Notes from a Dying Nation

Number One, Part 3

Published on Atlantic Free Press, by Eric Larsen, March 23, 2008.

… Chapter 3: Terrorism:

It’s been said since antiquity that politics is dirty. But there is, even so, a highly significant difference between dirty politics and terrorism. Usually, dirty politics stops short of murder, torture, breach of international law, and ongoing crimes against humanity. As a rule, the dirty methods in dirty politics are not, do not become, and do not remain the sole means or method of gaining or holding power, nor the sole means of shaping or directing political change.

The Bush-Cheney administration is far beyond the realm of dirty politics and has been so from the very beginning of its so-called tenure. From the beginning, yes, even from before the beginning, it cheated and lied and deceived. It then very quickly – with 9/11 – resorted to mass murder, treason, and criminal destruction of extreme proportions. Seizing the advantage it had gained by terrifying the American public, the administration turned immediately to the use of torture, the elimination of habeas corpus and other constitutionally guaranteed rights, the breach both of international law generally and of international conventions of war particularly, and, making use again of lies, deceit, and terror, it illegally invaded two innocent nations, and in just one of them so has so far murdered 1,173,743 of its people, driven countless more from their homes and even from their country, has brought disease, poverty, and malnutrition to millions, and to countless others has brought the unspeakable horrors, suffering, and ruinous birth defects caused by the use of depleted uranium, or U-238, in weaponry, with its radioactive half-life of 4.51 billion years.

This entire program of systemic murder, ruin, criminality, and destruction has been made possible for the monsters seeking and executing it by means of one thing alone. That one thing is this group’s sole political tool, and it is through the use of this single, constantly reapplied, and incessantly visible and present tool that the group is now victorious. That one, single tool is the instillation of terror into people.

When terrified, people will do things that in other circumstances they would not, or very likely would not, do.

The United States Congress has ceased to exist as an equal branch of a three-part government for the very simple reason that it is terrified. A good number of its members, in point of fact, really are demagogic, extremely stupid, driven solely by greed or by opportunism, or are in a great number of other and generally despicable ways blind. Let’s go ahead and set those people aside for the moment, just leaving them out of the argument. That means that we’re now setting aside, let’s say, a third of the members of Congress. What is it known that we can say about the remaining two-thirds of the congressional membership? What we can say about the remaining two-thirds of the congressional membership is this: that they are terrified.

The United States today, now, this minute, is not a democracy nor is democracy the political method by which it is organized and governed.

No, the United States today, now, this minute, is a terrorist state, and the political method by which it is organized and governed is terrorism.

We know that in 2002 Vice President Lon Cheney told Senator Paul Wellstone that If you vote against the war in Iraq, the Bush administration will do whatever is necessary to get you. There will be severe ramifications for you and the state of Minnesota. We know that Wellstone did vote against the war in Iraq. And we know that soon afterward he was assassinated.

This fact is terrifying. It is a matter not of politics clean or dirty, but it is a matter of terrorism.

We know perfectly well, six-and-a-half years later, and have known perfectly well now for several years, that 9/11 was an inside job, that it was planned and executed by elements of our own government and other governing bodies – we know, that is, that in its treason it was an act of terrorism, that it was terrifying, that the people were terrified by it, and that its sole initial purpose was exactly that: To bring about a situation whereby they would be terrified.

And so a person must ask why, if we know all of this to be true, why is it that the trained monkey’s ludicrous and transparent threats of something worse than 9/11 are able so severely to terrify members of congress even now that they will say that up is down, that ham-handed is subtle, and the monkey’s absolutely appalling rendition of Moonlight Sonata was simply sublime?

Terrorism works. It works on us, and it’s working on us now.

How can such a thing have come about? Such a thing has come about because we let it. And we let it come about because we’re wretchedly stupid. We’ve allowed ourselves to be made wretchedly stupid, and we’ve allowed ourselves to remain wretchedly stupid. We’ve even come to flaunt our stupidity, to brag about it, and to defend and protect it as we would defend and protect – as we should have defended and protected – real and meaningful rights, like those in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

But it’s too late.

We lose.

Chaper 4: Or do we? … (full long long text).

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