Index February 2014

2014-02-01: Farmakonisi: Greek coastguard accused killing refugees;
2014-02-03: Europa;
2014-02-05: Working for the Few;
2014-02-11: Die Schweiz sagt Fuck the EU;
2014-02-13: The historical roots of Swiss direct democracy;
2014-02-14: still the Swiss vs. EU;
2014-02-16: Kinderpornographie … or not;
2014-02-19: Kiev protests – ON AIR;
2014-02-25: Determinismus, Freier Wille, Willensfreiheit, illusion der Freiheit;
2014-02-26: Thousands of pro-Russian and anti-Russian protesters gather in Ukraine’s Crimea;
2014-02-28: Saya Watatani & Maki Yokoyama.

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