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ASEAN’s Co-operation and Agricultural and Rural Development in the Globalisation Era.
Hanoi, November 27-28, 2008.

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From: Scholarship and Job
Date: 01/07/2008

CALL FOR PAPERS: At the meeting in December 2007, the FAEA Council has agreed with suggestion of the Vietnam Economic Association that theme of the 33rd FAEA annual conference is “”ASEAN’s Co-operation and Agricultural and Rural Development in the Globalisation Era”.

The background of the topic selection is the following:

  • First, globalisation becomes a common feature of the world economy since 1990s. It’s a multifaceted phenomenon, which includes the acceleration of international trade, of the flows of labour, capital and technology, as well as of the transfer of ideas and patterns of living. ASEAN economies are forcing regional economic intergration with implementation of AFTA, AIA, E-ASEAN, as well as co-opeation with regional partners like China, East Asian, South Asian, APEC countries, etc. Globalisation and international economic co-operation is a strong factor influencing development of ASEAN countries. In particular, in the last time the food shortage becomes one of the critical issues not only in the Southeast Asian region, but also in the global scale;
  • Second, the ASEAN as a whole community and most of it’s separate country-members are producers and exporters of agricultural products. Agricultural and rural development is one of the key pilars in political, economical and social policies of most of the ASEAN countries;
  • Third, due to changing prices and trade conditions of agricultural products in international markets, ASEAN’s farmers face new opportunities and challenges for development. ASEAN as a whole community and separate ASEAN countries have to participate more actively in international discussions and agreement, including in encouraging progress of Doha round;
  • Fourth, implementation of MDGs, especially the goal of poverty reduction requires also special attention on farmers’ life and rural development, since most of the poor concentrates in the rural areas.

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The 33rd FAEA Conference will provide opportunity for academicians and policy-makers in the ASEAN countries (and possibly other non-ASEAN countries) to exchange research findings, opinions and experience in studies of socio-economic impacts of globalisation, agricultural and rural development, ASEAN’s co-operation, poverty reduction, and linking research with policy-making process.

Key issues suggested to be discussed at the Conference:

  • The world’s market of agricultural products: growth and structural changes of ASEAN’s shares. Price tendencies.
  • Competitiveness and perspectives of ASEAN’s agricultural products.
  • Impacts of AFTA implementation on ASEAN’s agriculture.
  • Co-operation of ASEAN countries in production, processing and trade of agricultural products. Experiences and initiatives of co-operation in information sharing, production, processing and trading ASEAN’s “typical ” products (rice, rubber, palm oil, tropical fruits, etc.). Experiences and possibilities of creating global value chains of agricultural products.
  • Visions and concepts of ASEAN in issues of Doha Development Round. Implementation of supporting policies and incentives of the goverments towards agriculture in WTO context. Comparative study of policies of ASEAN countries toward rural development and farmers.
  • Experiences of countries and localities in production development, processing and trade of agriculture products. State, private investment, FDI in agriculture and rural development. Implementation and impacts the “brown”, “green” and “white” revolutions on farmers’ life.
  • Impacts of urbanisation and industrialisation on land ternure and land use, employment and life quality of farmers. Labour mobility in urbanisation and globalisation process. Rural-urban and international migration of labour.
  • Farmers’ income and life in comparison with that of other social groups. Implementation of MDGs, especially poverty reduction in rural areas. Welfare issues in rural areas. Progresses and constrains to improvement of sanitarity and environment in rural areas, impacts on health and quality of life of ASEAN’s rural population.
  • Emergent issues of rural sustainable development in ASEAN countries: Consequences of natural disasters and climate changes. Trend of bio-fuel development and it’s impacts on food security and sustainable development in ASEAN’s agriculture and rural communities.

As the Conference host, the Vietnam Economic Association would like to cordially invite all policymakers, academicians and practitioners participate in the Conference.

September 2008: Submission of abstracts and drafts;
October 2008: Decision on acceptance of papers;
End of October 2008: Submission of final papers.

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