Tell Congress to listen to McClellan

… White House claims on Iran are suspect

Published on CNN/, Ed Hornick, Rebecca Sinderbrand and Alexander Mooney contributed, May 31, 2008, (Click there on video to watch him for 19.41 min – runs automatically to next videos about, you listen while you work).

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, whose tell-all book blasts the Bush administration on issues including Hurricane Katrina, the election and the Iraq war, didn’t say Friday whether he still considers himself a Republican.

But he did say he supports parts of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama’s agenda …

… McClellan told CNN that reports the publisher of his book doesn’t pay higher than six-figure advances to its authors is “an accurate account of things” but wouldn’t say exactly how much of an advance he was paid.

“When people say, ‘He’s out there to make a profit,’ one, they don’t know me or my upbringing and my reasoning. They haven’t had a chance to read the book,” he said. “Two, they don’t know ["What Happened" publisher] Public Affairs and the kind of publisher that they are”. (full text).


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