Fighting Austerity

Watch this workshop-Video, 100.55 min, published on Socialist, in Ottawa, April 27, 2013 (also on YouTube, uploaded by Ottawaactivistnews, May 6, 2013).

The panelists discuss the history and scope of the austerity agenda, its effects on the environment, indigenous peoples and working people the world over. Who and what is driving this agenda and how do we conceive of a fight back strategy that might begin to challenge the current hegemony of corporate power:

  • Janet Fraser, Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario and Organizer, Solidarity Against Austerity (Moderator), Donald Swartz, Professor (retired), Carleton University, School of Public Policy and Administration, at 1:28 min;
  • Jennifer Moore, Latin America Program Coordinator, Mining Watch Canada, at 16:35 min;  
  • Ben Powless, Defenders of the Land at 31:10 min;
  • Sharrae Lyon, Student and Organizer for SAA (Moderator) Yafa Jarrar, Palestinian Solidarity Activist and Organizer, SAA, at 1:07:03 min;
  • Geoff Bickerton, Research Director, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, at 1:29:55 min;

… (full text).

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