Farmakonisi: Greek coastguard accused killing refugees

Some Videos:

  • Fortress Europe kills, even children, 16.57 min, uploaded by No Detention, Jan 30, 2014: idnight in Aegean Sea, Geek — Turkish border: On January 19th, 2014 a boat with 26 refugees (23 Afghans and 3 Syrians) was spotted by the Greek Coast Guard near Farmakonisi. During the illegal push back that took place 8 children and 3 women drowned. The 3 survivors of the “tragedy” are speaking about their experience in a press conference, organized by the “Initiative Against the Detention Centers — Athens” on January 25th in Syndagma Square in front of the Greek Parliament;  
  • The servivors of Farmakonisi Greece arrived in Athens, 11.38 min, uploaded by Yonous Muhammadi, Jan 23, 2014: 11 women and kids were drowned in this tragic incident. it happened when they were approaching Greek shore, the coastal gaurd tried to pushing them back to Turkey;
  • DW: Greek Coast Guard Vs Refugees, 7.45 min, uploaded by VideoLEFTeria, Jan 31, 2014;


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