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IRELANDS fight against HOME EVICTIONS (TNS Radio Seeking Solution), 47.48 min, uploaded by FREEDOMTVtm, May 10, 2013: This fly-on-the-wall film looks at a week in the life of TNS Radio based in Eire. It looks at the bogus Children’s Referendum handing over the children of Eire to the state that has abused them for so long as well as ECB bail out consequences for the Irish people. The film centres around the multi-track work of web-based TNS Radio with “citizen journalists” and frontline activists highlighted with interviews, compilation clips and actual footage …;

Explosive Fracking Documentary, 50.20 min, (Starts at 1.15 min: spoken in English, subtitled in Dutch/NL), uploaded by OccupyNWO, April 25, 2013;  

Truthland: Dispatches from the Real Gasland – Full Movie [HD], 34.29 min, uploaded by TruthlandMovie, June 12, 2012: for more visit Truthland /Hompage; /The Experts; /The Facts; /The Blog;
meme video en français, 34.29 min;
same video en Español (spoken in english, subtitled in spanish), 33.58 min,

David Icke on This Morning, March 14, 2013, 10.59 min, uploaded by john stevens, March 14, 2013.

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