a chronology of company pursuits over the past 100 years … (full text, first published on May 11-17, 2000 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley’s Weekly Newspaper);
  • english video The Genetic Conspiracy (1/3), about Monsanto, 8.48 min, July 22, 2007;
  • Opening Glance: Agricultural Chemicals: NEW YORK – Shares of agricultural chemical companies rose in Monday morning trading, lifted by upgrades of Monsanto Co. and Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc. … (full text, 03.24.08);
  • deutsches Video Die Gesprächsrunde nach dem Film “Monsanto – mit Gift und Genen”, arte, 33 min 52 sec, 11 Mar 2008;
  • Grain Farmer Claims Moral Victory in Seed Battle Against Monsanto –, March 23, 2008;
  • french video crii-gen devoile un rapport accablant contre monsanto, 5.53 min, April 05, 2007;
  • D.C. Circuit Court says “No” to Scotts and Monsanto on Biotech Grasses, March 23, 2008;
  • french video Le monde selon Monsanto part 3/3, 33.53 min, 12 Mar 2008;
  • Patents by Monsanto, Vandana Shiva talks about the patent of seeds, 8.37 min, June 08, 2006;
  • english video Jeremy Rifkin on Genes, 4 min, 21 Feb 2007;
  • EU Scientific Committee Warns of Human Health & Cancer Hazards of Monsanto’s recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) – Report on Public Health Aspects of the Use of Bovine Somatotrophin – 15-16 March 1999, 4. Summary and Conclusions;
  • The Enterprise MONSANTO’s homepage.

Monsanto is also by far the leading producer of genetically engineered GE seed, holding 70%-100% market share for various crops. Agracetus, owned by Monsanto, exclusively produces Roundup Ready soybean seed for the commercial market. In March 2005, it finalized the purchase of Seminis Inc, making it also the largest conventional seed company in the world. It has over 16,000 employees worldwide, and an annual revenue of US$7.344 billion reported for 2006.[Google Finance].

Monsanto’s development and marketing of genetically engineered seed and bovine growth hormone, as well as its aggressive litigation and political lobbying practices, have made the company controversial around the world and a primary target of the anti-globalization movement and environmental activists. While other chemical and biotech multinationals face similar criticisms, Monsanto tends to be targeted more routinely and more strongly … (wikipedia second and third paragraph … go on for full long text) …

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