Forced marriages

launching of CD: everything one needs to know about legal aspects of marriage

Published on l’express de Mauritanie, by Pauline ETIENNE, 26 mars 2008.

(A CD with (the french title) ‘La Loi Mariage’ as title was launched yesterday (what about a CD in english? This is not precised). This short film giving important legal explanations has been distributed to NGOs to inform would-be couples of their rights and duties):

  • Legal definition of marriage: Marriage is the union of two persons of different sex who decide to live together and found a family. Any person above 18 years old has the right to get married. The law also states that those aged between 16 and 18 years old have the right to marry but only with their parents’ consent;
  • Conditions for a civil marriage: To get married, the two future spouses should be free (not married or divorced); there must be free consent and no objection should be made by other parties within the ten days of publication;
  • Types of marriage: … (full text);


Forced Mariages – in french: un mariage forcee – published on The NY Times, Oct. 1881/page 3, on … October 2, 1881! … There are many charming sentiments connected with clanship, and it cannot be denied that union in families is delightful to witness; but of even such good things as these one may possibly have a little too much … (full long text under this link).

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