An unrecognizable America

Published on Online Journal, by Gary Simon, Aug 8, 2008.

Dear America, I see who you are but don’t recognize you anymore …

… Americans were horrified when the Bush/Cheney team turned its back on the victims of Katrina. When that same callousness was repeated with their “do nothing, say nothing” antics during the recent Midwest flooding, only small doses of criticism were directed at these Machiavellian engineers. It’s as if an entire country – no, an entire world – has learned to accept a new worldview that the job of governing is in the hands of the private sector and out of the government’s …

… Why haven’t we, America, wanted more from a leader who should invest in us, and not his corporatist friends? Why haven’t we questioned and then made this entire group accountable for its selling off and its piecemealing of our governmental branches? Why have we allowed industrialists to exploit our forests and waters and remain fully dependent on old fossil fuels instead of new technologies?

Why have we permitted a war to continue, now that we know its full intent – to privatize one country and allow government contracts (many no-bid contracts) to be handed out in the billions? Why have we permitted the Constitution to become besmirched? Why haven’t we held our representatives and senators accountable? Why haven’t we opened the book on enlightenment and asked more of ourselves?

When we start addressing these questions, when we put decency ahead of greed, when we restore our government back to its rightful role and not as a whore to special interests and lords of money, then America, I’ll walk with my head up by your side. When we can halt the abuses abroad, when we can put democracy before hedonistic economics, then I’ll salute you – and this time mean it. When we can return to dignity and abandon the callous ways we treat our people and others outside our borders, I will then sit down with you, hat in hand.

But until that time, I’ll continue to watch over your shoulder, with both eyes wide open. Sincerely, One of your citizens. (full long text).

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