Money out of Thin Air?

How Banks Create Money Out Of Thin Air, 7.06 min, uploaded by Kalinda Stevenson, Jan. 30, 2008; Money Creation seen as a positive act, by No Money


(for videos and texts, showing different views on the still running discussion how money is created out of thin air – shows mainly individual preferences):  

Dan Kervick: Do Banks Create Money from Thin Air? on naked capitalism, by blog owner, June 6, 2013:
Yves here. This post by Kervick is LONG, but that’s because he unpacks the “creation” of money in a step-by-step manner. Your patience will be rewarded …;

The power to ‘create money out of thin air’, on OurKingdom, by Ann Petitfor, Jan. 18, 2013: Understanding capitalism’s elastic production of money and moving on beyond Adam Smith and ‘fractional reserve banking’ – Ann Pettifor reviews Geoffrey Ingham’s Capitalism …;

in german: Occupy Absurdes Geldsystem 2013, mit Prof. Dr. Franz Hörman , 55.56 min, von M3tatr0n2012 am 1. April 2012 hochgeladen: … es ist nur noch unser Glaube, der dem Geld seinen Wert gibt … über das Betrugsmodell unseres Finanzsystems – und den Ausweg daraus (Webseite);

how to make money out of thin air – P2, 73.51 min, uploaded by EverythingisSciences, November 11, 2012;

stupid … I cannot let these question, on HBB, December 9, 2011;

Banks, money and thin air
, on The Socialist Party of Great Britain, by Adam Buick, January 2009;

Out of Thin Air: How Money is Really Made, on LiveScience, by Jeremy Hsu,  23 October 2008.

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