The Orion Project – TOP Negotiating for Stan Meyer Equipment

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(Download: The Orion Project Visits Stan Meyer’s Technology).

Received by mail:

From: The Orion Project
Date: 20/08/2008

Dear Friends, The response to our recent request for financial support has been very encouraging. As you know, we are now actively negotiating to acquire and re-create Stan Meyer’s revolutionary technology using water as fuel to provide abundant clean energy. Through the immediate and generous donations of many, we received more than $25,000 over night! This clearly demonstrates the public is indeed eager to support a breakthrough in clean energy technology.

We are very encouraged by this and are working hard to fulfill these next steps of our mission to:

  • Win the current bidding to acquire all of Stan’s scientific documentation and equipment
  • Assemble a skilled technical team to study them in detail
  • Photo of the Grove City Record from October, 1984 showing pictures of Stan Meyer, his water powered car and the ‘fuel cell,’ later demonstrated to Dr. Loder in January, 2008.Conduct testing to insure it performs to optimal
  • Begin the steps to help bring this out to the world at large

While we are optimistic about these recent donations, we are still far short of our immediate goal. Actual cash donations to date are just at $186,000 – far short of the $500,000 we feel is needed to win this bid and bring Stan’s technology back to life. If you have not yet donated, please DONATE NOW to help us succeed in this important work. We are asking for donations of $100 if you can possibly afford it, as this will enable us in the next critical step of winning bid which allows us full access to Stan’s technical information and equipment. Any amount you can afford, however, is greatly appreciated!

Reaching Out to the Public
To achieve our goal we are also reaching out to a larger audience. Starting Monday, August 18th, we will ask a wider section of the U.S. public to support this project by sending an appeal to 4 million people not yet on our mailing list. Our very strongest connections, however, lie with you who are familiar with our vision and work. If you would be willing to share this request with your list of contacts it further strengthens our ability to win the bid and recreate Stan’s remarkable technology. Please help us with one more step, by asking 10 people on your list to support this historic work with a donation of their own. No amount is too small.

We literally have been getting responses from around the world. It is time for liberation from costly and polluting fossil fuels. Help us make Stan’s water-fuel technology a reality soon. Again, thank you for your support in this historic opportunity for all mankind.

Peace & Progress, Dr. Steven M. Greer

P.S.: Please see our most recent web page “The Orion Project Visits Stan Meyer’s Technology”
You can see an introductory article on our website about Hydroxy Gas Technology.

If you’d care to see a more detailed technical brief written by Stanley himself, please see the research paper on our website: Stanley A. Meyer, 1995. Water Fuel Cell – Technical Brief.

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