Index October – Dezember 2013

2013-10-01: Global Wealth Report 2013;
2013-10-01: Tabuthema: Wahlbetrug/Wahlfälschung in Deutschland;
2013-10-02: UK: Energy prices, Labour’s bounce and Miliband’s big dilemma;
2013-10-02: Ausländerfeindlichkeit: Wahnsinn and deutschen Schulen;
2013-10-03: Greenwald: The objective of the NSA is literally the elimination of global privacy;
2013-10-04: Shutdown Spectacle: America Is Already Politically Bankrupt;
2013-10-05: Louisiana veterans group building facility to help homeless vets, families;
2013-10-06: A plea for reorienting philosophical attention from models to applied economics;
2013-10-07: The Barefoot Mayor: Local Hero Takes on Sicilian Corruption, Part 1;
2013-10-08: British extremists use Syria as training ground before returning home;
2013-10-09: BBC Newsnight: Interview with Glenn Greenwald on Snowden, NSA, GCHQ and Spying;
2013-10-09: The Bank are gearing up for the Collapse;
2013-10-10: Aggressive and insidious: More details of Canada spying techniques to follow;
2013-10-11: Martial Law and the Economy: Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse?
2013-10-12: Participatory Economics: Alternative to Capitalism?
2013-10-13: The enemy within: Right-wing thuggery paralyzes the empire;
2013-10-14: Links on my Dashboard;
2013-10-15: Why Institutional Money is often Dumb Money;
2013-10-16: UK: Bankers may be jailed under proposed new UK law;
2013-10-17: The Ascent of Money;
2013-10-18: The Unluckiest People on Earth: Syrians refugees thought Egypt would be safe. They were wrong;
2013-10-19: GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin GEAB N°78;
2013-10-20: US: More than 10 million legal files snared in Megaupload shutdown;
2013-10-21: Paul Craigh Roberts;
2013-10-22: Empire Building, the Debt Ceiling, the Budget Deficit, the Samson Solution;
2013-10-23: The Business of America Is War;
2013-10-24: With debt ceiling lifted, will America move to non-fiction on economic issues?
2013-10-25: Are the Roma Primitive, or Just Poor?
2013-10-26: Conservatives: Agents of Capitalism;
2013-10-27: less work,
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2013-11-06: The Million Mask March;
2013-11-09: The Entire Fiat Money System is Bankrupt;
2013-11-13: WhistleBlower Head of FBI … ;
2013-11-15: SPD Parteitag November 2013;
2013-11-18: Hoffung für die Zukunft;
2013-11-19: über Veränderungen;
2013-11-21: Oekonomie und Politik;
2013-11-23: California housing, recovery or bubble?
2013-11-26: Linkspolitik;
2013-11-29: Auf den Spuren der geheimnisvollen Hydrinos;
2013-12-02: Eugen Drewermann;
2013-12-03: Economics with Prof Steve Keen;
2013-12-09: French Philosopher Finkielkraut: There Is a Clash of Civilizations, Part 1;
2013-12-14: Europa, Krise, Alternativen;
2013-12-18: Age of Abundance;
2013-12-22: Karl Marx;
2013-12-22: Neue Sensationelle Erkenntnisse zu den Pyramiden;
2013-12-25: Physik und was wir verstehen;
2013-12-26: aus Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten;
2013-12-29: Oscar Brenifier;
2013-12-31: Jahresrückblicke.

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