The enemy within: Right-wing thuggery paralyzes the empire

Published on Intrepid Report, by Larry Chin, October 11, 2013.

If the power of the war machine and corporations are measures of success in the eyes of global elites, then the Barack Obama presidency has been a perfect Republican administration, and a seamless extension of the Bush/Cheney era. This fact renders the present moment all the more surreal.  

A small minority of right-wing fanatics in the House of Representatives, led by the Tea Party, and bankrolled by right-wing groups, led by the Koch brothers, have hijacked and shut down the US government, and now threaten to bring down the global economy by pushing the US into default.

What is ironic is the fact that a small band of psychopaths—genuine terrorists—is holding a gun to the head of the global Anglo-American empire itself, and threatening yet more political violence in spite of the fact Obama has been the model Republican. Under Obama, the military and the CIA have never been stronger. The empire has grabbed more oil-related geography overseas, and is poised to go after more. The wealthy and powerful are getting wealthier and more powerful. Income inequality is worse than at any time since the Great Depression. The Supreme Court is poised to increase campaign contribution limits, giving wealthy power brokers even more influence (this in the wake of the Citizens United ruling that already opened the floodgates to corporate domination of the political process). Government services within the US have already been so dramatically cut that suffering is an everyday fact for large numbers of Americans. Criminality benefitting the powerful is rampant … //

… The Koch brothers and their minions engineered this shutdown after having failed to steal the last presidential election for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Stinging, these forces gathered within hours of Obama’s victory—under the guidance of the (deeply criminal) Reagan administration attorney general, Edwin Meese—to plot the destruction of Obama’s second term at all costs.

Some of them are simply blowhard psychopaths. Others, such as the Kochs, seek absolute power. Not satisfied with the right-wing corporate power that they already enjoy (that Obama has obediently preserved), they want more, and are willing to fracture the corporate consensus to do it. It is more important to these militants to destroy the mythical Obama “black leftist” than to accept that the Republican Obama reality has been in their political best interests.

All that is left is an even more perverted state of anarchy. More political gamesmanship, leading to more suffering for more ordinary people.

And most interestingly, there does not appear to be any intervention from the typical New World Order ranks to quiet the insanity within, even though the world economy—their most precious petroleum- and corruption-fed baby—is at risk for total collapse. (Which raises interesting questions beyond the scope of this piece.)

It is no surprise to know that the Department of Homeland Security is, as you read this, engaged in a massive domestic buildup.

This is how empires fall. When criminality breeds dissension within its own ranks. When external agendas fail. When internal poisons cannot be contained.
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