Secret of the Seven Sisters: The Story of Oil

first on AlJazeera English, here uploaded by Zubenelgenubiii, April 28, 2013:

… and these are the new Seven Sisters:  

  • Saudi Arabia’s Saudi Aramco, the largest and most sophisticated oil company in the world;
  • Russia’s Gazprom, a company that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin wrested away from the oligarchs;
  • The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), which, along with its subsidiary, Petrochina, is the world’s secnd largest company in terms of market value;
  • The National Iranian Oil Company, which has a monopoly on exploration, extraction, transportation and exportation of crude oil in Iran — OPEC’s second largest oil producer after Saudi Arabia;
  • Venezuela’s PDVSA, a company the late president Hugo Chavez dismantled and rebuilt into his country’s economic engine and part of his diplomatic arsenal;
  • Brazil’s Petrobras, a leader in deep water oil production, that pumps out 2 million barrels of crude oil a day;
  • and Malaysia’s Petronas – Asia’s most profitable company in 2012.

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