Swiss block del Ponte over controversial book’s claims

Linked with Carla del Ponte – Switzerland, and with Ex-UN prosecutor’s organ trading claims challenged.

Published on Religious, by Marcus Papadopoulos, 15th April 2008.

… These unacceptable statements undoubtedly refer to allegations made by Del Ponte in her book of the killings of Serbs and members of Kosovo’s other ethnic minorities from 1998-1999 by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), including one account of how hundreds of Serbs were systematically abducted by the KLA and transported to camps in northern Albania where they were killed so that their body organs could be removed and trafficked in Europe.

Del Ponte’s revelations are not only an embarrassment for the ICTY, which has been branded by some international legal experts, such as former US attorney general Ramsay Clark, as an illegal and illegitimate court and one which is biased against Serbs, but will also fly in the face of how western governments, in particular those in the United States, Britain and Germany, branded the KLA to their domestic audiences as heroic freedom fighters during NATO’S bombing campaign against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999.

The ICTY will inevitably come under pressure, particularly from the governments of Russia and Serbia, to explain why for the past nine years not one perpetrator of the killings of Serbs for their organs has been hauled before its judges. And with the court’s recent release of the former Kosovan prime minister and KLA commander, Ramush Haradinaj, who had stood accused of murdering and torturing Serbs in Kosovo but was acquitted on the grounds of insufficient evidence (even though the trial judges did comment that Haradinaj had indeed committed these heinous crimes), the impartiality of this court has once again been brought into question.

It is in fact the case that the ICTY is simply a tentacle of NATO which has the function of ensuring that any individual who attempts to derail the geopolitical objectives of the West will be severely punished. What the ICTY administers is not justice but Siegerjustiz-victor’s justice. (full text).

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