about Bradley Manning and the Nuremberg Charter (or London Charter)

Bradley Manning, the Nuremberg Charter and Refusing to Collaborate with War Crimes, Pt 3 of 4, 14.03 min, by TheRealNews, August 9, 2013 – (also uploaded on YouTube by The Real News, August 9, 13): In this segment (3/4) of Reality Asserts Itself, Paul Jay and Vijay Prashad discuss the Bradley Manning case in light of the 68th anniversary of signing the Nuremberg Charter which states it is illegal to follow orders to commit a war crime;

The Charter and Judgment of the Nürnberg Tribunal – History and Analysis, on UN.org, by UN General Assembly International Law Commission, 1949, 100 pdf-pages;  


on Yale Law School/The Avalon Project:

on wikipedia:

Repetition – The video which Bradley Manning released to wikileaks, the reason for his imprisonnement:

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