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2013-08-01: Should China Deregulate?
2013-08-01: rund ums Geld mit Bernd Senf;
2013-08-02: Economic Recovery by Statistical Manipulation;
2013-08-03: Five Wedges That Crack the “Melting Pot” Meme;
2013-08-03: Inflation – Armut – Geldsystem;
2013-08-04: When we were Woodstock (2);
2013-08-05: Bonded labour: Fighting bonded labour in Nepal;
2013-08-05: Darf ich Ihnen etwas sagen?
2013-08-06: Requiem for a revolution that never was;
2013-08-06: Absolute Mehrheit;
2013-08-07: The Detroit Bail-In Template: Fleecing Pensioners to Save the Banks;
2013-08-08: NSA Aftermath: German Firms Scramble to Boost Data Protection, part 1;
2013-08-08: Oliver Janich;
2013-08-09: Members Of Congress Denied Access To Basic Information About NSA;
2013-08-10: June 2012: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t …;
2013-08-11: about Bradley Manning and the Nuremberg Charter (or London Charter);
2013-08-12: Real business cycles – transmogrifying obfuscation;
2013-08-13: June’s trade deficit;
2013-08-14: Wall Street Take-Off: 2012-2013;
2013-08-15: The US Has Lowest Minimum Wage and Most Young People Without Jobs Among Wealthiest Countries;
2013-08-15: Prof. Heiner Flassbeck auf YouTube;
2013-08-15: AlJazeera Life Stream;
2013-08-16: The Stop-Go U.S. Economic Recovery;
2013-08-17: The Whistleblowers at the Frontier of Digital Liberation;
2013-08-18: two old informations / deux anciennes infos;
2013-08-19: Detroit Residents on Bankruptcy – We Have No Democracy;
2013-08-20: Alternative Education Can Eliminate Corruption;
2013-08-20: This (UK) government is NOT our gov;
2013-08-21: Poor Adam;
2013-08-22: Snowden NSA files: US and UK at odds over security tactics as row escalates;
2013-08-23: Financial markets: ever more inefficient and costly;
2013-08-23: Kein Knebelgesetz für Afghanistans Frauen;
2013-08-24: Made in China: The Green Futurism of Architect Ma Yansong;
2013-08-25: US Households Continue to Bleed;
2013-08-26: As pro-Morsi protests wane and oil-rich Arab Gulf states line up to support Egypt;
2013-08-27: Google And The NSA: Who’s Holding The ‘Shit-Bag’ Now?
2013-08-27: Heinrich Staudinger;
2013-08-28: Secularists to dominate Egypt’s final constitution-drafting process;
2013-08-29: What Gives the U.S. the Right to Bomb Syria?
2013-08-29: Swan Lake, like you’ve never seen before;
2013-08-30: UK: The paradox of coalition;
2013-08-31: Flats over Shelters: Asylum Seekers Embrace Alternative Housing.

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