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The economics curriculum: towards a radical reformation, 3d May – 31st May 2013 – Conference Guidelines – Published on Real-World Economics Review Blog, by Edward Fullbrook, May 4, 2013.

  • - a World Economics Association Conference;
  • – with Open Discussion Forum.

Welcome to all participants to the conference Discussion Forum: All interested in participating in the dialogue about the economics curriculum. Only when papers depart too much from normal standards of conference papers have we rejected them. Since we believe that values are necessarily involved in all papers, no paper has been rejected for ideological or political reasons. In the present situation characterized by multifaceted and complex threats to humankind, we need an open, pluralistic debate in line with normal ideas of democracy. Participation in the discussion is not limited to the authors of posted papers and we hope that all interested WEA members will contribute to the dialogue. We look forward to a constructive dialogue and hope to learn something about curriculum development, and also to learn what works logistically for purposes of future online conferences.   

Practical details: All papers are available for readers on this website. Commentators can write on specific papers or on several papers together. They can also make general comments on the conference. Comments on several papers and/or on general issues can be posted on the “General Comments” page. If you are not a WEA member, please feel invited to join us by going to the WEA website to register (no fee required): http://www.worldeconomicsassociation.org/membership. According to rules of fruitful dialogue, we expect authors to respond to the comments on their papers as well as on related general remarks … (full text).

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