Foiling A ‘Lottery Of Death’

Published on, by Andrew Kishner, 11 July, 2008.

While the mainstream media is running news articles with headlines such as ‘How might Israel attack Iran’ and ‘Can Israel do it alone, or do they need the U.S.?’, 99% of the world’s citizens reading these news pieces remain oblivious to the radiation effects of a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Such an attack would employ either nuclear weapons, resulting in global radiation fallout, or conventional bunker buster weaponry that would unleash harmful, radioactive uranium dust from Iran’s facilities that would likewise circle the globe and endanger the lives of millions.

In either case, innocent citizens in near and far-away lands would be players in a ‘lottery of death’. This is how the lottery of death will work: If a rainstorm occurs where you live, in your hometown, and the fallout clouds are, at that moment, above you in the upper atmosphere, you will get irradiated. You can be thousands of miles from Iran and it doesn’t matter. The Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), who have been a leading voice in educating folks on the dangers of a nuclear attack on Iran, won’t tell you that radiation from an attack on Iran’s facilities can end up in your village or city regardless of where you live. Most people don’t know that dust particles regularly fly off the surface of deserts in China or North Africa and land in California or Florida. Or from the Nevada Test Site to towns in Utah or Missouri or New York or Quebec or London. Uranium dust will act no differently. The fallout, containing uranium dust or radioisotopes from a nuclear bomb yield, could manifest in the form of rain or snow and contaminate milk or leafy vegetables or other food products anywhere on the globe … (full text).

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