Is Africa A Cold War Battleground?

Linked with Sam Akaki – Uganda.

Published on, (first on The African Executive), by Sam Akaki, 09 August, 2008.

Thanks to the dwindling primary natural resources, oil and gas, the West is hounding Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and Sudan’s al-Bashir, and heaping blame on Russia and China for protecting them; thus setting the stage for a new Cold War to be fought in Africa.

The last Cold War saw the savage murder or violent overthrow by the British, Americans, Belgians, French and Portuguese of nationalist African leaders including Patrice Lumumba, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Luis Cabral, Eduardo Mondlane, Samora Marcel, Milton Obote, Hamed Sekou Toure, Gamel Abdel Nasser and Ahmed Ben Bella who were dubbed terrorists or Russian and Chinese sympathizers.

The lucky ones – Jomo Kenyatta, Robert Mugabe and Nelson Mandela were given long prison sentences from which they were never expected to come out, alive. Today, Mandela’s statue stands as a monument of British cynicism, in Parliament Square, London. The statue stood there for three years until last week when the USA finally removed Mandela’s name from the list of international terrorists …

… Aren’t African leaders facing a simple choice: stand firm and tell the west not to touch al-Bashir, or keep silent and wait to be picked off one by one? (full text).

(Sam Akaki is Executive Director, Democratic Institutions for Poverty Reduction in Africa DIPRA).

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