The Natural Economic Order

Linked with Bernd Senf – Germany.

A book by Silvio Gesell – Belgium & Germany (1862 – 1930).

Published on many websites to be downloaded, so also here: Download, part 1 to V, and chapter by chapter, what is considered as his main work, translated from german in english: The Natural Economic Order.

Some comments on the book:

  • “I believe that the future will learn more from the spirit of Gesell than from that of Marx” – J.M. Keynes;
  • “Clarity and literary grace .. theoretically perfectly sound” – Hugh Gaitskell;
  • “May I say at once how delighted I am that there is to be a translation of this book?” – Professor E.A.G. Robinson, Joint Editor of the Economic Journal, 1957;
  • … The book gives the economist, the politician and the businessman clear insight into the mechanism and dangers of inflation and deflation and contains an authorative account of unhoardable money, money that causes its holder carrying costs – a completely original idea important in monetary theory and practice (CES Community Exchange System, South Africa.

… (full text).


Silvio Gesell was a German merchant, theoretical economist, social activist, anarchist and founder of the Freiwirtschaft;

His many books by Google inauthor book-search;


The Natural Economic Order – a cesc course;

The Community Exchange System CES, South Africa;

dropping knowledge;

Social Entrepreneurship;

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