California housing, recovery or bubble?

Published on OC Housing News, by Buena Park News, Nov 21, 2013.

Are we witnessing a new sustained housing recovery in California, or are we witnessing a new housing bubble? Some housing bulls postulate the dramatic increase in prices springs from sound fundamentals. Rents and incomes increased, unemployment dropped, and distressed property sales returned to pre-crisis levels. Some housing bears posit the dramatic increase in prices feigns the signs of market health while the patient is still very sick.  

Prices moved up far faster than rents and incomes (nearly 10 times faster), unemployment lingers, distressed properties lurk in the shadows temporarily removed by lender can-kicking, and the demand depends on fickle investors and artificial government programs and federal reserve stimulus, both temporary measures.

Debates concerning fundamentals aside, whether or not you consider current market action indicative of a recovery or a bubble depends largely on what yardstick you use to measure value. The reports I generate use current owner cashflow and a comparison to current rents to establish value. This number incorporates real estate prices, rents, and most importantly, interest rates to establish value. It’s susceptible to swings in financing costs, and it can be distorted by manipulative federal reserve interest rate policies. Another method of valuation considers historic relationships of price-to-income and price-to-rent. Those measures fail to consider the impact of interest rates on affordability, so when interest rates are low, these measures claim prices are overvalued when in reality, the market may be at an equilibrium with current costs … //

… (full text and a graph).

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