The Orion Project (to be continued)

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(My comment: I put some interest in this project, as a possible hope for a real economic change for this humanity. Personally I believe that free energy is inherent part of this universe – we also call it creation – and that our humanity may use it for any activity we choose. For me, THIS answer is sure.  

The only question remains: when this energy is accessible, will there be still some gangsters wanting take it for themselves and sell it to us for a price too high to permit any reasonable development for all? Today the international High Finance gnomes have this role … and HERE the answer is not sure at all. We have still NOT been able yet to control democratically our world economy.

Belonging to this logic: If we find an endless source of free energy, then it may be like the (water) source installed on our own field in South of France: the water is free for use, but the state company managing all water resources has the monopole for the installations leading it to our house, so we have to pay them every gallon we use. Endlessly, as they claim having also the monopole for all services. Here we have to think about a later democratic use.

Frankly spoken: what ever we may find in new technologies to improve human life conditions, our real development may start only if we share its benefits with the poorest. I mean share it really, not only give some crumbs.

Anyway, let us observe what happens with this Orion Project):

A special link for Advanced Energy Research Organization on wikipedia. Maybe one is willing to correct there what is failing.

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