Euthanasia and the right to die when I decide it

  • The Debate that Never Dies: Euthanasia and Ethics, 28.30 min, uploaded by etiskraad, Feb 28, 2012;
  • Euthanasia: How has it worked out in Belgium? 76.47 min, with Jan L. Bernheim MD PhD, uploaded by Henrik Thomé, April 16, 2011: Mise en ligne le 16 avril 2011: Belgium introduced legal euthanasia in 2002. What are the experiences so far?
  • The Phil’s Euthanasia Debate, 80.23 min, uploaded by TCDPhil, Dec 1, 2011: On 17th November 2011, the University Philosophical Society of Trinity College Dublin held a debate on the motion that this house would Legalise Assisted Suicide for all Adults. Speaking in the debate were Terry Pratchett, Dr. Philip Nietzche, Tom Curran, Kevin O’Sullivan and Maureen Junker-Kenny;  
  • License to kill, 25.00 min, published on Al Jazeera, by 101 East, May 16, 2013: Is Australia’s moral compass being called into question as opinions change about euthanasia? It is illegal in Australia, taboo across Asia, and a political and moral minefield to boot, yet poll after poll shows 80  percent of Australians want voluntary euthanasia introduced;
  • Should physician-assisted dying be legalised? 66.42 min, uploaded by battleofideas, Noc 27, 2009;


Euthanasia on en.wikipedia;

Physician Assisted Death, on The Hasting Center, by Timothy E. Quill and Jane Greenlaw, article not dated.

(My comment:

  • the answer is in relation with our own death’s perception and the judgment we have about others  meddling.
  • We must have the right to decide our own end of life, but we have no right to impose others our own believes.
  • Having no right to decide about my own end of life – whatever is my health, age or life condition – is the latest bastion of my submission to other’s believes / no freedom / the loss of my integrity to decide for myself).

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