A video called Firewall

with french subtitles / avec des sous-titres en français

Linked with Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr. – USA, and with More on conspiracy theories …

Firewall, published on Solidarite et Progres.org, realised by LYM in USA, length: 1.24 hours.

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My comment: there are voices proposing a world-gov as solution. I do not believe this would be a solution for a more just economy, a better world.

Think only for a moment: a world gov would have more power than US/Chine/Europe/all others put together … more than all nations reunited. This with the same type of humans we know.

Now remember: As long as we humans are more fixed to work for what is called ’self’ (our person, our family, our social class, our nation, our race etc) – at the depens of all called ‘others’ (more or less the rest) – a world gov would make the mess bigger.

As long as ’self’ is more important than ‘we all’, such a power would immensely more currupt than every corruption we have seen till now.

All wars, all hunger problems, all the big gap between riches and poors, are the result of the still active believe in what’s called SOCIAL DARWINISM.

Now we have the concurrence between human groups on all levels. This concurrence holds a half door open for possible changes. Yes, this concurrence makes victims, loosers … and we have NOT to tolerate this unjust economy and its philosophy of social darwinism.

So imagine China’s behavior being used in such a world gov: no more protests possible against Human Rights abuses. The blue-white dressed chinese policemen had shown you recently in Paris how they would handle you in the future, if you protest.

Then let’s take this Tibet-China mess as an exemple: the question is not, if Tibet remains or not part of China, but HOW TIBETANS are treaten now. Further, what about free access to a gov.controled internet … sorry, humanity is not ready to give world power to any elected people over the rest of us … not speaking of any military coup d’Etat …

And: I confess, I believe in an already existing hidden power, blackmailing the highest elites of this planet on important edges of our system.

You believe that an open world gov would be a solution? Against this already working hidden force?

No, it would be worse, as all hidden blackmailings happening now would be arranged into legalized structures … come on, they have proven being enough intelligent to make that.

Look, there will be always enough dump, weak, tired, fearing people, not wanting think and act by themselves, electing some Bushs and Berlusconis promising the ultimate solutions for them.

A world gov is only part of a last falsehood, they name best solution, pushing hopeless people to move like Lemmings into their ultimate suicide-run.

Sorry, nice guys (waiting for ETs and others), sorry for your childish dreams. WE have to work it out. WE have to learn the lesson. No higher power will do for us our level’s work..

And IF there would be a power proposing themselves AS THE SOLUTION, be sure it would be what Captain Janeway called in Voyager’s episode the scorpion a deal with the devil.

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