Royal Society to be called to account for creationist view

Published on TIMES online, by Mark Henderson, Sept. 16, 2008.

Britain’s national academy of science is to be asked to explain its views on creationism in classrooms by a senior MP “horrified” at the reported views of its education director.

Professor Michael Reiss, of the Royal Society, suggested that science teachers should treat creationist beliefs “not as a misconception but as a world-view”. His comments have alarmed Phil Willis, the chairman of the Commons Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee.

“I am at the Royal Society on Wednesday and I will be raising this very issue,” he told The Times yesterday. “I was horrified to hear these views and I reject them totally. They are a step too far and they fly in the face of what science is about. I think if his [Professor Reiss's] views are as mentioned they may be incompatible with his position” …

… A spokesman for the society said: “Michael’s views are the views of the Royal Society. Our position is that if young people put forward a creationist perspective in the classroom, it should be discussed”. (full text).

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