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From: The Orion Project
Date: 10/09/2008

The Role of Teamwork in the Development of New Technologies, One of the issues we have noticed over the past decades of speaking with different inventors is the fact that the majority of them work alone or in very small teams. Often the teams are made up of friends with similar interests who live local to the inventor. This is great for initial stages of research and development, but we have observed that too often the individual or small team is lacking some or several areas of expertise needed to solve technical problems necessary to complete the device or the technology.

Although we have observed this for many years, it was driven home over the past few months. A very gifted mechanical engineer came to us and said that he had no problem with the mechanics of the technology he was developing, which appeared impressive, but realized that after he ordered all the electronic parts he thought he needed, he had very little idea of how to put everything together and integrate it with his mechanical invention.

Here is where TOP was able to help by putting him in touch with a professional electronics inventor who totally understood what he needed and had the skills to design, develop, build the electronics, troubleshoot and redesign as needed. In other words, each member of the research team brought their own expertise to the table making the sum greater than the parts. The point being, that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and many of the technologies that we are considering at TOP require the very sophisticated integration of expertise and skills no one person has all the skills to make these technologies work in a timely manner.

This brings us to one of the main goals of The Orion Project, necessary to develop the robust technologies needed to change the present energy paradigm. That is, as soon as we have several technologies that we can prove to be breakthrough energy developing technologies, we at TOP will put together a research facility to bring together experts in different aspects of the technology.

For example, if we win the bid for the Stan Meyer technologies, we will bring a number of researchers who have studied and partially replicated his technologies to the TOP research facility, where they will be able to interact and study not just the patents, but the real thing with fellow researchers. We have already met with several of these scientists and many of them are ready and willing to join the TOP research lab for a period of time to immerse themselves in the technology and make it work.

It will be this in-depth immersion with fellow colleagues that will allow TOP researchers to rapidly assess and build on the shoulders of others to bring out energy producing technologies to literally change the world energy paradigm.

Your contribution to The Orion Project will help make this future a reality.



From: The Orion Project
Date: 04/09/2008

Set Your Sights High with the Orion Project: The world recently spent over two weeks following the Olympics. Individuals set goals. Countries set goals.

Yet some of the most poignant memories of the Olympics involved the beginning and ending ceremonies- for there, people from all over the world joined together as denizens of this planet with the shared goal of participating together in the games. How wonderful would it be if this were a true reflection of the world!

Imagine if countries no longer fought or made alliances just to ensure that they had the energy resources they needed to sustain themselves? Imagine if they had new energy sources which were clean, safe and helped sustain the Earth, rather than destroy it.

We at The Orion Project have not only gathered the best minds who can imagine this future; we are also actively supporting them in their work. For example, we are currently negotiating with the owners of Stan Meyer’s technology in hopes of bringing his work out of obscurity and into the hands of the masses.

The Orion Project is dedicated to bringing forth these technologies and others. Our goal of building a campus to unite these researchers depends on your support. Imagine a world of abundance for you, your children and their children we can.

Your donation can be one of the most important investments you will ever make an investment in the future of this planet.


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