Taxes, America and Aaron Russo

Linked (thematically) with Dominique Plihon – France, with G. Edward Griffin – USA and his book The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, and with Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

Aaron Russo (1943 – 2007) was an American entertainment businessman, film maker, and libertarian political activist … (full text).

Published by Google-Video – all following Aaron Russo’s Interview-Videos run running under the same URL:

Historic Interview with Aaron Russo, Fighting Cancer and the New World Order, 69 min, Jan. 30, 2007;

The Aaron Russo Interview, 54 min – Oct. 23, 2006;

AMERICA: Freedom To Fascism, 36 min, June 8, 2006;

… and more …

and under this URL you may find:

Aaron Russo talks with Ron Paul, 7 min, 11.03.2007.

… and more …

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