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Bloody reckoning: Crisis-torn Egypt’s future on a knife edge after crackdown on Islamists, on Russia Today RT, August 15, 2013:  The Egyptian military’s crackdown on supporters of ex-President Mohamed Morsi has plunged the world’s most populous Arab nation into its worst violence for decades. The country is teetering between a return to Mubarak-era autocracy and civil war …;

Egypt crisis: Cairo quiet after deadly crackdown, on BBCmiddle east, August 15, 2013;

343 killed in Egypt’s clashes: ministry, on english Xinjuanet, August 15, 2013: At least 343 people were killed across Egypt in clashes between supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi and the security troops, after the latter dispersed on Wednesday two major pro-Morsi sit-in sites in the country, the Health Ministry said Thursday. The announced death toll has risen by over 100 after Wednesday evening’s figure given by the Health Ministry showed at least 235 people were killed and over 2,000 injured in the nationwide clashes. The Health Ministry said late Wednesday that 43 policemen were killed in the confrontations.
The Egyptian security forces started Wednesday dawn the cleaning-up operation at Rabaa al-Adawiya Square in Cairo’s Nasr City and Nahda Square in Giza. The pro-Morsi protesters had been sitting in there for some 45 days. After the deadly clashes, the Egyptian interim presidency announced on Wednesday a state of emergency nationwide for one month, while the cabinet imposed curfew on turmoil governorates including the capital Cairo, Giza and Alexandria …;

Deep pessimism as Egypt counts its dead and Muslim Brotherhood vows revenge: We no longer hear the sane voices,’ young Egyptian man tells Haaretz. Meanwhile, Egyptian officials said the Muslim Brotherhood has called for attacks on police stations and public buildings – Published on HAARETZ, by Jack Khoury, August 15, 2013;

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