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Watch this video, Rev. Kevin Annett, original air date March 08, 2012, 58.16 min, uploaded by Harold Channer, March 2, 2012: A Canadian clergyman in his mid fifties, Kevin Annett has for nearly twenty years led the movement to bring to light and prosecute atrocities in Christian Indian residential schools, and win justice for survivors.

Expelled in 1995 from his former United Church of Canada for exposing murders in that church’s Indian residential schools, and persecuted and blacklisted for his efforts, Kevin is now an award-winning film maker, author, social activist and public lecturer who works with victims of church violence and genocide all over the world.  

In 2009, he helped to establish the five-nation International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, which is seeking to indict church and government leaders for crimes against humanity. Kevin is an adopted member of three aboriginal nations, and holds Master’s degrees in Political Science and Theology.

He is the author of the book: Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present (2011); and Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present (2010), on Love for Life, and is the co-producer of the documentary film Unrepentant, which won Best Documentary at the Los Angeles and New York Independent Film Festivals in 2006/7.

He also hosts the popularly acclaimed public affairs blog radio program, Hidden from History (on, and is a consultant to numerous aboriginal and abuse survivors groups in North America and Europe. Rev. Annett preaches regularly at aboriginal, community and Unitarian churches across the continent. As a result of Kevin’s tireless efforts on behalf of native people, the Canadian government was forced to issue a public “apology” and reparations program concerning Indian residential schools, in July of 2008 …;

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Kevin Annett is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize May 8 – New York City: LET’S GO VIRAL ON THIS AS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THIS, on People’s Trust Saskatoon, May 9, 2013;
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Lasst das um die Welt gehen, weil jeder es wissen muss, auf Die Stunde der Wahrheit, von Oceane99, 21. Mai 2013: Kevin Annett wurde für den Friedensnobelpreis am 8. Mai (2013) nominiert – New York City …;

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