Economic Concept and Purpose in Islam, Part 1 to 3

The economics of zakah and its relevance to modern times is a hotly debated issue among both religious and liberal Muslims. This series of articles will attempt to explain the concept of zakah in the light of only the Quran and the faithful implementation of this concept by our Prophet (pbuh). We will see how a similarly implemented system can solve the current economic problems of not just Muslims, but of the whole world …

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Conclusion: Dear sisters and brothers! We must re-turn to the true spirit of the Quran; we must have the courage to follow the Islam of our Prophet (pbuh), which requires real sacrifice and a drastic change in our lifestyles. We must go back to the Quran as the primary source, and not to the rulings of Islamic scholars from the time of the Ummayad and Abbasid rulers.

In Part 2 of this article we will look at the real meaning and significance of zakah – the Arabic word zakah with its root z-k-w , which means growth and development, not charity or poor-due. Keeping this meaning in full view, zakah is supposed to ultimately lead to growth and development of all human beings; it is supposed to remove the need for charity or poor-due in the long term. We will see how zakah not only leads to the economic progress of individuals and all human beings, but to their spiritual progress as well. We will also note the difference between Sadaqaa and Zakah.

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