Out of Yves’ dreams: feel how far we could go, if …

… if we could believe being able enough to do it – Labor Day, on May 1st, to become End-of-Labor Day, a Paradist Day, by Yves, May 1, 2014.

Paradist movements will celebrate, for the third year on May 1st, the new political concept called Paradism, as a genuine solution to the global discontent with austerity and financial slavery imposed by banks and governments. Present technology allows building a true paradise on earth – Paradism – where all jobs are done by machines, while people are free from forced labor and enjoying abundance, in a leisure society without money.  The problem is not a lack of goods for everyone, because robots, nano-robots and automatic production can be made abundant. The problem is that we do not distribute the goods to everyone. 

Capitalism, based on competition for money and goods, is limiting our capacity to cooperate and produce durable goods for all. A lower price is given to what is plentiful, but this truth is a short view. We should collectively own the banks and the factories and be giving their production for (almost) free. We should share the technological prosperity. And we should celebrate the people giving the most, not the people taking or having the most.

Fighting unemployment is also vain and outdated. People can happily agree that technology “destroys” their jobs if the same technology is also their property, not the property of just a few. As a result, the 1% richest people and the 99% can equally be more happy, because of more justice and more unity of people, in a shared paradise. Misery, suffering and destructions are not a necessity, the sooner Paradism is implemented the better.

The End of Labor and The End of Money are unavoidable because they are deeply rooted in the aspirations of humanity and in the course of its technological progress.

For more information about Paradism visit paradism.org/english Homepage (click above/right: in many languages).

Find on YouTube: Solutions to worldwide problems: Paradism, 15.55 min, uploaded by ParadismOrg, May 3, 2013.

(My comment: ok, guys, I also like to be lazy … but since I am old and retired from work but in good health, I learned the hard way that doing nothing is not good for us – so I guess almost all humans would do some work, BUT … imagined by our dreams, choosen maybe to help someone we love, and realised with our ability to create new things, maybe together with friends or a community … doing all this needed work greedy capitalism is not giving money for … I do not guess we would only sit on a couch … no, we would like to move, to create, to feel we are living – Heidi … see my vision in german: Zusammenleben und Weiterentwicklung der Erdenmenschheit, on Schreibstuben-Blog, 22. Dezember 2008).


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