When we were Woodstock (2)

Linked with When we were Woodstock (1, and 3, and 4).

Simon and Garfunkel – the Concert live in Central Park NY, 167.19 min, uploaded by GINO ABARCA PINTO, March 9, 2013;
Simon and Garfunkel on YouTube-search;
live 1969 simon and garfunkel on YouTube-search;

Joan Baez: We Shall Overcome – (Woodstock 1969), 4.25 min, uploaded by music4peaceatworld, Jan 29, 2011;
JOAN BAEZ THE SONGBOOK, 153.29 min, uploaded by Rolf-Hergen Dierksen, Jan 15, 2013;  
Joan Baez on YouTube-search;
joan baez woodstock on YouTube-search;

the Grateful Dead: a whole dead show … view from the vault, 223.54 min, uploaded by drivingproblems, May 13, 2011;
the Grateful Dead on YouTube-search;

Richie Havens 1969 Woodstock – Freedom, 4.52 min, uploaded by Qmilkman,  Feb 27, 2008;
Richie Havens on YouTube-search.

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