This (UK) government is NOT our gov

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  • Glenn Greenwald Fires Back After Partner Detained At Heathrow, 9.00 min, uploaded by The Young Turks TYT / Cenk Uygur, August 19, 2013: Journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote a scathing piece in The Guardian in response to the questionable circumstances under which his partner David Miranda was detained (”under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act of 2000″*) at Heathrow airport by UK authorities. Greenwald says it was a failed attempt at intimidation in light of Greenwald’s revelations regarding NSA spying leaks from Edward Snowden;  
  • Glenn Greenwald: detaining my partner was a failed attempt at intimidation: The detention of my partner, David Miranda, by UK authorities will have the opposite effect of the one intended, on The Guardian, by Glenn Greenwald, August 19, 2013;
  • UK police urged to explain detention of Glenn Greenwald’s partner, on The Sydney Morning Herald, by Karla Adam, August 20, 2013.  And in the left column, same page, a small video, 1.40 min: I WILL BE MORE AGGRESSIVE IN MY REPORTING! Glenn Greenwald says he will not back down after David Miranda, the partner of the journalist with close ties to NSA leaker Edward Snowden was held for hours by British authorities.

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