Klaus Dona’s researches

  • Video: Solid Evidence That Giants Are Real, with Klaus Dona, 15.00 min, uploaded by UniverseExplorersTV2, Jan 18, 2013;
  • Audio: The SECRET HISTORY of the HUMAN RACE w/ Klaus Dona, 73.28 min, uploaded by Russell Scott,  Nov. 7, 2012: Being a specialist in culture and art exhibitions he organized since 1991 over 30 cultural exhibitions in Austria, Japan and Korea. His attention was automatically drawn to a phenomenon called ‘Ooparts’ – out of place artifacts …;

in german / auf deutsch:

Klaus Dona: Artefakte die es nicht geben dürfte, 57.51 min, uploaded by uniomystica1, 1. März 2012;  


about Klaus Dona and his research:

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